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Welcome to Geek Zone.

We ask that all members behave with basic courtesy. Avoid trolling, spamming, or other such cliche, unwelcome forum conduct.

Discussion in topics should remain relevant to the subject matter of the topic.

Flooding the Live Chat will result in a 15min automatic suspension.

Any topic posted as an advertisement must be approved by an Administrator or Moderator. If a member's first post is a product advertisement, they will be immediately banned and their IP will be blocked.

Any and all posts and topics of an inherently literal and explicitly descriptive sexual or pornographic nature will be deleted immediately. We have a ZERO tolerance policy towards this kind of behavior. Users who submit such content will be banned without warning. Users can appeal this ban by contacting Smada Denue (smadadenue@gmail.com)

Manual manipulation of die rolls in die-based RPGs will be dealt with by the Game Master of the effected RPG.

Direct, legitimate threats to Geek Zone or any of its members will be met with immediate banning and IP blocking.

If you've any questions or concerns, Personal Message the Administrator (Smada Denue)
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