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TMK First Impressions; It's HARD
Topic Started: Jul 3 2017, 08:30 PM (132 Views)
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Back to being a badass pirate!
So I got a Vita Saturday as a gift to me and downloaded TMK digitally.

The game is a lot more finicky than I expected because of the touch screen and I don't use the stretching as much as I thought I would.

I feel that the stages are are much more difficult to get 120 points in than in the others. I can't even get 100 points for some and can't get 120 in eternal either. Even going for diameter is tricky for me, as I can't even match scoreboard levels. (I can't even clear The Great Journey)

And I don't know if it's because it's digital, but my game is very glitchy as my cousin kind of shudders when I roll long enough.

In all though, it's fun and I'll probably keep playing it. I'm trying to complete trophies ATM and my thumbs are raw from playing it nonstop for the past 2 days lol
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way too silly :S

The Great Journey is a pretty hard stage to complete; I know I wasn't completing it until I learned routes through some of the areas. Then I came back to the game after not playing a few years ... again I wasn't completing The Great Journey at first. :D

I kinda like to use the pad on the back of the Vita for stretching and squishing, and if there's anything else you can do with touch controls, I like using the buttons instead. :)

I've played a digitally-downloaded copy and I don't think I've had that kind of glitchiness ... I don't know what's going on there.

I hope you enjoy the game. :D
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It's funny because sadness
Good for you! :thumbsup In my experience, TMK isn't nearly as good as its predecessors, but I still found it somewhat fun, so I hope you do, too! :D (Especially those DLC stages, such color and uniquity... :drool )

I, too, have issues getting 120pts sometimes (especially Stage 7, watch out for that). And that's, um, all I have to say about that. :/

Some tips: One, DEFINITELY use the back touchscreen, especially if you're using the joysticks to roll. It feels very natural (though I haven't ever tried rolling with the front touchscreen, so maybe that method's better or whatever I dunno. :| ). Two, unless you're super patient (or have already unlocked the DLC stages), I would advocate saving yourself some time and just buying the Fan Damacies. Three,
Spoiler: click to toggle

Sorry if I'm being a bit overzealous in my advice, I've never been in a position to give it before. Thank you.
Anyway, have fun, and good luck! :china

Yay someone other than me is making topics
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Back to being a badass pirate!
Alright, so after playing the game for a month...

- I've got some comfy routes for most stages now, so the game is no longer as hard to me.
- Ironically, I prefer the touchscreen to the back pad. It just seems faster to me and easier to control how wide or thin I need to make the katamari at points.
- I still can't finish the Great Journey on usual lmao. I can do Drive mode though. When I played on Eternal, my game crashed when I grabbed the mushroom to get to the King's Garden. (Still using a digital copy)
- On that note, my cousins are still spazzing out like crazy. I don't know how to fix that lol.
- Star 7 is actually my favorite level lol, and I have no problem getting 120 points there. Star 5 on the other hand...
- The ultimate fashion also looks really silly and dumb. I only did it for the 100%

Now, I guess I'll unlock the rest of the DLC and give those a spin. So yeah.
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