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[TwtK] Ask The Princess! - An Ask Thread By The Princess (And Katach314 (And Mint)); I CLEARLY THOUGHT OF IT FIRST; ICHIGO COPIED ME
Topic Started: Jan 29 2018, 02:24 PM (678 Views)
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It's funny because sadness
*microphone feedback*

:princess Greetings, assorted fans and admirers! :flirt As you may know, I, :princess THE PRINCESS :princess , have been frequenting your forums for over 4 months now! :cheers By this point, you've no doubt become addicted to my voice, entranced by my mannerisms, practically driven into a fervor by my genius and mystery! :heart But fear not! My life in THE GREAT COSMOS need remain a mystery to the masses no longer! ("That's so cool! :eek " "Princess, you're amazing! :notworthy " "I LOVE YOU, PRINCESS! :yay ") For you all are but seconds away from what you will all immediately recognize as :woot :woot :woot :woot THE GREATEST REVEAL OF YOUR LIVES!! :woot :woot :woot :woot I hereby open, for the good of all, the ASK TH-

Posted ImagePrincess, do you know what happened to the- PRINCESS?! What are you doing?! We're not ready to go ahead with this yet! We haven't notified everyone! The banner isn't ready!

:princess Oh, no you don't, I have had just about enough of you delaying my big debut! I have no more patience left for that banner; it's time!

:mint ...Excuse me? I heard lots of yelling from over here, is everything... oh, I see! Princess is doing that "big surprise to the forum" she keeps talking about! ...But, Princess, you said you tell me when you were going to start so that I could do my-

:princess This was a spur-of-the-moment thing, alright? Now quiet... THE ASK THE PRINCESS EXTRAVAGANZA THREAD!!!! The rules are simple: ask everyone's favorite cousin your questions about the Cosmos beyond, and she'll give you an answer! Give us a provactive-enough topic, and Katach314 here will make us all a small mini-comic!

Posted ImagePrincess, if it takes me this long to make a banner, how do you expect me to-

:princess And while you're at it, why not ask a few of THE PRINCESS'S CLOSEST FRIENDS AS... where's Drooby?

:mint She's not here because you didn't tell her about this because this was a "spur-of-the-moment thing", remember?

:princess :angry ...

:mint Could I do my part now...?


:mint ...Alright, um, I'll just pick up where you left off... We're going to answer any questions about the goings-on of the Great Cosmos in relation to us. Princess, Katach and I will each accept asks... though, I'll have to reacquaint myself with some of my old friends first...

Posted ImageAnd I've only ever really met Princess and Mint...

:mint But hopefully those won't be major obstacles. Anyway, with the asks, just keep them realistic, stay on-topic, and have fun, alright?

Posted ImageWe eagerly await your responses!
:princess Well, since the wonder twins stole my announcing thunder :glare , I'll have to be the one to provide the current relationship chart. Here goes...

Current Relationship Chart

:princess Now get to work, devotees! :D
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Posted Image - Yes, hi, I have a question for all of you, collectively.

Over the course of my life, I have grown to adore the royal family. Over time, though, I have begun to wonder how formal the actual crown is. I understand none of you currently reign as the King/Queen of all Cosmos, I do know you're in the family.

My question is, does the royal family ever wonder how much longer the galactic monarchy will hold up before the citizens of the universe will begin feeling restless and repressed.

Being that I know it is you, the cousins, who feed into the King's feudal society of cleaning up his drunken messes, how soon will it be before you, or even the citizens of the universe to rise up against the alcoholic induced, continual destruction and restoration of the universe.

Do you, at any time, suspect a...

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way too silly :S

Iíve got a quick little question for :mint ... I know you were instrumental in cleaning up that Cosmic event in Korea a few years ago, but do you ever get the chance to venture to other parts of the Earth? You seem like an upstanding member of the family, but I think that most of the world doesnít know you very well.
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It's funny because sadness
Posted Image - Yes, hi, I have a question for all of you, collectively.

Over the course of my life, I have grown to adore the royal family. Over time, though, I have begun to wonder how formal the actual crown is. I understand none of you currently reign as the King/Queen of all Cosmos, I do know you're in the family.

My question is, does the royal family ever wonder how much longer the galactic monarchy will hold up before the citizens of the universe will begin feeling restless and repressed.

Being that I know it is you, the cousins, who feed into the King's feudal society of cleaning up his drunken messes, how soon will it be before you, or even the citizens of the universe to rise up against the alcoholic induced, continual destruction and restoration of the universe.

Do you, at any time, suspect a...


:princess Well, neither :mint nor I have any direct relation to the Royal Family (though I have met them all), but I hear they make it look easier than it really is ( :prince doesn't have many administrative duties yet, but if some event with all the cousins needs planning or organizing, he's put to work, and don't get me started on Katamari-rolling duty).

Anyhoo, currently, they're very little fear of internal instability among the "galactic monarchy" ("The Great Cosmos" refers to both the universe and our kingdom, for future reference). The arrival of the current Royal Family (and the generation of cousins alongside them) is generally seen as a positive thing, as it typically results in the uniting of the planet's people and a vast bout of technological and cultural advancement as the cousins get the locals up to speed. Then, of course, comes the teaching of space travel, and a mass introduction to the Cosmos's people. Cousins have been on Earth for a couple hundred years now - the Earthlings call their coming "The Industrial Revolution". Strange name, I guess, but Earthlings are one of the stranger peoples I've seen.

Besides, since the Royal Family are the only ones with powerful enough magic to make Katamaris, people would be in a bit of a pickle if they were ousted (not that Katamaris are rare - just ask :king in a good mood and he'll make you one, right there, no questions asked; good for surprise comets with your friend's face etched into them). Besides, since they also have the ability to destroy planets and stars with a glance, rebellion could be easily snuffed out.

Yeah... galactic politics is kind of horrifying. At least we don't have to hold elections.

Still though, not everyone approves of the current state of the Cosmos - :king predilection for accidentally destroying large portions of the Cosmos has made him one of the least popular Royals in recent memory. Not that he isn't still unimaginably popular - after all, under his guidance, the cousins swiftly swoop in to recreate the destroyed celestial bodies, often in a better state than they were in before (Mercury's transformation from hot rock to beach planet? His idea; Jupiter going from gas giant to natural paradise? His idea). We're talking single-digits of a percent approval rating.

I've got a quick little question for :mint ... I know you were instrumental in cleaning up that Cosmic event in Korea a few years ago, but do you ever get the chance to venture to other parts of the Earth? You seem like an upstanding member of the family, but I think that most of the world doesn't know you very well.

:mint Thank you for the compliments. :)

After The Incident In Korea, I was never called back for the next crisis, whatever it was... not that I'm forbidden from going down to Earth or something, I'm just not a big explorer. Not only did I come in a lot later than the others, but only rolling in one area of the world made me a bit obscure. The others rolled around everywhere, hence why they're worldwide phenomenons. I hope I get invited back next time (and there probably will be a next time... :king 's kind of klutzy when it comes to the Cosmos), it would be fun to roll together with the gang again...

So, long story short, I CAN go to Earth, but I don't have much reason to. It's definitely not a problem with distance - my family moved to Jupiter following its plant-themed redesign during The Grand Rebuilding of '05 (my family likes plants as much as I do :D ).

Posted Image(Feb 3rd): I notice that people seem to be having a touch of asker's block. Here's some avenues of discussion:

  • Why did :princess come back to the forum after years of inactivity?
  • Almost all of the planets and stars created in the games by now have a population, climate, and culture. Why not ask after your favorites?
  • It has been confirmed :mint lives on Jupiter (implied to currently be the BK model, though it is possible a WLK version was reconstructed and now acts as yet another satellite). Where do the other cousins live?
  • :drooby has a very strange home life and some very weird parents. What does she think about it? What's the deal with her parents?
  • Besides :princess , :mint has not yet met with any of her old friends from the incident in Korea (which includes :ichigo , BTW). Who should she go see first?
  • :princess is unapproving, but tolerant of :mint 's past friendship with :ichigo . What would :ichigo think of :mint 's CURRENT friendship with :princess ?
  • :princess 's and :mint 's friends have friends too. If you followed a specific line of questioning, you could possibly talk to cousins besides those in the main 3's friend groups. How many can you find?
  • What does :princess (and :mint , but she's more limited) think about some of the places she's rolled?
  • After a cousin has been interacted with, they may enter a situation where they can be asked despite none of the main 3 being present (something like this). Who do you want to follow?

  • Posted Image appears to exist in the same world as the cousins. Do other KOTW member avatars live in this world?
  • Posted Image doesn't have any friends besides :princess and :mint in the katamari world. If he becomes good enough friends with someone, they may appear outside this thread in his account. Whom should he meet?
  • Who am I?

