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Packlord Profile
Special Hunt Edition I

Loyal denizens of Hell Pit and future of subjects of the coming glorious Mutae, the HellCouncil is pleased to announce that the Hunt has begun! Officially dubbed the “Space Hulk Hunt,” or “Hulk Hunt” for short, this Hunt promises to bring in a wide range of exciting beasts, contained on this floating, hulking hunk of metal!

Our loyal reporters have been dispatched to accompany teams of hunters, and are sending beack images and reports via experimental, portable farsqueakers. Live reports are being sent in to some of Hell Pit’s major pubs, so head down to Rosko’s, Boregard’s, Rat’n’Chips, Squeaky Bowl, or the Inheritance Pit-Bar and Grille to follow the action live!

For those of you who can’t make it, or when the feeds go down, here is the ever-reliable written word, officially approved by Raznarth, Screamingclaw, and the rest of the HellCouncil! The rest of the report will go through the actions of each guild.

Ventariis’ Trackers
by Dorevik the Deranged

The stench of Hell Pit’s glory and coming victory was thick in the air as Ventariis’ elite hunting force assembled in the Hunting Guild Muster Hall. The guild had several roots, each one going to a different spot on the ship, and different parties of skilled Hunters traveled down each one. There are very few Moulders who have gained access to this guild, but I am here with two of them, Lacunae and Franck Feldscherr. Who have made a daring decision: to head down the central root-bridge, which is going directly to what Master of the Hunt Korr Ventariis has called “the Hive!” Lacunae and Franck both gave statements emphasizing their preparedness and readiness for what comes ahead, and each of them left with a large contingent of followers.

Franck brings his elephant and pack-beast, Rúnbeinnir, alongside two of his fearsome pitbeasts, Caerul and the terrifying Xa’kotalot. The elephant carries dwarfen artillery, and is covered with arcane dwarfen runes. He also brings with him a small militia of dwarfs, including Nurri the Nameless’s Slayers, Baj’s Hunterdorfs, famed rune-carver Grogg Thundersmith, and many others.

Lacunae, known for her work with the pitiful Elven homeland movements, brings a smaller, but no less fearsome, force, including tournament champion Iggy the Fool, the Chariot, and Ceberat. Several elves from the Twilight Guardians, as well as an attachment of Huntress Morvaneth's professional Druchii Hunters, accompany her.

The pair of them descended the central root, following in the footsteps of a large force led by Korr Ventariis himself, and I followed them down. It was a long walk down the root, but eventually we emerged in a strange area. The sound of battle already reached our ears, and Franck and Lacunae spent a short time conversing, dwarfs and elves getting along in a sickeningly cheesy display, before forcing a path through what can only be described as a heretical version of Corpus Mutae’s Chapel of Flesh. Everything around us seems to be alive, but it all pulsates with a hideous inner rhythm that is anathema to our future god.

We quickly branched off from Korr’s group, which headed straight into the center of the Hive. We can confirm now that the enemy we face are, indeed, the mythical “Tyranids” that many of our prisoners from other Prey Isles feared so much, and Korr is bravely heading straight into the Hive.

Lacunae and Franck, however, headed around it in a roundabout fashion, and actually worked their way through tunnels that were half-flesh, half-steel, to a space below the Hive. And what a find they found! They stumbled into what can only be described as an egg chamber! From wet, dripping holes in the fleshy ceiling came eggs of all shapes and sizes, falling down to the floor.

But the eggs were not left unguarded, oh no! As the forces spilled into the enormous egg chamber, they found themselves confronted with four forces of Tyranids!

1). From above, a swarmling of six winged beasts, holding some sort of flesh-like gun, alongside their natural fearsome claws and fangs. A serpentine, six-claws beast also clings to the ceiling.

2). At the center of the chamber, a floating beast with an enormous head and withered body, surrounded by a dozen small “gaunts” armed with scything talons. The floating Tyranid floats above a single enormous egg.

3). To the left, near Lacunae’s forces, is another large, serpentine creature with six scything talons, alongside four large, armoured Tyranids armed with some sort of long flesh-rifle.

4). To the right, near Franck’s forces, is a massive Tyranid that I think I’ve read about before, known as a Tervigon. It was facing away from us, but slowly turned as we entered the room, holes in its belly opening to reveal the faces of more Tyranids within…

Choices: These four threats need to be eliminated before you can gain a bounty of Tyranid eggs! What are your battle strategies? Who will assault what, and how? What are you targeting for death, and what for capture, and what for maiming?

