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Joushima Villa / Model Shop Best Diameters 2014
Topic Started: Feb 28 2014, 03:37 PM (911 Views)
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A made this topic way back when, and I got 29cm4mm on Joushima Villa eternal and 35cm6mm on Model Shop eternal. Turns out that a millimeter more in both of these levels is possible.

I was just playing for fun last night, and I managed to repeat my 28cm9mm on Shimano House eternal, and I am convinced that that is the maximum.

In Joushima Villa, there are 3 things that you must do at certain diameters to at least attain 29cm4mm. 1) At ~10cm, you must roll across the fishing poles on which Shikao is and drop down in the gaps between the books and boxes and get all of the pachinko balls, plugs, and outlet. 2) At ~12cm, you must go under the bed in the other room. I recommend going there by way of the small gap in the adjacent room - that way, you get the batteries, quail eggs, and mouse in the hole, and then get everything under the bed. Make sure you don't miss anything. It is extremely difficult to get under the bed at diameters over 17cm. 3) At ~17cm5mm, go up the skateboard in the bedroom to get everything up there. If you can, avoid the brush at this point. Try to get to 18cm1mm to get the kaleidoscope near the teddy bear. Once you get that, go through the hole and drop down into the hole to get everything and reach 19cm+. It is really difficult to wedge yourself in the area there to get the kaleidoscope later, and it's equally convenient that you only have to make one trip up there for the tricky items and stuff beyond the hole in the wall. If stuff flies off, it's likely to land up where you were, so just make a second trip and grab the stuff carefully without flying apart further. :P Now, the trick to 29cm5mm isn't really a trick at all. I've always wondered if the kaleidoscopes in the very corner of the traditional room where the fishing poles are could be dashed at at their minimum roll-up size. Well, I've tried many times, and that didn't work. BUT, there's another kaleidoscope that can be gotten. I was messing around on the table with the cat, and pushed into the blankets, and out popped a random kaleidoscope! So that's the extra millimeter. If you can get any of the kaleiscopes in the corner in the other room, I think it might be another millimeter.

In Model Shop, it's essential to clear the fish tank early and let the slightly flawed physics of the water drift your katamari underneath the shovel to get the advanced tadpoles and soy sauce packets. Make sure to get the three balls in the doghouse at a diameter around 17cm so that you don't explode. And it's always better to get the items on the shelves by the shogi table elevator early, at about 19-20cm, so that, again, you don't get stuck. The secret to the extra millimeter is the takoyaki hotplates under the butterfly specimens ramp on the desk. Dashing at about 24cm-25cm, I got one of them for 35cm7mm, but I didn't get the other, which would be 35cm8mm, probably. As for other tricky items: the egg underneath the green container (dash at early diameters), the spider above the green container I just mentioned, the line of gum under the table and behind the sitting guy, the shogi pieces on the desk chair, and of course the pigeons carrying the shogi table elevator (be especially careful when you pick them up - do not be directly underneath the table when it descends - be a little bit over so that you get the tips of their wings so they don't fly off and disappear into the floor.

Ha, I'm still trying for 3m42cm3mm on Sakura Town eternal, slowbro! :D
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Hey! Did you see my videos of these 2 stages?

Model Shop 35.5

Joushima Villa 29.4

I uploaded these months ago, so I didn't implement the methods you mentioned :P but it could be used for a reference or something.
Edited by Junglekun, Mar 5 2014, 07:25 PM.
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Oh awesome! Thanks for linking to them in this topic :D ... Yes, very good, you do pretty much everything on point that I describe.
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