Posted Image(Feb 6th): I see. I guess I have no choice... :princess , why did you come back to the forum after so long?

:princess The Cosmos has just been so boring. :dead There's been no major incidents in years (The Low Self-Esteem Crisis of '11 was pretty tame, and I wasn't invited, but at least there was something to talk about for a while), and life just hasn't been the same since I got to rebuild the Cosmos and win countless fans. :flirt I found this site awhile back - you may remember my historic contributions to the Cuzzies (or however it was spelled; who cares), and now that boredom rears its ugly head, I decided to come back. Then I realized I forgot my password, decided to piggyback off a rising starcitation needed's account, and the rest is history. :D

Speaking of boredom, C'MON, admirers! It's me, THE PRINCESS, the best cousin in the Cosmos, and the driving force of your lives! And I'm waiting DAY AND NIGHT just to answer your EVERY QUESTION! Don't just sit there, staring like telescope goldfish -

Posted Image(Feb 11th): Can you tell us about The Moon?

:princess Since it's close to Earth, but has a smaller gravity well, lots of earthlings moved there after they learned easy space travel. Some cousins live there too, but it's mostly a human place. Good thing we added an atmosphere last time we rebuilt The Moon - it was pretty expensive to get oxygen up there.

:mint I went there, once or twice - sadly, it isn't made of cheese.
Posted Image(Feb 20th): :mint , you've been quiet as of late - why don't you tell us about Mercury?

:mint Well, I haven't seen a lot of it, but I know it wasn't inhabited before the remake - the only intelligent life in this star system prior to The Cosmic Crush of '04 was on Earth and on Mars (the Martians grew up near the warm core of their planet - the hot makeover was so they could live on the surface :D ) - :kingwlk imbibed the planet with a strong magical field to keep the new seas from boiling. That way, new life could grow up close to the sun, where sunlight is plentiful. So, if you've been paying attention, you'll note that this is an ocean planet with omnipresent sunlight. And you know what that means: BEACH PLANET! :heart It's really helped the octopeople, squidpeople, and crabpeople who live there now build up an economy. Every one in a while, I pop over to prune the coral.

The satellite(s? are the ones made after The Great Tennis Debacle of '07 still there?) is pretty much just a bit of the magic around the planet - it's a chunk of ice! :cold I think some cold-dwelling creatures got a mini-ecosystem near the core, but there's definitely no-one living on the surface.
Edited by Katach314, Feb 11 2018, 11:07 PM.
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way too silly :S

Hi, sorry for us Earthlingsí collective askersí block :heh ...

I have a question for the Princess. I love having cats around our house, and dogs and capybaras are pretty cool too ... Do you guys have any beloved animals running around your ... wherever you live? I guess I donít even know where you all live! It seems like there was a Prince Mushroom, but I doubt you and the gang all live on a single mushroom?
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It's funny because sadness
Hi, sorry for us Earthlings' collective askers' block :heh ...

I have a question for the Princess. I love having cats around our house, and dogs and capybaras are pretty cool too ... Do you guys have any beloved animals running around your ... wherever you live? I guess I don't even know where you all live! It seems like there was a Prince Mushroom, but I doubt you and the gang all live on a single mushroom?

:princess Looking back, I suspect my beloved fans were simply too intimidated by my awesome grandeur to approach with their burning questions. Perhaps I should wear a slightly less resplendent shade of tan-pink as a counterbalance! :devil

Anyhoo, your question... having never had a pet myself (they always seemed like too much trouble for me), I'm no expert on pet ownership. However, I do know that the cousins' ability to change sizes and the vast number of planets, there's no end to species variety.

So, to answer your question, yes, there are tons of animals running around. That said, most cousins stick to an animal around their natural size for convenience reasons, and not a lot of people in my friend group have a pet. :daisy has some cow friends, but they don't count, obviously. :june has a small brigade of frogs that follow her during dry seasons, but some of them stay year-round... I'll have to ask her if she named any. I hear :lamour tried to get some lovebirds once, but she really couldn't take care of them, so she gave them to :beyond . :beyond 's family has a bunch of birds - :drooby says he has countless tiny scars all over his arms from curious beaks and unfriendly talons (I kinda steered clear of birds for a while after I heard that...).

I'm a little better acquainted with friends' opinions on animals. :drooby used to want all sorts of pets, but she lives in a huge castle in the depths of space. Her castle is both too big to easily fill with breathable air for planetary creatures and too small to house most domestic interstellar beings. Besides, her parents probably wouldn't let her. :jungle loves octopuses[1] (they're not as good as camouflage as him, but they can control it), but "I don't trust them enough to keep one", in his words (I'm good at impressions, no? Hardly a surprise from someone so talented and eloquent, but still). :colombo liked ferrets back when I knew him, but he didn't want one out of an irrational fear that it would get lost in his hair :huh . :nutsuo fancies himself a kindred spirit to T-Rexes and giraffes.

:mint By the way, one of my friends keep pets... :norn has a few goldfish and a koi pond. I, myself, hail from a plant-oriented family.

:princess Yes, very nice, Mint. Now, hopefully that answered your question, because I'm not a big pet person; I dunno what you want.

Transitioning, no, the entirety of the Royal Family and associates does not live on the Space Mushroom[2]. It's more like a galactic hangout place than a home, and only the original 24 (the cousins who were tasked with rebuilding the cosmos following the Cosmic Crush of '04) visit it with any real frequency. We live throughout the Great Cosmos (the universe), but many of us (yours truly included) live on The Great Cosmos (the planet). Some examples of off-worlders include :mint (Jupiter) and :drooby (Castle Drooooby). If you want more specific addresses, just give me some names.

:mint And if you still can't think of anything to ask us, perhaps you'd like me to tell you about Warp Mushrooms...?
[1] Yes, that's the correct plural.
[2] Alright, most of us live in mushrooms or mushroom-styled houses, but that's besides the point.
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way too silly :S

Mar 13 2018, 09:27 PM
:mint And if you still can't think of anything to ask us, perhaps you'd like me to tell you about Warp Mushrooms...?
Very cool, so you all really live here and there around the whole Cosmos, and not surprisingly there are critters in some of those places.

Yes, I have some recent familiarity with warp mushrooms; in fact Iíve seen them so much in recent days that Iím surprised I donít dream about them. I would be interested in hearing about them, and maybe learning how the spaces they connect are related ... a house with no walls ... a castle inside a flower ... a city ... the domain of a big robotic Prince ... a large sprawling island I guess ... a psychedelic flamingo and its whole flock ... the Cosmos planet ... and then a special hill where humongous children listen to musical performances.

Also, I have become familiar with how you all are sometimes tasked with building sticky clumps until theyíre suitable to replace damaged celestial bodies ... I have no idea how that all works, but I am curious if you have ever been caught up in one of those clumps. What was it like ... and when the ride was over, how exactly did you return right back where you started, as if nothing had rolled on through? Or at least that is what usually happens after a clump rolls through town, as far as I know.

And thank you for listening to my rambling questions. :china
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It's funny because sadness
Posted ImageMint, you start us off. Keep up those suggestions and this place'll be hopping in no time. :D

:mint Thanks, Katach... now, let's tackle this bit by bit...
Yes, I have some recent familiarity with warp mushrooms; in fact I've seen them so much in recent days that I'm surprised I don't dream about them. I would be interested in hearing about them, and maybe learning how the spaces they connect are related ... a house with no walls ... a castle inside a flower ... a city ... the domain of a big robotic Prince ... a large sprawling island I guess ... a psychedelic flamingo and its whole flock ... the Cosmos planet ... and then a special hill where humongous children listen to musical performances.

:mint Let's start with the Warp Mushrooms - I'm more into plants, but the species is just too fascinating to ignore. Just an FYI, I read a whole book about them a few weeks back, so unless you're prepared for a humonguous info dump, you should probably just skip to the next question...

Warp Mushrooms first grew on distant and tiny satellites of cold planets, so tiny that their spores could escape the gravity well during certain points in the orbit. Now, a life of darkness and thin (or nonexistent) atmospheres and gravity wells forced them to develop very conservative and sturdy bodies, giving them bodies that could magically transport nearby nutrients to them, as well as the ability to grow without gravity. Eventually, the mushrooms became so hardy, they could grow to full size on a speck of rock mere millimeters across! Their energy-efficient bodies allowed them to survive in the darkness of space for thousands of years, each new generation living off decaying parts of the last one. Soon, the spores themselves contained enough space to make a whole new mushroom, and they started spreading across the Cosmos at incredible rates!

