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The Nigerian Ministry of Defence
Topic Started: Dec 29 2010, 06:09 PM (3,344 Views)
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The Nigerian Ministry of Defence

President of Nigeria: Leon Gable
Defence Minister of Nigeria: Adetokunbo Kayode
Chief of Defence Staff: Air Marshal Oluseyi Petinrin

Mission Statement
To provide timely and effective administrative and support services to enable the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to build and maintain a modern, compact, strong, professional, mission-capable and mission-ready armed forces for the defence of national territory, maritime interest, airspace and the protection and defence of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and to contribute to peace-making and peace-keeping duties worldwide under sub-regional and global organizations of which Nigeria is a member.

Service branches Army, Navy, Air Force

Army: 67,000 (79,000 by Q1 2015)
Army Equipment

Main battle tank
300-Leopard 1A5
170-Vickers Mark III Tank
150-Scorpion Light Tank

Light armoured vehicle/Wheeled armoured and vehicle
300-Stryker ICV
50-Stryker MGS
800-M113 APC
5-CVRT Scimitar
72-Panhard VBL
350-Otokar Cobra (+200, deliveries at 50 per quarter, Q3 2011-Q2 2012)
200-RG-31 APC (Delivered Q1 2012)
300-HMMWV (Deliveries: 75 in Q4 2011, 75 in Q2 2012, 150 in Q4 2012)
100-BMP-3 IFV (RUS)
75-EE-9 Cascavel
70-Piranha apc
Steyr 19S25 4x4 recovery vehicle
Steyr 32S29 6x6 recovery vehicle
SDP 700 4 x 4
Land Rover 4 x 4
Pinzgauer 4 x 4
MB Unimog 4 x 4
Steyr M14 4 x 4

Self-propelled howitzer
50-2S19 152mm
27-Palmaria 155 mm

Towed artillery
7-M46 130 mm towed gun
200-D-30 122 mm towed gun
200-M-56 100 mm
24-FH77 155 mm towed
200-Model 56 105 mm
18-OTO Melara Mod 56

Army Air
2-SA330H Puma
12-AS 532 Super Puma
24-BO 105C
14-Hughes 300 C trainer

Missile system and vehicle
11-APR-21 122 mm MRLS

Surface to Air Missile/AA
30-ZSU-23-4 SPAAG
20-ZU-23-2 SPAAG

Air Force: 10,000 (13,000 by Q1 2015)
Air Force Equipment

20-F-15SE Silent Eagle (Delivery 10 per year, on 1Q 2022 and 2023)
60-F-16C (Multirole Fighter)
15 Chengdu F-7 Airguard (3 trainers, 12 combat)
12-F-16D trainer (On loan from the US)

24 Dassault-Breguet/Dornier Alpha Jet
12 Aermacchi MB-339
36 Dornier Do 28

1-E-737 AWACS (delivered 2Q 2022)
6-Alenia G.222/C-27A Spartan (To be upgraded to C-27J standard by Q2 2012)
1 Boeing 707
1 Boeing 727
1 Boeing 737
1 BAe 125
2 Dassault Falcon 900
9 Dornier Do 228
6 Fokker F27 Friendship
1 Fokker F28 Fellowship
1 Gulfstream II
1 Gulfstream IV
9 Lockheed C-130 Hercules
5 Il-76MD-90 (Delivered Q3 2011) + 4 Il-76MD-90 (Delivered Q1 2012)

7 Agusta A 109
14 Hughes 300
24 MBB Bo 105
16 Mil Mi-35
5 Mil Mi-34

11 Aérospatiale SA 330 Puma
12 Eurocopter AS 332 Super Puma
24 Mil Mi-17 + 10 Mi-17 (Delivered Q1 2012)

AA Missile system and vehicle
2-S-400 (SA-21)
4-S-300PMU (SA-20B)
2-Buk-M1-2 (SA-17)
4-Tor-M1 (SA-15)

Air Force Munitions

Navy: 8,000 (9,000 by Q1 2015)
Navy Equipment:

