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After 2489 Days, Noby Noby Boy Has Been "Finished"
Topic Started: Dec 14 2015, 11:30 PM (828 Views)
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Run you clever boy and remember...

Source: http://kotaku.com/after-2489-days-noby-noby-boy-has-been-finished-1748041693

Keita Takahashi’s (Katamari Damacy) Noby Noby Boy was first released in February 2009. After 2489 days of players stretching across the Solar System, the game has now finally come to an end.

It worked like this: anyone playing the game at home could stretch a little guy’s (his name was literally BOY) torso out like an accordion and move him around. It was cute, and it was fun. But in the background, a metagame was also being played: Noby Noby Boy was tallying the length of everyone’s stretching and adding it to a cumulative figure.

That figure was represented by another character, GIRL, who like BOY could also stretch. Only she was stretching across the Solar System. Slowly, as weeks bled into months and then years, GIRL made her way past planet after planet. She touched Uranus in 2011. Neptune in 2014. Pluto last month.

Today, after some tweaks were made to the game’s multipliers (not the first time this has happened to speed things up), GIRL reached Mercury, Venus and the Sun all at once before returning home, bringing her epic journey to an end.

Which is cheating, I know, but whatever. Over six years in deep space was enough for the poor thing.

Upon reaching the milestone, this cutscene played:

(If you want to read the letter at your own pace, it was captured by @KatamariItems and is below)

Posted Image

God, I hope that really was written in 2009. It’s like a digital time capsule.

In celebration of the achievement, here’s a video Takahashi shot for the game’s iPad launch in 2010. It remains the best video I have ever posted on this website.

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Loud Mama
Gotta be honest, never got into this game, dont know, doesnt have the same magic as Katamari... But im really happy to see this happen congrats to all of us and Takahashi too!
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way too silly :S

interesting letter :D
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Dec 15 2015, 06:01 AM
Gotta be honest, never got into this game, dont know, doesnt have the same magic as Katamari... But im really happy to see this happen congrats to all of us and Takahashi too!
I would have enjoyed it a lot more with online multiplaying with a friend and a hedset on a nice Sunday afternoon.

~The game was kind of fun. Like katamari, it was very interesting to say the least. But there just wasn't enough there for me. That being said, congrats to all the BOY's who were responsible for this :lol
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It was a fun distraction, i made it up into the ~5000 ish at one point, but then i lost the drive to keep playing. i'm really glad to see it wrapped up nicely.
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Huge Falling Rock
This game chilled me out on many a tense evening. Admittedly I got sloppy in checking back when a new planet was reached and still have to check out a couple. I did get on today to see that little message and the special birthday stage. I hope there's a way to see that stage again.
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