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HPT servers update
Topic Started: Jun 11 2013, 10:51 AM (212 Views)
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I think one dual core Xeon processor runs 10 halo servers. These are the pubs and match servers.
After 6+ years of experience, these pubs are set up to be the most fun and stay the most full.
They have been down a while and may not be full again right away.

The scrim/ match servers are at admin discretion.
I will sacrifice at least 3 servers to be used for scrims and matches. Any custom map uploaded upon request.

S1 bg snipers ctf 255 caps
S2 bg ctf 1 banhsee 255 caps
S3 infinity ctf 255 caps
S4 death island ctf 255 caps
S5 beaver ctf 255 caps
S6 bg ctf 1 tank 255 caps

Scrims & matches: (info #PMed)

S15 bolic primary
S19 hecktic primary
S20 balja primary

the immediately relevant thing about this post is whether or not the gametypes
are fixed. I have tried 3 different sources. crossfire's link here. nepra linking me ev clan something
and finally shaq's link that may have been manually fixed. It is quite possible that SAPP is to
blame for the gametypes being wrong.

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255 caps, tanks, shees, death island, and infinity. lmao

at least they're no lead, right?
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take off the fucking banshees tanks wtf
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god damn
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