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Board Rules
First Commandment: Thou shalt be courteous to others.

Show people the same respect you want to be shown. This applies to everything. We're all grown ups or, at least, old enough to know better so I don't think I have to go into great detail here.

Second Commandment: Thou shalt not speak hateful words.

No hate speech, bigotry, racism or sexism of any kind is tolerated here. You will be banned. Also, do not sexually harass or threaten any members. If you are heeding the first commandment, then the second one should not be an issue.

Third Commandment: Honor thy leaders.

Do what Administrators and Moderators ask. If one of them tells you to cut something out, I suggest you do it. Likewise, if you're part of a game group, do what your Game Master asks as well, since they moderate their own forums.

Fourth Commandment: Thou shalt post for quality, not quantity.

It will be looked down upon if you attempt to pad your post count by posting things such as filler (great job!), net-speak (lol) or emoticons with no narrative context and excessive comments that have nothing to do with the topic being discussed. Obviously, some deviation is to be expected and it will be at the discretion of the forum moderator or assigned moderator team to determine when that deviation becomes excessive. You can now be warned for this offense.

All admin, mod and GM speak is in red and may be bolded for emphasis. Red is a reserved color.
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