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Liverpool's Legacy; April Digest
Topic Started: 1 Apr 2008, 06:01 PM (16,102 Views)
Stuart Ross
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Apr 5 2008, 08:17 PM
Did The Bug work any trains at all at Liverpool?

I believe there is a photograph in Derek Smiths Book "Romney in Colour" showing The Bug double heading with Black Prince on passenger working.



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GORDON BENNETT :o . It's been well worth finding this forum for that article alone. :) Well done.

No matter how many times i'll read it I don't think i'll be able to take in where all the carriages have ended up so far without referring back. :wacko: :D

Brilliant. A really enjoyable read.
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one of the Ratty mags of the day had the stats, The Bug worked 6 days in total, had 39 hours of service, managed 54 circuits and covered 121 miles

Fantastic digest article, really interesting reading
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