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KD - Favorite MAS Level (Multi Vote)
MAS 1 2 (8.3%)
MAS 2 1 (4.2%)
MAS 3 3 (12.5%)
MAS 4 3 (12.5%)
MAS 5 1 (4.2%)
MAS 6 3 (12.5%)
MAS 7 1 (4.2%)
MAS 8 3 (12.5%)
MAS 9 3 (12.5%)
MTM 4 (16.7%)
Total Votes: 24
KD - Favorite MAS Level (Single Vote)
MAS 1 0 (0%)
MAS 2 0 (0%)
MAS 3 1 (33.3%)
MAS 4 0 (0%)
MAS 5 0 (0%)
MAS 6 1 (33.3%)
MAS 7 0 (0%)
MAS 8 0 (0%)
MAS 9 1 (33.3%)
MTM 0 (0%)
Total Votes: 3
KD - Favorite MAS Level
Topic Started: Feb 3 2018, 10:33 PM (149 Views)
The Great Curator
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Which of Katamari Damacy's Make A Star levels do you favor the most?

This vote also includes Make the Moon.

Multi Vote is first.
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way too silly :S

I am still a fan of KDís biggest-diameter stage in each of the three locales. :) :tomio
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It's funny because sadness
For the multi, I voted for all of them :D except 2, 5, and 7. I still like them, but KD's middle-growth stages have an unidentifiable quality about them that gets to me. :glare I think it's how you have to drag yourself or of the starting size, but don't even get to go all the way that does it for me.

Now, I chose MAS9 for the single due to deeper psychological reasons. You start out at 50cm (like the other World stages, but the effect there isn't as noticeable), high atop a totem pole. Surveying the huge landmasses before you, as well as your distant goal of 30m, you're eagar to regain this size and vantage point, this time naturally. But as you start out, most of the items in your immediate vicinity can be rolled up at sizes much smaller than 50cm. Along with your newfound enthusiasm for growth, and the unsatisfying bonuses these objects grant you, you begin to feel like you're 50cm had start was unwarranted,
unneeded, undeserved. But as you push through the park, you soon find yourself at a noticeably larger size, picking up items you were clearly incapable of doing at the start. Your sense of onus disappears as you realize you are no longer living off the 50cm handicap at the beginning, but on your own accomplishments. Full of pride, you venture outside the cradle of the park and seek your fortune.

Soon, you have grown to 12m. You are the same size as the totem pole you started on. The houses in the distant town, this far immobile and immutable obstacles that made up your world, are beginning to fall to you. But your goal does not. You're not even halfway there. As wonderful as the feeling of conquering is, as long as your goal is so far away, it feels almost... empty. But when you look upon the over 12m barrier, you see the distant landmasses, covered in giant, conquerable buildings! The path to victory lies ahead, waiting for you to enter! You can't resist - in no time, you are wiping entire neighborhoods of the map. Soon, no city, no landmass, nothing but the sea itself will be spared your power.

But you can still spy distant islands, tantalizingly out of reach. You may not have the power to go there today, but soon, you will returen and...


And you get to roll up Jumboman and a Submarine, too! That's great! :D

...Woah. :eek I was about to talk about how I felt about these stages, but... I need to go away and think now...

When I was rolling, all I wondered about was where the shimmering sound effects were coming from, and where I could buy the K-Pop soundtrack that kept following me around.
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