Now, the cousin race likely wouldn't have dismissed the fungi as mere cosmic debris had it not been for their miraculous teleportation abilities. The same magic that could attract food from kilometers away could also be used to repel potential predators. Any organism that touches a mushroom that cannot be safely absorbed inside (the pores responsible for that function are too small to admit anything that couldn't fit through a surgical mask, so it's safe for most people to use (plus, you get a free hand exfoliation! :D )) will be transported away from the mushroom instantaneously! That said, only the largest ones can teleport you much farther than a few meters away (that was the average escape altitude for their native planetoids' gravity wells - just enough to remove a predator from the ecosystem). Thankfully, since this is controlled by a fairly easy-to-alter portion of the mushroom's magic aura, they can be imbued with more magic to increase the radius of teleportation. However, the destination is still randomized unless a LOT of magic is forced into it - only proficient magic users can manage that (and only master-level magic users, like the Royal Family, can make Warp Mushrooms that link planets). That said, if they're being used to link separate buildings, or something along those lines, most people with magic could make something moderately reliable (though flukes do happen - don't use them to link places people move between a lot, or someone's liable to get teleported inside a wall, or worse).

In conclusion, they're a very interesting and useful species. My family's greenhouse is too small for them, but there are some at a larger greenhouse in town I sometimes volunteer to take care of (but sadly, due to being basically the cactuses of space, my help is rarely needed :| ).

If you're one of the TL;DR people, I'm done. Next, I'm going to adress - heheh, sorry, I'm still caught in my ultra-formal speech mode after that dissertation on Warp Mushroom history... I'll bring it down. Let's talk about The Great Journey!

:kingtmk didn't really call much attention to it (or so I hear from Princess, anyway) when he first made it. It was just another stage - a dramatic one, to be sure, but only another place to roll. But Princess thought up some theory that really makes sense. She's rolled it quite a few times (she's been a little restless since she wasn't invited back for the Low Self-Esteem Crisis of '11), and even though I've only rolled there a couple times, I believe her.

Now, I remember from history class that, when the crown is passed down to the next monarch, the current King or Queen makes a special place for the heir to roll a katamari in. When they reach the target size, they are considered fit to receive the crown. It's only ceremonial - they can retry as many times as they want - but it's a very important part of the process. Now, these stages are usually created entirely out of magic, are very symbolic, and end with the new ruler overcoming the old in some way.

Our theory is that The Great Journey is a repurposed draft of the stage :kingtmk will make :prince when he ascends. Here's the evidence.

The Great Journey obviously isn't a real place, unlike almost every other stage we've ever rolled in (the warm-up stages are made of magic as well). It only looks that way. Princess and I checked together, and the entire thing is made entirely from magical energy - not even building materials summoned magically. That would explain why it resets itself automatically after rolling is done. However, that's the least interesting item on the list.

:kingtmk didn't get one of these courses himself. :papa was deathly ill, and gave :kingtmk the crown to be sure of its passing on. He recovered, but the ceremony could no longer go ahead as tradition dictated, so it was just skipped. So, naturally, especially given his ostentatious nature, :kingtmk would want to make an amazing, jaw-droppingly awesome stage to prove himself the better parent and to give :prince what he himself did not get? Once you try to view it from an artistic angle, it becomes discernible as a symbolic representation of life itself. Confused? Don't worry, I was too when Princess first spun it to me. I'll walk you through it, segment by segment:

  • Earth Katamari=Mind and experience (over the course of your life, you use your experiences to grow as a person, much like the katamari does here)
  • Purple Path - Incubation (shapes=nutrients from mother, growth=development, round exit to next part=birth)
  • Goro's Room - Early Childhood (largeness of room compared to katamari=Innocence and powerlessness, lack of walls+sea background=Your home is your universe, Warp Mushroom (note location on device that can access the internet)=Transition between real and metaphor (this meaning is maintained throughout the stage)
  • Castle In Sunflower=Childish conceptions of future life (everything made out of familiar objects and animals=This is your imagination; you had to make this out of what few concepts you have encountered, Lack of castle interior=Shallowness of dream, Warp Mushroom's location within castle=The reason this dream is abandoned and the following segment are linked)
  • Town=First real experiences of outside world (this place is much more chaotic and eclectic compared to the previous segments, 5m barrier=Need to understand and absorb this world as well as abandoning your innocence (your small size) before moving on)
  • RoboPrince=Coming into power and responsibility (gangly and unstable RoboPrince=Your mad attempts to control things, sudden industrial ground/Falling from the clouds to progress=Disillusionment, note how the last area was busy while this one is slapdash and chaotic, Rainbows=Royal Rainbows=Special power of the Royal Family=Ascension and power (also note how the rainbows, despite their seemingly random placement, help you, and how you must leave the final rainbow behind in a leap of faith), Placement of Warp Mushroom on head=Finally getting things under control+transition to the results of your work
  • City=The long and productive life you end up leading (this part seems to point more towards a Royal Family member than just a random person as the rest does, since the use of a civilization to represent the rest of life seems a bit grand for me)
  • Flamingoes=Death and passage to the afterlife (in Cosmic mythology (and modern beliefs), you are carried on the backs of giant birds to the afterlife (if you fall off, you are reincarnated, represented here by being teleported back to the start of the segment); the more colorful the bird, the better the afterlife you are destined for (legend has it most fall off their birds on purpose, believing themselves undeserving of their perceived future resting place). Flamingoes, which start out a drab gray, but turn a bright red due to their diet, represent growth and accomplishment, and are thus perceived as signs of a good afterlife)
  • The Great Cosmos=Afterlife (The better afterlives are said to be heavily-idealized versions of the Cosmos, hence this area's setting and great amount of large animals. Warp Mushroom on Mushroom Castle=Special place (I don't know what the happy sun is; maybe an outer power of some kind? The Creator?))
  • The King's Garden=Love/Nirvana (Children from all cultures=Universal unity and acceptance, Fuji+Eagle+Eggplant=Luck, Rolling up King=Surpassing of your parents, the entire place is a focusing area for all the love you created during your life)
It's pretty weird, but you can't deny it makes a little sense, at least :| . Either way, if this is just the draft, I can't wait to see (or hear about, since it would be just for :prince ) the real deal... Feel free to ask me to elaborate on some points.

Now, for your final question...
Also, I have become familiar with how you all are sometimes tasked with building sticky clumps until theyíre suitable to replace damaged celestial bodies ... I have no idea how that all works, but I am curious if you have ever been caught up in one of those clumps. What was it like ... and when the ride was over, how exactly did you return right back where you started, as if nothing had rolled on through? Or at least that is what usually happens after a clump rolls through town, as far as I know.
:mint ...Actually, Princess would be much better eqipped to handle this question; she's rolled and been rolled up a lot more times than I have. I'll go get her... Katach, where is she?

Posted ImageActually, there's a problem... I haven't seen Princess in days. Normally she'd have dropped in by now, but...

:mint Did you check the broom closet?

Posted Image...Why would she be in the broom closet?

:mint *opens broom closet door*

:princess I didn't cast one for the Princess... What a farce, not even a part of the royal family... Not really a Princess fan myself either...

Posted ImageOh dear.

:mint Erm, sorry, slobro, but you're going to have to wait just a little bit longer for your final answer... it's kinda hard to get her out of these :heh ...

Posted ImageReally, thanks for you patience. See you later! :D
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way too silly :S

Wow, :mint , you are one knowledgeable Cousin. :china

And Iím glad those mushrooms donít have pores wide enough to absorb you guys!

Hmm, this may not make any sense, but if the Prince were able to convince his mother and father to let him take some of his cousins on a vacation ... Iím wondering who he would bring and where they would go.

And there is sure no rush on answering these questions. :china We Earthlings usually have no important deadlines. Well, the lucky Earthlings donít, anyway.
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It's funny because sadness
Wow, :mint , you are one knowledgeable Cousin. :china

And I'm glad those mushrooms don't have pores wide enough to absorb you guys!
:mint Hee hee, thanks. :howyoudoin

Also, I realized I missed a few important things regarding the Warp Mushroom's powers the other day. It doesn't just teleport away living things away from it. While it completely ignores things smaller than it (like a small katamari), if something of a size large enough (up to several times the mushroom's size) to endanger the mushroom (like a large katamari) touches it, it will be transported away just like a predator would. Normally, the dangerous object would be the only thing affected by the magic, but katamaris stick to the mushrooms, causing them to be included in their own defense mechanism. Since katamaris absorb magical energy just like they absorb physical objects, katamaris briefly gain the Warp Mushroom's powerful attractive capabilities (but only on the energy level, since absorbed magic only can be used to produce downgraded versions of what the original was capable of), resulting in a massive size increase.

