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Topic Started: 27 Feb 2017, 01:33 AM (229 Views)
Jordan Leeds
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During 2015 some preliminary research was undertaken into the possibility of building a new Bassett Lowke Pacific, recreating the famed, well known locomotive built originally for Captain Howey in 1913. This work involved undertaking detailed surveys of the 4-4-2 Atlantic locomotives Count Louis and Synolda. These engines share many common parts with Gigantic and the discovery of a small collection of drawings held within the Greenly Archive now available from Maxitrack spurred on the concept of constructing a replica. At present the project is very much in its infancy, but design work has been undertaken to produce a 3D CAD model of the tender and bogies. Minor design changes are being made to enable safe operation on the current operating railways, primarily wheel treads to eliminate the original ‘scale’ profiles.

A start has been made on the construction of the tender, with completion anticipated in the next 18 months. It is hoped that some form of testing will be undertaken once it is complete. Work will then move onto the locomotives chassis and boiler. Work is underway a present to gain design approval for the boiler. A selection of castings and patterns have been donated by Austin Moss for which we are most grateful. Further patterns are being followed up at present.

Trains go into tunnels and come out but locos can go in sheds and never come out
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This sounds like a great project, and what a sight to see doubleheading on the Ratty. Would make a great comparison with later Greenly Pacifics at New Romney.
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Any pictures of your project, Jordan.

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