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Regular Forum Halo 5 Forge
Teamspeak: ][ Check out r/halo on Discord.
Lollapalooza Today, 2:28 PM, By president bernie sanders
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The rate of change is increasing. You have the career you earn. You have the family you earn. You have the body you earn. Food and sleep are medicine; eating is treating. Sunshine is still free, but cost of living & tuition increase at least 4% a year. Certainties include death and taxes. Yet even the concept of truth is being assaulted. In a constantly changing world, how is the truth that does not change possibly understood?
TV series (thread got gay) no one watches … Today, 2:31 PM, By president bernie sanders
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Regular Forum Gaming
Competitive gaming gives corporations and unknown players control and wastes time. Community gaming creates a team that is independent and in control. 2/3 of the U.S. alone drives sales of $20 Billion a year in digital games, increasingly on mobile. Since before Pong and Mario, the computer revolution has only increased processing power and is approaching photo-realistic real-time rendering.
Overwatch Today, 11:14 AM, By Icyhot
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Regular Forum The Preheat
Enter at your own risk.
Personality Test Sep 9 2016, 09:15 AM, By HPT-636
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This is www.HPTforum.com

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This site was founded in 2007 for competitive gamers from klan wars for halopc.org. The opportunity now is to add to, and not take away from, the lives of people from across the world with structured competition and insightful topics.
Planetside2 August garbage. Sep 2 2016, 03:28 PM, By HPT-8
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Welcome to the Internet, a few hundred million pages are added everyday, while total human digital information has recently doubled. But what has value and how is that knowledge productively applied in life?
Resources Jul 15 2013, 08:00 PM, By Franky^^
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