Speaking of massive size increases, Warp Mushrooms very rarely grow larger than that 5-meter one in the town of The Great Journey, suggesting :kingtmk artificially enlarged some for the later segments. The last few would almost certainly have large enough pores to absorb a cousin :cold . But thankfully, those are just magical recreations and likely won't try to absorb us from outside the stage. :D I hope. I dearly hope.

Wow, I never realized how much magical technobabble was necessary to talk about Warp Mushrooms :heh ...
Hmm, this may not make any sense, but if the Prince were able to convince his mother and father to let him take some of his cousins on a vacation ... I'm wondering who he would bring and where they would go.
Posted ImageMint, can you help me drag Princess out of the closet? She has a firm grip on the doorframe, and my strength is inversely proportional to how much work needs to be done!

:princess Leaving the Princess behind... leaving the Princess behind...

:mint Hold on, I'm coming! Well, Slowbro, *oof!* he'd probably take his closer friends, which consist of *gah!* the crew he had in that webcomic and *ergh!* a few other scattered cousins I can't REMEMBER RIGHT NOW- ouch!

Posted ImageMint, are you alright? I've never seen a leg move so fast!

:mint I'm fine, let's keep going... Anyway, there's a bu- AUGH!-bunch of places to go! There's Mercury, full of beaches and drinks... Neptune, with its beautiful seEEEEEEEEeas... And that's just in this Solar System, not even counting Earth! Most of the magic fields on the planets we made here can only handle one BIOME! There's countless vistas on the Great Cosmos planet, so many I can't name them all... Also, if you wanted to know about any actual vacations :prince took, I heard he once took a few of his friends to see the nebulae where the SPACE MUSHROOMS GROW! ...Jeez, why can't she face life with this much vigor OUTSIDE of a nervous breakdown?

Posted ImageWrithing's kind of her strength. And you should see her outraged!

:mint Alright, I can't do this. We can't do this. I'm going to call Drooby. If anyone can get Princess out of this, it should be here.

Posted Image*Exhausted sigh* I guess you're right. You call Drooby, and I'll get some cake to try and lure Princess out of here.

:mint Um, good luck... now, let's see... does Princess have her number stored on her phone... yes, she does! *dialing*


:drooby ... *SNORT* Whazzha...! ...Whaddya want?

:mint It's er, Mint. I don't think we've met, but we both know Princess, and she's, well...

:drooby ...Making a huge @%% of herself at the expense of others?

:mint ...Well, yes...

:drooby So you need me to give her a cold dose of reality? No worries, I've had to do this before. She usually doesn't go this long before melting down in front of someone new...

:mint ...She does this that often?

:drooby Nah, just messing with ya. I'll check to see when I can get out. MOM! DAD! CAN I GO OUT FOR A FEW HOURS?!




:drooby OKAY! THANKS!! I gotta do some chores first, but I can get away after that. See you in a jiff.

:mint Thanks so much, see you later... Well, I guess that's all we can do until Drooby makes it here...

Posted ImageDrooby's parents sure have strange accents.

:mint I thought they were cute.

:princess Mmmmhhhhhhmmmmmm...
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way too silly :S

I was a difficult one sometimes as a child (as if Iím not now sometimes too :devil ), but I never thought of lodging myself in a closet to the point that nobody could even pull me out. Iím sure she has her reasons ... and I hope you all can enjoy a nice lemonade together or something once the drama is done. :)

And thanks for answering my questions. :china Hopefully Iíll have more of em.
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It's funny because sadness
I'm sure she has her reasons ... and I hope you all can enjoy a nice lemonade together or something once the drama is done. :)
:mint Oh, don't worry, it's nothing too serious. Whenever her pride gets a bit more wounded than usual, she goes into a sort of meltdown. I haven't seen one before, but Katach says this happens a lot.

Posted ImagePrincess is kind of a drama queen/attention horse mix. She can be kind of fragile.

*doorbell noise or maybe knocking it doesn't matter*

:mint Oh! It must be Drooby! Hold on. *opens door*

:drooby Heya. I'll cut to the chase: where is she?

:mint She, um, won't come out of that closet there...

:drooby Got it. Leave this to me. PRINCESS!

:princess Mmmph! Let go of me! I'm trying to wallow in despair!

:drooby Listen to me. Light criticism is NOT something that should trigger an hours-long temper tantrum. You're not six anymore, Princess! Get a hold of yourself!

:princess I'm... I'm... *anger noises* ... ready for you to let go now, Drooby.

:drooby You know the rules. Not until you apologize.

:princess Hhmph.

Posted ImageOkay, Princess, now that you're in a less volatile state, answer us this: what is it like being rolled up in a katamari?

:princess WELL, IT'S... kind of hard to explain, actually. It's a kind of... boundless joy. You're so happy, you can't help but flail in elation, scream for joy, run forever.

:drooby I know what you mean. I only ever get rolled up by the really big katamaris. You can just feel the weight of millions of years and thousands of people, crashing down on you...

Posted ImageThey don't look that happy to be rolled up in the games.

:princess *pshht* The "games" are only an artistic reinterpretation of how cosmic reconstruction actually happens. Everything's a lot less realistic when you program everything.

:mint I've played a few of those games. They sugarcoat a couple things, but I feel it's by and large an accurate reconstruction of-

:princess What's the next question?

Posted ImageHow do the objects and people return to their original places after you roll them up and make the katamari into a star?

:princess The objects never go to space. The Royal Rainbow only takes the katamari back to become a star - the objects are returned to their original places by magic.

:drooby We had a whole unit on it in physics class.

:princess ...We did?

:drooby ...I can still recite which colors teleport which categories of objects, and you can't even remember the class?

:mint Okay, everyone seems kind of high-strung right now! :heh Why don't we calm down over some lemonade, like Slowbro suggested?

:princess Alright, but only because you make the BEST lemonade.

:drooby But I'm STILL not letting you out of suplex position until you apologize.
(April 20th):

Posted ImageHey, Mint, where are you going?

:mint I got a call from June. Apparently, she needs the interior of her apartment cleaned of mildew again. I was a little worried about missing something, but the questions seemed to have dried up. I won't be long, there can't be that much over there.

Posted ImageAlright, then. I guess I'll just hold down the fort with Princess and Drooby.

:drooby Apologize.

:princess Let me go.

:drooby No.

:princess No. *sips lemonade*

Posted ImageIt's been a long several hours.

:mint ...Well, um, going now. Bye!

Posted ImageBye! Gee, I sure wish I could follow her through some sort of vicarious retelling of events, possibly on a forum of some sort.....................................................................................

:drooby That doesn't work.

Posted ImageWell, I know NOW...
(May 8th):

[Ban-Ban and June fall from the air to the floor of Mint's greenhouse. The sound of impact awakens a nearby sleeping Mint. Mint is in a sleeping bag.]

:mint ...Ah! I see you got my Warp Mushroom.

:june Oh, THAT'S what it was! I had a suspicion, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it...

:banban We're... we're free. We're FREE! We escaped the Condo! Mint, your plan worked! Thank you so much!

:mint Thanks :) ... But this isn't over yet. I have an idea of where to find that higher power you were after.

:banban Wh- already? I only told you my plan a little while back and ALREADY you've solved most of it?

:mint Not really. It's more of a hunch or a theory than a definitive plan, but I figure it's all we've got in that power range. I don't want to tell you who they are until we get there, though... Not only do I fear someone could be listening, it will elevate the drama quite nicely...

:june Makes perfect sense to me! How ever did your parents allow you to stay here overnight?

:mint I got permission. I do this often, actually... Now pick yourselves up - before we start off on our epic, and hopefully brief, quest, we have a couple more party members to find...

:banban ...Mint, this is serious.

:mint And so am I... I can't explain yet due to the aforementioned flimsy reasons, but my plan depends on Princess and Drooby joining us. I won't be able to convince them without you... besides, The Queen probably won't notice you're gone until daybreak, right? We have an opening...

:banban ...Okay. But keep in mind our time limit. Lead the way.

:june Also, I was wondering... why did you send us several matches when we only needed one?

:mint The same reason I had Ban-Ban use the match...

:june *notices a nearby flowerpot has become filled with rainwater from her cloud and tips it out onto the floor* Oh. Heheh.
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way too silly :S

Hmm ... I take it the royalty hasnít noticed yet that some of the Cousins have escaped the Condo, and we KotW members besides Katach are either too busy to read the adventures or too busy to post about them ...

:thumbsup Adventures that span multiple weeks and multiple threads are pretty cool. :D
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It's funny because sadness
:mint (Drooby!)


(It's time to wake up...)