4-Oliver Hazard Perry class frigate (delivered 2Q 2022)
1-MEKO 360H1 Frigate
1-Vosper Mk 9 corvette
2-Lerici class minehunter
3-Combattante fast missile craft
4-Balsam ocean patrol craft
12-Defender patrol boats
1-Landing Ship (Tank)
20-Super Dvora Mk.3 Patrol Boat
2-Vosper Thornycroft MK3
1-Luerrsen FPB57 Fast Patrol Boat
2-Shaldag MK2 Class Fast Patrol Boat
2-38 metre Sea Eagle Fast Patrol Craft
6-17 metre Manta Class Patrol Boat

Naval Aircraft
4 -Augusta A109 utility helicopter
Aerostar tactical unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) Purchased together with Unmanned Sea Vehicle (USA)

Navy Missile system
2-Bastion-P Coastal Defense Battery

The Nigerian Army reserves
150,000 (150,000 by 2025)

Retired/Army Reserve Equipment
10-FV603 Saracen
50-Fox apc
100-T-55 Tank (Conversion to BTR-Ts - Completed Q1 2012)
15-4KH7FA SB 20 Greif
16-FV601 Saladin
EE-11 -

Total:82,000 Troops

Small Arms:
50,000-Mk1 is a 5.56mm-(800 per,delivered 2Q 2022 and 2023)
50,000-Mk2 is 7.62 NATO Standard-(800 per,delivered 2Q 2022 and 2023)
250-FGM-148 Javelin-(400,000 per CLU, delivered 2Q 2022 )
250-FGM-148 Javelin missile (120,000 per missile, delivered 2Q 2022 )
2,000 RPG-29 PLUS 12,000 rockets
1,000 RPG-27
120 mm mortar 30
82 mm mortar 100
81 mm mortar 200
Air defense gun
L60 40 mm -
ZU-23 23 mm -
Anti-tank missile
Swingfire -
Recoilless gun
Carl Gustav 84 mm -
M-40A1 106 mm -
Assault Rifle
M16 -
FN Fal Herstal -
Heckler & Koch G3 -
Sig SG540 -
Daewoo K2 -
Beretta M 1951 -
Walther P5 -
Machine Gun
FN Herstal Mag
Posted Image
Special Forces Battalion

Nigerian Special Forces

The Nigerian Navy Special Boat Service (SBS)
Nigerian Army’s Airborne forces
1st Special Forces Regiment
Marine Commandos

Future Unit's
5,000 to 10,000-Nigerian Marines
(150,000 by 2025)-Army reserves
Military Command
Chief of Defence Staff: Air Marshal Oluseyi Petinrin

1st Infantry Division
3rd Marine Commando Battalion
2nd Infantry Division
32nd Artillery Brigade
3rd Armoured Division
23 Brigade
21st Armoured Brigade
33rd Artillery Brigades
81st Division (Amphibious)
9th Brigade
82nd Division(Airborne and Amphibious)
2nd Brigade
13th Brigade
34th Artillery Brigade
4th Infantry Division
4th Composite Division
3rd Armoured Division
81st Division
7th Infantry Brigade
Divisional Artillery Brigades
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The main reservist military base under construction.

In 2021 the Nigerian Government passed the 500 million dollar military reserve sending bill. This is in outline of the bill,

1. Set up a new branch of the Nigerian military to be named The Nigerian Army reserves.

2.That there will be no less then 100,000 personnel employed by this branch in know more then 200,000.

3.That these men will receive training for one week once a year, In will also receive a one time payment of 500 dollars for signing up.

4.The understanding that these troops are not part of the Nigerian regular army. In should only be called up in times of emergency.

5.That these men will use older or retired Nigerian military equipment,

6.The bill permits 4 new military barracks be built, To houses these men in times of war. In the government will supply food,water, clothing in any other needs these men have in times of deployment only.

7.That once these men sign up for The Nigerian Army reserves, They are required by law to come to the aid of the government when called. Not responding to being called is punishable by death.

8.The government reserves the right to make changes to this bill at will, In all reservist must adhere by these rules.
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Are two Bastion-P Coastal Defense Batteries are fully operational. With one setup around Lagos in the other around Calabar. Both major shipping in Transport areas for Nigeria.

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