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Surrey Border & Camberley Railway

 by Stuart Ross
19 Aug 2009, 08:47 PM
The 0-6-0 engine was taken as payment from Bullock upon his death, as he had not completed the engine he had on order for Captain Howey. The engine was rebuilt as a tender engine and ran on a regauged section of the romney hythe and dymchurch railway, later moving to hastings. It is now know as Firefly on the Kerrs miniature railway.
I think we are getting tank engines confused here. 3007 Firefly started life as a 0-6-0 pannier tank and was used on the Fox Hill Miniature Railway which Bullock had initally constructed as a private line to test locomotives on. After Bullock parted company with the Fox Hill line this locomotive was taken to his new railway at California in England in Berkshire. It was indeed taken as repayment following Bullocks death.

The 0-6-0T that ran on the SB&CR started life as 3008 an 0-4-2T and was used at Fox Hill it was aquired third hand at the age of 2 for use on the SB&CR and was rebuilt as on 0-6-0T. Its post SB&CR history is vague and its present location was unknown, well at least in 1993 when the book was published!

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Dymchurch 10.25" gauge railway

 by dereksmith
I think you are a bit muddled so I will try to put a bit of order into your thinking. When Bullock died in 1937 he was in the throes of constructing a 4-6-2 for Howey which had not progressed very far. In order to make up for the money already spent Howey took the 0-6-0 pannier tank 3007 that Bullock had built for the Fox Hill Miniature Railway as part payment. Back at New Romney the loco was rebuilt as an 0-6-0 tender loco and renamed 'Firefly'. A temporary line was put in at Dymchurch and the loco ran happily up and down. The picture below shows Firefly at Dymchurch taken just after the war (the building in the background shows signs of the wartime bricking up).

Posted Image

Howey also purchased a Royal Scot from the Duke of Devonshire's estate which he had on display in his lounge. The story about steaming it in the living room may or may not be true - George Barlow remembered it being steamed on the lawn but not in the living room. As he was looking for something to do Howey decided to use both locos on a new railway near the bathing pool at St Leonards on Sea. This was a straight up and back line which only ran for one season before local opposition saw it moved to Rock a'Nore at Hastings where it was taken over by Ian Allan and Jim Hughes.

For a brief period after Howey got the RH&DR back from the Ministry of Petroleum Warfare in 1945 he regauged one of the lines from New Romney to the Warren to 10.25" and ran a shuttle service for visitors. There is a story that one guest driver (Alex Schwab) forgot about the regauging and ran off the end of the line! It seems likely that the large double single in the Toy and Model Museum may well have been tried out on this line as when we had to do some work on it it became obvious that it had been used and was not just a static model.

For a short while in the 1980s a 7.25" gauge line was built from the area that is currently the childrens playground at New Romney along the back of the trainshed to a terminus near the erecting shed. The track and stock was loaned by Chris Finken. The picture shows the Mardyke Deltic and two Greenly coaches at the Erecting shed terminus. This was removed in about1986.

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I take exception to your assumption that the last attempt to construct a 7.25" gauge line at Romney was 'half-hearted'. This was a valiant attempt by Andy Jefford to build a railway at his expense to keep the young volunteers happy and out of the way of running the normal trains (health and safety limits what young people can do to a great extent). The line was almost finished and trains were run on it but the site was earmarked for the new P.Way depot and it cut right across the trackbed. A stock shed was provided in the guise of a container with a two road traverser. This picture was taken in 2002 just before work started on the p.way depot. Andy and his loco (IVOR) are now at Moors Valley I believe.

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Finally - and this is a Government Health Warning to Davidgwr - I have so far answered in detail several of your questions without so much as a thank you or acknowledgment from you. If you wish me to still answer your questions from my memory store then a little courtesy would not go amiss! This does not apply to those that have at least shown some appreciation of my efforts.

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