:drooby (...How'd y'all make it up to my bedroom?)

:banban (You have a window and we can fly.)

:drooby (Then how'd y'all know this one was mine?)

:banban (There's a map of the castle in the gift shop. You DO remember Castle Drooooby is a very famous tourist destination, right?!)


:mint (Shh! You'll wake your parents!)

:drooby (They don't sleep in the castle. They're too big. Now, what was too important to wait 'till morning?)

:mint (Well, you see...)

[Feel free to take an intermission whilst Mint brings Drooby up to speed with the story. Take a nice long break - the next line will still be here when you return.]

:drooby ...Really. And why should I believe you?

:june Hold up a moment... *June takes out a cell phone and dials a number* Would you mind taking this call?

:drooby Fine, but I don't see how-

:drooby Blurgh... who's this, and why couldn't it wait 'till morning?

:drooby ...The HECK?! Who is this?!

:drooby Drooby, who else? By the way, Jungle, great impression, but unless ya got world-stopping news, howza 'bout LETTING ME SLEEP?!

:drooby ...You can't be me! What are my- your parents' names?!

:drooby Lezviye and Chikyuuko.

:drooby (...It IS me! No-one ever pronounces their names right!)

:drooby Well, since ya obviously have nothing important to say, I'm hanging up. 'Night.

:drooby Wait! Don't... dang.

:june Now, according to Ban-Ban and Mint, we need your help so that you and your Condo you can become one again, or... something. I'm not the clearest on the whole matter either...

:drooby ...Okay. I can do this. I'll help y'all out with... whatever's going on.

:mint Great! That means we only need to get Princess and we can start the plan!

:drooby You sure? I'm straight as an arrow, and you needed to make a phone call with Condo-me to get me on board. Princess is... a bit inflexible when it comes to logic. We might have to go on without her.

:banban We'll just have to try our hardest. We can't afford failure at this point.

:june Your parents aren't watching your room or anything, right?

:drooby Nah, they gave up on curfew a long time ago. C'mon, I'll show you the way to Princess's...

:june Y'know, you never struck me as a pink canopy bed kind of person...

:mint (Princess... wake up...)

:princess (...Is Drooby here? If this whole thing is about that tantrum, I'm going back to sleep.)

:mint (No, it's not that... we need your help with-)

:princess (Hold on - are you going to include me into whatever you've been doing the last few days that's been getting you all the attention from the readers? If so, I'm in, no questions asked.)

:mint (...Okay! That was... a lot easier than I expected.)

:princess (I'm egotistical, not a jerk. Explain on the way.)

:drooby (Isn't it kinda odd that all of us slept in our day clothes tonight?)

:banban (I'm not going to look a gift horse in the mouth.)

:june (Princess, I thought you lived on a private island...?)

:princess (Nope. Just a normal residential island. "Isla Del Princess" is just a nickname; I can never remember its normal name.)

:june (But didn't you say you lived in a mansion?)

:princess (Hey, this place has three residents and four bedrooms! That's pretty big!)

:banban (Not to rush you, but day breaks on the Condo planet in an hour.)

:june (Got it!! :cold ) :princess (Focused! Wait, what about the condo?)
Also, thanks for the compliment, Slo :D . I stick with the headcanon that everyone's too busy to post about this.
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way too silly :S

May 19 2018, 04:46 PM
:drooby Blurgh... who's this, and why couldn't it wait 'till morning?

:drooby ...The HECK?! Who is this?!

:drooby Drooby, who else? By the way, Jungle, great impression, but unless ya got world-stopping news, howza 'bout LETTING ME SLEEP?!

:drooby ...You can't be me! What are my- your parents' names?!

:drooby Lezviye and Chikyuuko.

:drooby (...It IS me! No-one ever pronounces their names right!)

:drooby Well, since ya obviously have nothing important to say, I'm hanging up. 'Night.

:drooby Wait! Don't... dang.
:D It takes slowbro a long time to catch on that there is one version of each Cousin, then thereís another version living in the condo.
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It's funny because sadness
Well, there's no :mint . SHE ain't got no Condo counterpart (this extends to :mellow , :wink , and :you too, but I don't think that'll be important to the story).
[It is still night, despite the fact that this segment started over a month ago. Time dilates weirdly in AskThePrincess-ville.]

[Our five-cousin band vaults through a window into the Mushroom Castle. Ban-Ban lands square on his face.]

:banban GAH!! Why do all these places only have ground-level security? There hasn't been a single obstacle this adventure we COULDN'T avoid by flying into a top window.

:drooby Hey, don't look a gift cow in the mouth.

:mint Besides, we'd have needed to go to the top of the castle anyway. This is where the entrance to The Great Journey is.

:princess Wait, we're going to The Great Journey? Mint, your goal better not be-

:mint SHH! Wait until we're inside!

:drooby But how exactly are we going to get inside? Assuming the entrance is under that cool-spiral-trapdoor-thingy that sort of looks like the Space Mushroom, I doubt we're getting in there without The King or Queen's help.

:mint Actually, this is where you come in.

:drooby :huh ...Say what now?

:mint Your parents are nature spirits, right?

:princess :mad MINT! That was a SECRET!

:drooby What does THAT have to do with this?!

:june ...But... we're Cousins. We're ALL interstellar nature spirits! What's so weird about Drooby being the same?

:drooby ...They're not Cousins, but they ARE nature spirits. Just a different kind. That's why they always look so... like a giant vaguely-humanoid cluster of blades and a purple planet with a face. And why I look so weird, even among other cousins. And it was KIND OF an embarrassing secret, so I'm not sure why my you had to tell the whole room about it.

:mint Because I needed to confirm if you are the offspring of a Metal spirit and an Earth spirit. With a combination of powers like that, and a strong enough edge, you could cut through anything, even something only Royals can open...

:drooby So you want me to drill through this seal-trapdoor-whatever.

:mint ...Please? :heh

:drooby Fine, but I don't see why you couldn't have just asked me to drill through it from the get-go to see if I could or not, and then adjusting the plan from there.

:mint ...I... guess that would have been a more elegant solution...


:banban ...Um... isn't the entire Royal Family sleeping in this castle?

:mint Don't worry, I worked it all out! The Prince is having a sleepover with Ichigo, Macho, Odeko, Opeo, and Not-Condo-June, The King is out on a diplomatic mission in the Antlia System, and The Queen is hosting the 31st Annual Cake-Off on Cetus. There's no-one to guard or serve right now, and thus no guards or servants, just locked doors. We are completely alo-

:queen Children? What are you doing here at this hour?

:princess ...Umm... I... I told Ban-Ban and June about something in The Great Journey, and they couldn't sleep, so they decided to see it, and since you and The King were busy, we were just having Drooby drill through! We'll fix it later of course. :heh

:queen ...I see. But you could have just asked me. I was only judging the Cake-Off bake off proper - the festival doesn't for a couple days, but I've been back since the afternoon! :D

:princess Heheh, I see, sorry... so, if you could just help us patch up this trapdoor and then open it for us, we'll just be on our way...

:queen I'm sorry, I can't let you by just yet; I got a call from the Condo that June mysteriously disappeared from her apartment, and I also thought I'd look for Ban-Ban some more. Since both of your are here, why don't I just take a look-see so I can tell if you're all right, and then take you back to the Condo so you ca-



[Everyone jumps (or falls, in Drooby's case) into the glowing vortex below. The Queen tries to grab for them to no avail.]

:queen COME BACK HERE! I will call everyone's parents and tell them- they're gone. *Sigh* (Already had to track them here, and now I have to scour an entire pocket dimension for them all... why in the Cosmos would they even come out of hiding with all their allies to break into...)

(...No. They wouldn't.)

(...They would. They are.)

[The Queen pulls out a cell phone with an adorable fuzzy red panda case. She swiftly dials a number.]

:queen Hello, sweetie...? I know you're busy speaking with the Antlians right now and need your beauty sleep, but... I've found the escaped Condo residents. I have a plan to get them back, but I need your help... yes, thank you, a hundred times over :D ... here's what we need to do...
[Katach is watching anime in bed.]

Posted ImageDoop dee doop dee doo, watching anime in bed, doop dee doo dee dee, watching anime in HOLY HECK IT'S 5 AM WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE
(June 5th):

[The Great Cosmos section of The Great Journey. The animals are all gone: with no announced rollers, some things aren't ready. The same does not hold true towards the katamari at the beginning, it seems; with a flash of light, it appears in the sky and falls onto a round hill in the grasslands, its five crewmen in tow...]

:banban *GASP*... *GASP*... WHOO! :rock I knew that two rollers make a katamari WAY faster, but... five is something else... I haven't felt this in-character- uh, I mean, invigorated, since I left the Basement!

