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Katamari Forever Vitals
Release Dates
Japan: July 23, 2009
NA: September 22, 2009
EU: September 18, 2009
Australia: September 24, 2009

Playstation 3


The King hits his head while teaching the Prince how to jump and loses his memory. The cousins build RoboKing to replace him and it goes nuts and destroys the stars. So the Prince is again tasked with restoring the stars and also restoring the memories of his father.

Returning Cousins
Ace, Ban-Ban, Beyond, Can-Can, Colombo, Daisy, Dipp, Drooby, Foomin, Fujio
Hans, Harvest, Havana, Honey, Huey, Ichigo, Johnson, June, Jungle, Kenta
Kinoko, Kunihiro, Kuro, Kyun, Lalala, L'Amour, Lucha, Macho, Mag, Marcy
Marny, Miki, Miso, Mu, Nai-Nai, Nickel, Nik, Norn, Nutsuo, Odeko
Odeon, Opeo, Paula, Peso, Pokkle, Prince, Princess, Pu, Ryu, Sherman, Shikao
Shy, Signolo, Slip, Twinkle, Velvet

New Cousins
Dangle and Drive

Quick Links
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