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Me & My Katamari Vitals
Release Dates
Japan: Dec 22, 2005
NA: Mar 21, 2006
EU: May 12, 2006

Playstation Portable

2-4 Ad Hoc Mode (Wi-fi Compatible)

The King of all Cosmos goes on vacation with his family. He decides to go surfing and due to his giant size he creates a tsunami that destroys the homes of many animals. Feeling ashamed for what he had done, the King sends the Prince down to Earth to once again fix the damages. The Prince does his thing and presents the Katamari to the King. If the King deems with worthy, he transforms it into new islands for the animals to live on.

Returning Cousins
Ace, Beyond, Can-Can, Colombo, Daisy, Dipp, Drooby, Foomin, Fujio, Havana,
Honey, Huey, Ichigo, Johnson, June, Jungle, Kinoko, Kuro, Lalala, L'Amour,
Lucha, Macho, Marcy, Marny, Miki, Miso, Nickel, Nik, Nutsuo, Odeko,
Odeon, Opeo, Peso, Prince, Shikao, Shy, Signolo, Slip, Twinkle, Velvet

Ban-Ban, Hans, Kenta, Mu, Nai-Nai, Norn, Paula, Pokkle

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