:princess :heh My... my favorite part was when... we just DASHED right into the Randomstuff Castle from above... and the gnomes woke up and just... SCREAMED!! :devil

:mint HA HA ha, my hair's just a mess, ha ha... whew... that was awesome, but we won't need the katamari anymore. We've gotten to where we need to be.

:drooby Y... y'mean... we're NOT just going to end, where it'll turn out the King to roll up here is actually a robot king of some sort with power to rival the REAL Royals, or something?

:june I... I like... THAT plan! Can we.. do that? (Oh... if it weren't for this cloud... I'd be sweating so hard now...)

:mint Sorry, but not only does that make no sense, I have something better. Look up.

Posted Image

:princess Mint... Are you SERIOUS right now. We have no idea what that is, and now you've made it our last hope?!

:mint I know, but... anything anywhere near the power level we're looking for either lies in the hands of someone allied with the Royal family or is impossible for us to control. This happy-sun thing probably has the power of a star, and can only be accessed in a completely magical area. Besides, if we're the first to reach it, there's no chance of betrayal, right? Now, you know this place a lot better than me. You've gone over every inch, and all I've done is give this place the once-over a few times. I need your expertise - how do we get to it?

:princess We CAN'T get to it - that's the POINT! This place is surrounded by a magic shield that separates the magical wastes of this pocket dimension from the parts we can access. Even if we COULD get past the shield, we have no idea if the sun is within the range of safe magic levels. Do you want to get torn down into stardust and drift across an interdimensional void for eons because you couldn't wait a few more days to find someone more likely to help us?!

:mint You're... you're... WHAT WAS I THINKING?! :eek I cracked under the pressure and went ahead too fast! I had Ban-Ban and June and a buildingful of doubles depending on me and I rushed ahead before I knew what I was doing! I should have told you! I should have told Drooby! I should have waited and met up with everyone! But instead I threw together a half-baked plan and played up the mystery hoping that in the end everything would come together, but it's just... just not... going to.

[Mint falls to her knees, and then curls up into a ball.]

:mint We're stuck here. We're stuck in a pocket dimension with nowhere to run, and The King and Queen are going to find us, and... I don't know what's going to happen anymore.

:june ...Mint, I'm... I'm sorry if we pressured you. Ban-Ban had been at my condo for a couple weeks by that point, and we could have delayed a few days longer if you thought you might fly off the handle. I apologize for making you feel that way.

Here. Take my hands.

[Mint complies. Seconds later, she begins to noticeably perk up.]

:mint ...Thanks. I'm already feeling a lot better. How do you do that?

:june I siphoned your sadness out of you.

:mint ...

:june ...Oh, sorry. We don't know each other too well yet, huh? Back when I learned about healing magic, I read about how more experienced mages could remove and store emotions from people to restore them to balance. I did a lot of studying and practicing, and it turns out I have a bit of a knack! I was able to stop a couple of Ban-Ban's nervous breakdowns that way. Pretty nice, huh?

:mint ...Are you STORING these emotions?

:june Yes! Healing and water go hand in hand! They're all up in my cloud somewhere.

...Wait. Why the sudden interest?

:mint Princess, is any point on the shield around this place weaker than average?

:princess Well, the shield is generated from a point on the top that's a little thin, but the whole shield's unbreakable even to Royals, so I'm not sure where you're going with this.

:mint June can store emotions, and has done for years! If we could get her to unleash it all at once, it could blast through the shield and leave us enough room to get out! It's terrible writing, but it's all we have now, thanks to my own impulsiveness and short-sightedness!

:drooby Hey, I know we're supposed to keep quiet during character-building moments like this, but you can cool it with the fourth-wall stuff now. Seriously.

:mint Oh, uh... alright. June, you CAN release all that emotion, right?

:june Almost certainly! But it could take a bit of doing...

[Tired of delaying, our heroes fly up to the top of the shield. The simulated Great Cosmos spreads out beneath them.]

:june ...Okay, I'll see what I can do... *ahem*

Cosmos, I have seen little in the few years I have walked among the stars, but I feel that nothing will ever surpass the cause I currently find myself under. I come in honor of half a hundred prisoners locked in an ivory tower, and a double I realize now I have never met... But for those by my side, and for those that cannot be, I stand tall and strong against a seemingly-insurmountable obstacle. For the good of us all - and for you, the Great Cosmos - I reveal my ultimate power: ANGEL RAIN.

[June's cloud turns upside-down to face the shield. A torrent of water, apparently reflecting things from another place and another time (a bit of Mint's recent nervous breakdown can be seen, fleetingly) strikes the top of the shield.]

:princess (...Did June watch a lot of anime before coming here?)

:banban (Only hundreds of episodes over the course of days. If you can keep a secret, that was what caused a couple of the breakdowns she mentioned.)

:princess (I can't, and I won't. :devil )

[The rain, previously ineffective, begins to burn a small hole in the shield. The shield, previously a barely visible ripple in the air, gains a shattered-glass-like consistency. As the texture change spreads down the shield towards the ground with the sound of cracking, the force of a vacuum starts pulling the rain and raincloud through the now cousin-sized hole. As the rain slows, the hole begins to close. With a renewed sense of urgency, everyone flies through the hole shortly before it becomes impassible.]

[It's much less friendly outside the shield than it looked - the impressionistic night sky becomes a cacophonous spectrum of cool-colored squares and glaring points of light. Even our band of protagonists, used to flying without the aid of gravity, find flying towards their obvious target of a giant sun an ordeal.]

:banban J u n e . . . J u n e . . . I ' m b l a c k i n g o u t . . .

:drooby I s t h i s w h a t t h e m a g i c a l w a s t e s f e e l l i k e ?

:mint S t a y c a l m , e v e r y o n e . . . j u s t a l i t t l e b i t f a r t h e r . . . . . .


?? Children?

Are you all right?

You have nothing to fear.

Wake up.

(June 20th):

:princess ... *ugh*... Where... where am I...? Where... is everyone...?

:banban ...Me and June are... right here... I don't think we're injured...

:june *soft snoring* [June looks completely exhausted.]

:drooby ...I'm right here, beside ya... and Mint's over there, by the light. She woke up first.

:princess Phew... what a relief... but still... where IS this place? We're lying on SOMETHING, but all I can see is the sky of The Great Journey... and we can't be THERE, either... we went through the shield, and the outside looked completely different...

:mint Hey! Is Princess up? Because she should probably see this!

:drooby MINT! STOP SHOUTING! WE'RE RIGHT HERE! Jeez, how could anyone be so loud?

?? Drooby is right, Mint.

Dial your voice back a pinch.

:banban ...

:drooby ...

:june ...?

:princess ...HYEEK!!

Posted Image Be calm, Princess.

I have no reason to do you harm.

:june ...Who are you?

Posted Image A well-wisher.

Once you entered my realm, I had a glimpse of your thoughts, memories, and emotions.

I learned of your plight and decided to help you, both with the Condo and the creation of this safety bubble.

I trust you have recovered?

:june No, I meant... your name, and maybe your backstory? Are you... The Creator?

Posted Image Oh, heavens no! I'm just a happy sun.

:princess Dang.

Posted Image Well, to be fair to you, Princess, a more specific description description of me would be closer to "Kami" or "Nature Spirit".

:drooby Wait, like my parents?

Posted Image Yes and no.

It's a touch to complicated to explain at the moment.

Now, when it comes to names, mine is one I suspect you cannot pronounce.

It is rather... lengthy.

Not to mention impossible to articulate with a mouth.

We shall have to do with a nickname.

I thought of a wonderful one the other day (or night, or something)... what was it...

Ah, yes!

You can call me "光"!

:june ...

Posted Image "光"?

You know, "ひかり"?

:princess ...

Posted Image Is that too long? What about just "日"?

Pronounced "ヒ"?

:mint ...You want us to call you "Hee"?

Posted Image Yes, "日"!

"H", followed by an "I".

:mint :huh ...Okay. We'll call you "Hi".

:banban It's great that we're getting all this cleared up and all, but any minute the local star will rise over the Condo and people are going to notice June is missing! Besides that, The Queen is out there and knows we're here! We don't have time to delay any longer!

Posted Image Oh, yes!

I completely forgot!

If we want to have any chance of saving the cousins in the Condo from continued imprisonment, we will need to act fast.

By now, The Queen must have sought out The King and gone to the root of the problem!

:banban ...We haven't been caught yet because the Royals are going to the CONDO?! How are we going to get there in time?! We're trapped in a bubble in interdimensional magical wastes in a pocket dimension with an entrance GIGAMETERS away from the Condo!

