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Should HPT attempt to recruit for a competitive Halo 5 Forge scene?
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no 14 (48.3%)
idk 4 (13.8%)
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Community Update.

Posted by HPT-8 (HPT) at Mar 9 2014, 09:19 PM. 16 comments

Two top teams merged BAX (NC) and Joke (VS) now both play on all 3 factions, including (TR), about 20 players at a time. The East Coast Planestisde 2 server
is 200-300 players per faction at prime time. So a good team will get 500 kills, 100 deaths, and capture 4 bases, while an average, or bad team will get 100 kills, 500 deaths, and capture 4 bases.
How is that possible? Because of skill, composed of genetics and learned behavior, and game design, which includes the fact of most experienced players leaving the game, leaving
remaining the team leaders in an unhelpful political environment in their own faction's command, while confronted with two implacable enemy factions, albeit with their own internal politics.





smith / shotz clip.

by Skyson

by Assasin

by Kappy

(Assasin) November 2014

Badger - November 2014

Skyson Sep 2014 [delted from youtube?]

Topics posted to this section will go to the site portal

Posted by HPT-8 (HPT) at Mar 6 2014, 07:33 PM. 0 comments

whatever topics -images/videos that are posted to this section will go to the actual front page of this site.


i paid for ad-free 2x lately, something is not working at zetaboards, imagine that.

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The biggest asset we have here then is people.

One thing we know for sure, the rate of change is increasing. You have the career you earn. You have the family you earn. You have the body you earn. Food and sleep are medicine; eating is treating. Sunshine is still free, but cost of living & tuition increase at least 4% a year. Certainties include death and taxes.

Since February 2001 on xbox and September 2003 for Windows,
including 46 million copies and grossing $3.4 billion, Halo is one of the biggest games of all time. It is the killer app for microsoft's xbox brand and is still popular for PC servers with at least 1.1 million copies of Custom Edtion downloaded.
This site was founded in 2007 for competitive gamers from klan wars on halopc.org.

Video Games
With sales there of $20 Billion a year, 2/3 of the U.S. participates in digital games, increasingly on mobile devices. Since before pong and mario, the computer revolution has only increased processing power and is approaching photo-realistic real-time rendering.

-HPT-8 c.2012

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