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Favorite "Food" Cousin (Single Vote)
Ban-Ban 1 (20%)
Harvest 0 (0%)
Ichigo 1 (20%)
Kinoko 2 (40%)
Miso 1 (20%)
Total Votes: 5
Favorite "Food" Cousin (Multi Vote)
Ban-Ban 5 (33.3%)
Harvest 2 (13.3%)
Ichigo 2 (13.3%)
Kinoko 4 (26.7%)
Miso 2 (13.3%)
Total Votes: 15
Favorite "Food" Cousin
Topic Started: Dec 13 2017, 01:31 AM (105 Views)
The Great Curator
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:banban vs :harvest vs :ichigo vs :kinoko vs :miso

The donut vs the apple vs the strawberry vs the mushroom vs the soup.
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It's funny because sadness
I'll have to go with :kinoko for the single and :banban :harvest :kinoko :miso for the multi.

Well, Posted Image, since you're now officially one of the gang, tell the board a bit about yourself.

Well, um... I love working with plants... there's a greenhouse on my family's property, and I spend hours there every day, pruning (I rarely put down my pruning shears, which is maybe why people don't usually talk to me), weeding, watering, or even just sitting around...

...Um, got any friends? Besides me, of course. :D

Not really... I'm not a big people person. I did get along with a few of your crew in Korea, though...

Well, who?

Well, not counting you, I got along well with :nainai , :pu , and :mag , and was close acquaintances with :norn and :colombo ... Oh yeah! Almost forgot a friend I don't think you heard about. She wore food-related red-

You mean :miso ?

No, she also wrote green-

So, :harvest ?

No, not her... dang, it's a shame I can't remember her name... I think you would like her; she reminds me of you a lot.

Wait... you don't mean... :ichigo was your FRIEND?!

Oh, YES! That was her name! :) Slipped my mind.

...You have so much to learn, Posted Image.
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