Posted Image I'm not powerless, you know.

Hi snaps their fingers, causing everyone (themself included) and the bubble to disappear. The magical wastes rage on...]

[Our intrepid protagonists (Hi included) drop out of the sky with a flash. When they reach the ground, it becomes evident that they are on the Condo planet (and only tens of meters away from the titular Condo, to boot). Starrise has begun, casting a faint yellow glow over the grassy plains, small forests, lakes, and mountain range surrounding the area.]

:princess *gah!* (Well, at least we were spared a return trip...)

:banban ...W- We're back here! And the Royals are nowhere to be seen! We've won! Yeah! :yay

:mint But... Hi, how are you going to get rid of that barrier around the Condo? I can't think of any form of magical attack that can shatter it without harming the cousins inside!

Posted Image You know of one.

A hint: you have never used it to destroy before, only to create.

:mint ...You don't mean...

[Hi draws their arms around themself, as if in a hug. As they do, all their features fade into their yellow body as they shrink to about the size of a cousin. With a slight bounce, they land in the middle of the group.]

:mint ...Th... The katamari.

They meant it.

:banban Of course! If we roll up the barrier without rolling up the Condo, we can move the barrier away and everyone can escape!

:drooby ...Hey, guys...

:princess But what about when we make the katamari into stardust so Hi can come back? Won't the barrier just go back?

:drooby Um, EXCUSE ME...

:banban Yeah, but if everyone had already left the building, it wouldn't matter!

:drooby Y'ALL!

Everyone snaps to attention.]

:drooby If we're going to have a snowman's chance on Mars about coming CLOSE to succeeding, we better get this show on the road NOW.

:banban What? The Royals aren't anywhere near here yet, and no-one in the Condo can do anything. Why rush?

:drooby This planet only has one star in its daytime sky, right?

:banban Yeah; this isn't a binary system or anything, so the star in the sky right now is the only- oooooooooooooooooh no.

[In the sky, just above the rising star, are what look like two giant meteorites rapidly falling to the surface, their bodies glowing brightly as they enter the atmosphere. However, either these meteorites are shaped exactly like giant cousins, or...]

:drooby Yep. Just like that time we had to Save The Earth for that Hoshino guy. Now, do you want to keep patting yourselves on the back for finally getting a plan together, or would you-


:drooby Finally.
Posted ImageWhere the heck IS everybody? I mean, sure, it's 6 AM, but I feel like I haven't seen 'em in, like, WEEKS. You get kind of lonely, y'know?

...Who am I talking to? Well, maybe that's for me to know and you to find out, huh? Did you think of THAT, bowl of Fudge Swirl ice cream? I didn't think so. Now shut up and let me eat you or else we'll miss the sunrise.

(June 25th):

[All in all, the next >5 minutes were a very emotional, but also not particularly significant from a story perspective, time for our five protagonists. The underbrush of the forest, with its multitudinous piles of leaves, small plants, and oddly-complacent squirrels, was the perfect way to boost the Hi katamari from 1m50cm to ~2m25cm. Around this time, still very much in panic, the group could swiftly maneuver their way towards the plains, where person-sized rocks were conveniently in abundance. Following this size up were trees, small mountains, and a brief yet eventful period of five seconds wherein the group relearned that katamaris cannot pick up water except when already large enough to absorb the entire water body (a rookie mistake, but who could blame them? Well, everyone, but it's not as though they can hear us). By this point, the katamari had grown to a respectable ~150m, there was only half a minute left on the clock, The King and Queen had grown close enough to hear, and the Condo looked too far away to reach...]

:drooby Ban-Ban! I think the Condo is too far away to reach!

:banban Keep Dash-And-Rolling! We've come to far to fail now!

:june (Legs... turning into jelly... mind... refusing to give up...!)

:queen Sweetie, LOOK! All five of them are down there, just behind that katamari that glows as bright as the sun!

:king The ragtag group of renegades finally make themselves known!


:mint We don't even have time to run now! We have to keep going!


:banban NO! We have less time than we thought! We have to roll up ONLY the Shield, or else the Condo and Shield will still be together, and this katamari was for naught! But even if we Dash-And-Roll there, we'll roll up both! But we have to, or we'll get hit by the Rainbow! WHAT DO WE DO?!





[With all the grace of a whale and a pot of flowers falling through the air, the katamari sailed over the beam of the Royal Rainbow, into the Royals themselves, and over the top of the Condo. With the bit of added size gained from The King and Queen, the katamari had the power to pick up something just a bit larger than the Condo. Say, an invisible Shield around the building, which extends a few floors above the building proper in order to leave room for additional floors, a fact that the penthouse resident would be well acquainted with. With a loud BLOOP noise, the katamari picked up the "Condo Shield (RARE)". With an even louder explosion noise, the katamari was enveloped by a blinding light.]

[The Condo planet was back to normal. Everything was in its rightful place, save a few things. Five cousins, bent over with exhaustion, stood, sat, and lied around a glowing orb exhibiting a similar level of fatigue. The King and Queen Of All Cosmos, themselves only a few meters away from the aforementioned cousins (and only a couple meters in height as well), sat on the grass, utterly confused. Curious cousins began to pour out of the Condo, rapidly noticing the lack of an invisible barrier around the front doors. Strangest of all, a shower of tiny shards of magic drift down from the sky, glittering in the light of the rising star. The whole place has the feel of a spell that has just been broken.]

:queen ...My king... what are we doing here...? And... where even IS this place?

:king ...Weren't we on a diplomatic mission in the Antlia system...?

:queen Yes, I thought so... why can't I remember anything for days? Did I go on one of my cinnamon binges again?

...Oh well. I should probably accompany you back to your summit. The Antlians will no doubt be very upset over our leaving them for nothing at all... come, I'll smooth things over with you.

:princess Excuse me?! WHAT is the meaning of this?! My beauty sleep has never been so rudely interrupted!

:princess Hah... I can't believe I was... such a brat in 2007...

:princess Who IS this...sweaty plagiary of my unique style?! I cannot believe your impudence! *rolls up sleeves further* I did not wish for this to come to blows, but I cannot allow THIS to keep on existing!

:princess Hah... want to look like a weakling as well as a twit? COME AT ME!

:princess WITH PLEA-

With a clapping sound and a shower of sparkles, the two Princesses unite into one entity. The completed Princess drops to the ground.

:mint ...Princess! Are you okay...?

:princess Ughhh... I can feel her inside of me...

:mint She's okay!

:drooby Well... this has been a blast and all, but I'd better find my double and get back home before my parents ground me for a decade. HEY MORON!


:drooby Heh, found 'er already. Later!

:princess Bye, Drooby...

:mint Hey, June, Ban-Ban - do you need any more help?

:june I think we'll be fine. Besides, I don't think Ban-ban and I are friends on the outside - we'll have a bunch of catching up to do!

:banban And I need to meet up with some friends I haven't seen in AGES...




:banban THEN WE'D BETTER GO AFTER THEM! GIMME A SEC! June, we'll have to meet again later.

:june Oh, no need. Other June can wait; she's a patient gal. Let's go do some flying!

:banban Let's!

(...We're free...)

:princess I'm exhausted... I just want to go home and take a nap now...

:mint ...Me too... but we should probably stop off at Katach's first so we can tell him what happened. I know we saw him just hours ago, but it feels like months have passed...

:princess Alright... but it's straight home after that.

Posted Image Hold on, little ones.

I have one last thing to tell you.

:princess Oh! Hi! Sorry, I... kind of forgot all about you.

Posted Image It's fine.

What's important is that you remembered.

I merely wished to give you a final rundown on the state of things.

That shield was a form of magic I've rarely seen and was barely capable of breaking.

The hypnosis put over the Royals is a feat beyond even my power.

And the thought of having the magical power to keep up both that Shield and the double hypnosis...

Only someone like the Creator would be able to do something like that.

And I can think of no reason why They would do something like this.

Whomever your enemy is, they are a force to be reckoned with.

If you find out who they are, do NOT treat them lightly.

:mint ...You don't know who did this...?

Posted Image I don't.

Now, be careful out there.

If you need me, I'll have constructed a narrow tube between my dwelling and stage 8 of The Great Journey.

Drop in for a visit sometime, okay?

Bring your friends.

:princess Goodbye, Hi!

:mint I feel like that should've rhymed...
Posted ImageHuh. I expected a lot more out of the sunrise. Ah, well. I expected more out of this ask thread too, but no-one's been here in months! Wack.

...I should really put this empty bowl of ice cream into the dishwasher instead of talking to it.

(July 10th):

:princess Katach, we're here! But only for a second.

:mint Hello.

Posted ImageHeya! How've you been? It feels like forever since we last talked!

:mint ...But didn't we talk to you just yesterday...? In this very room?

Posted ImageWell, yeah, but it FELT like forever. You guys sure missed an awesome ice-cream social/sunrise watch.

:princess ...Yeah, I have no idea what that means.

Posted Image...Now that I think about it, me neither. Now come, sit! There haven't been any asks since you've gone, but I thought up a couple great questions myself, so let's get to the soundroom and get recording!

:princess For the last time, taping one noise-cancelling tile to your room doesn't make it a "soundroom".

Posted ImageJust for that, now you're going to have to fill me in on what you were doing last night that got you so tired.

:mint Heh... I didn't realize it, but we're kind of a mess, aren't we?

Posted ImageDon't worry, it's fine. :heh I'm much more interested in the exploits of your sextet than I am with your appearances. Now, start from the beginning.

:mint Well, you know it up to where I was trying to figure out a plan, right? I couldn't get anywhere for a few days when-

...How did you know there were six of us last night?

Posted ImagePardon?

:mint ...You know Princess and I were out there, of course, and I told you about Ban-Ban and June, but how did you know about Drooby? And I KNOW you shouldn't have heard about Hi.

:princess ...Hey, wait, how do you know we were out with four other people at all last night? Unless Mint blabbed to you that she was springing her plan yesterday, and I don't see why she would have, you shouldn't even have suspected we were out with anyone!

Posted Image...You guys okay? I was just guessing you were out with your friends, alright?

:princess So why aren't you asking who Hi is?

Posted ImageAh...



[With a rush of air, all the color drains from the room.]

:princess ExCUSE me? I don't think I've ever heard you swear-

[Pencil-drawn vines break through the suddenly-sketchy walls and pin Princess and Mint to the opposite side of the room.]


Posted ImageI CANNOT believe it! I figured something like this might happen someday, but I always assumed it wouldn't be something stupid like THIS!

:princess Katach, what are you-

Posted ImageAnd of COURSE I screw up like this before I back everything up for the day! Now I have to go back twenty-four hours and get everything under control, and then I have to rewrite ALL your dialogue for EVERYTHING since the Condo Duo got the package with the Warp Mushroom-


Posted Image...Fine. It's the least I can do. I made everything up.

:mint "Everything"?! Wha-

Posted ImageEVERYTHING! This house! My appearance! Your personalities! Your parents' names! That whole Condo subplot! This whole Alternate Universe!

:princess What are you TALKING about?! None of that made any sense! My parents are real!

Posted ImageBut only to you! This entire thing was just something I made up for fun from my favorite video game series, and pretended to be a character in! I have no idea what the real Princess's parents' names are! I can only barely gather an overview of the real Princess's PERSONALITY from a couple sentences scattered throughout the game!

And now I've ruined everything by revealing I knew too much! I spent ALL THAT TIME puppeting tens of cousins AND the Royal Family, and now I have to do it all again! I'm not waiting any longer: REBOOT!

[The lines making up the room start to slowly unravel into nothingness. VERY slowly. Like, seriously, was he planning to watch a movie while it happened? This'll take minutes at least.]

Posted ImageBlast.

:princess Seriously, I don't believe any of this! I have no idea where you got the ability to drain color and make giant, poorly-drawn vines, but if you think you can convince me you're WRITING all this than you had better-

Posted ImageYour real name is Zara.

:princess :jawdrop ...

Posted ImageBut you didn't like it and told everyone at your Kindergarten that your name was Princess. Your parents accepted the nickname, and now none of your friends know about it.

:mint ...Really? Is that true? You never struck me as a "Zara", but now that I think about it...

:princess ...How in The Great Cosmos did you...

...You're not lying. You're the one who's been pulling the strings this whole time? YOU'RE the who made The Condo and hypnotized the Royals?!

Posted ImageWell... I didn't think up the Condo, but I AM running this version of it, yes.

:mint ...But... WHY? Why do all this?

Posted ImageBecause I love Katamari, there hasn't been anything new about it in years besides this forum, and pretending to have friends from that world turned out to be pretty fun. At first it was just Princess talking alongside me, but then you came and this entire world followed! It's great, which is why I'm sad I'm going to have to erase a substantial portion of it to let it keep on safely existing.

[The lines in the house have grown somewhat ill-defined, and outside, the horizon line has drawn closer.]

:princess Why did you do this?

Posted ImageI thought I just told Mint, but if you're wondering why I started in the first place, I was making something related to you and pictured you working on it with me, and I thought your input would be useful when I made my account on KOTW, so when I-

:princess No, not that - WHY would YOU do this? I've known you for months now, and while you're wimpy, a fool, and kind of obsessive, you've never been WEAK. This level of escapism is NOT YOU. What the heck?!

Posted ImageOkay, that's enough.

[The vines pinning Princess and Mint to the wall push harder. Mint, already short for breath, is reduced to gasping loudly to get air into her lungs. Princess becomes more constricted, but remains in control.

:princess STOP BEING AN IDIOT AND LISTEN TO ME!! You're not a baby! You don't need a fantasy world to keep you alive! You don't need us! If you can't stay here, then GO!

[The outside is completely gone. The room grows positively hazy as all detail is stripped away.]

Posted Image :angry I'm not letting go, Princess!

:princess The world isn't about you! If you can't handle THIS I can guarantee that you won't survive out there! LET GO!

Posted Image :mad NEVER!

[The vines push harder. Mint cries out weakly, and her vine immediately pulls back. She gratefully breathes in air.]

:princess Stop it! Now! Show me you're not an idiot!

Posted ImageSix gameless years didn't stop me! You surely can't!

[Princess starts to say something, but stops and lowers her head. After a moment, she raises it again with a sober, determined expression.]

:princess Katach. I understand what you're going through.

I haven't felt my best since the last crisis, when making new planets and stars was top priority and everyone had to chip in. However, life isn't about getting fulfillment whenever you want. It's about collaboration to achieve goals. It's something I've learned from my friends.

You can't escape into your own little world like this when things don't go your way! Don't you remember how bratty I was when we started? That was LOADS better than I was when they were making that game based off of the Tennis Debacle of '07, and it still took me months to get anywhere near non-annoying! Don't relapse like I did after Columbo wouldn't come back to me after I ditched him for Dipp! You helped me, so follow your own advice!

Posted Image...This is different! I wrote everything you just talked about myself! If that advice could solve my problems, we wouldn't be here!

:princess Then TRY AGAIN!! You gave me a reason to change, even if it was all for some poorly-written story! You can do it too!

Posted Image...This isn't about actions, Princess! It's honestly just sentimentality! I'm not ready to move on!

:princess Then how about this: you don't need us and it's time to go!

Posted ImageI'm not letting go, Princess!

[Practically everything except the vines and the characters have faded away. It's not long now.]

:princess You don't need us!

Posted ImageI... can't let go...

:princess KATACH.


Posted Image

:mint ...Princess! Princess! PRINCESS!

:princess *snrk* Wha-?! Where's Katach?

:mint You were telling him off, and he just... disappeared. The world went back to normal, the vines dissolved, you fell to the ground unconscious, and I finally got a chance to breathe...

:princess ...So, our entire world is just a... fanfiction? One the author can no longer access?

:mint It seems that way. But, if you're right, and he's gone, then I guess our universe is now indistinguishable from a real one...

...Are you okay? You just had a huge fight with a friend, and now you're never going to see them again.

:princess ...I don't want to talk about it right now. Do you?

:mint I guess not...

We shouldn't tell the others about the... true nature of our universe, should we?

:princess Maybe Drooby, but not now. I'm EXHAUSTED.

:mint ...Me too.

...I guess I'll see you tomorrow...?

:princess Of course. You wouldn't expect the best character to stay away for too long, would you?

See you.


Due to... schedule conflicts between staff, and a lack of recent asks, Ask The Princess regrets to announce that it must now close its doors.

It has been a short but memorable run, but I wish to thank everyone who showed interest. All five of you.

Many of the suggestions for asks I offered went unused. No-one asked about Drooby's home life, Mint's friendship with Ichigo, or did any probing to find further cousins to ask. I suppose you found out who the Georgia-speaking character was, though.

The banner ended up never being finished. How tragic. Perhaps, someday, the WIP will be posted. Maybe not. How philosophically upsetting.

Princess, Mint, and I had so much fun answering your questions and our own. But, as long as I am here, and demand rears its head again, maybe the adventures of Princess and co. may continue. Let us hoe for a bright future.


Chiheisen wa mirai e no sumairu.

The horizon is the smile of the future.


Posted Image
Posted Image :princess :mint :drooby :banban :june
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