Starhunter Alliance, Strikeforce Alpha
by Vasqual the Stunted

The Starhunter Alliance landed near the ship’s command center, or the “bridge” as the Enginseers have told me it is called. Most of the expert Hunters, however, did not deign to approach the actual bridge, dismissing it as having little monstrous value. However, the guild’s Moulder attachments, dubbed “Strikeforce Alpha,” made their way directly towards it. The Strikeforce is led by librarian Victor von Hohenfeld, in turn leading his beasts the Edmunds and Sigmund. Also with him are Tirr the Strange and his at least fifty-strong Wyrd Militia Division, alongside beasts Apophis and Proto-Alpha, and the new Sir Bacon, leading his debut “Tuber” beasts.

We took an immediate left and fanned out around the Bridge. It was full of equipment of all types, most of it broken. Tirr spent some time fiddling with it, and arranged for some of it to be stored for later. Others looted the weapons of the man-thing corpses scattered about the room, being especially interested in the power armour some of them possessed.

As the group scavenged, a sound startled us all, and some of the equipment began to crackle. An image of a robotic face, reminding me much of Gimble, but different – appeared on some sort of heretical farsqueaker screen. It asked a question in a Human Tongue I could only barely understand, but which I translated into Queekish: “Filthy Xenos (do not recognize this word), do you seek the total annihilation of our Tyranid Foe? We shall aid you and for now withhold our judgment if this is so, to fight our common enemy.”

But before we could answer, as if from thin air, a hideous insectoid beast, with scything talons on its shoulders and a face like an octopus, appeared between our group and the sealed doors to a second section of the bridge, where we hoped to find juicier prey. A thick scent filled the air, and the pitter-patter of claws brought a small force of giant fanged maggots – at least thirty of them – alongside oddly Skavenoid, four-limped beings with razor-sharp talons numbering at least twelve. They have cut off our exit from the bridge… and strange patterns in the air on the ceiling and by a particularly large machine letting off a constant fountain of sparks lead me to believe that more invisible foes might be near… I may not make it back alive.

Choices: Foes from behind, and invisible foes surround you! Many of the WMD militia has picked up broken weapons, which still seem more effective than their own. The voice still awaits an answer; a yes or no from the Team Leader is necessary, submitted alongside orders. A piece of sparking equipment that looks very much like a broken power converter of some sort, with lots of energy running through it, is directly behind the formerly invisible foe. At least forty-two enemies, some swarming maggots, and others fearsome beasts that look like shocktroopers, are swarming onto the bridge behind you, cutting you off from escape, while there are at least two more invisible beings nearby. Who assaults who? Who is a target for maiming and capture? Do you accept aid, knowing it may damage goods? Can you use the sparking equipment to your gain?

Loot Get
(to be added en masse after tithes and division at Hunt end)
-5 pieces Bridge Machinery
-2 pieces of broken power armour
-2 broken chainswords
-1 broken powersword
-4 broken bolters

The League of Explorers
Team Engine by Wortik the Wretched
The League of Explorers, landing in the Engine Room, quickly scattered in many different directions, Moulders and hunters alike. A pair of Moulders, Tekris Zimkus and Guldan the evil dwarf, immediateky embarked down a path of great peril: into the heart of a titanic engine in the engine room, a path that even the Enginseers accompanying the Hunters seemed wary about entering.

Guldan, and apprentice Snorri, brought with them Morax, Karl, and Lizardon, while Tekris brought Gribble, Brxx, and the beasts Peggy the Rat and Hisskern, as well as hazmat suits, a rubber inflatable ball, and a spicy sandwich, which Tekris says Gribble says is very important. I accompanied them into the heart of the engine, and as we descended up into the "warp"-drive, the air began to feel funny and I started seeing things... things that weren't there.

We quickly found ourselves standing in a strange room, where the walls are made of faces... faces screaming in silent agony. The floor shifted underneath us, revealing faces there as well. One tried to bite my feet. The exits vanished, replaced by faces... oh, the faces! Where is this place? In each corner of the room, a face's mouth opened, opening up so large that we could all easily walk through it...

...through one lay a battlefield, and rivers of blood. A horned, winged beast looked balefully over the horizon, its back turned to us, surrounded by hordes of red-skinned monsters, all fighting one another at its feet.

Through another was a sea of undulating, pulsating flesh. White and pink-skinned beasts lay strewn all about it, eyes closed and shuddering in agony and pleasure, not moving, and not reacting. In the distance, a Prince sits upon a throne.

Through the third, the stench of decay washes over us, and pustules the size of hills bubble and burst, while misshapen forms wander.

Through the last are flames of blue and yellow, and an unblinking eye.

And then the room expands, and before us stands a pair of two humans in armour of deepest black and horns; they carry rifles on their persons. What will we do?

Choices: You can go through any of the four doors. Through one is a large horned daemonic entity, and about ten smaller ones fighting each other. Through another is a sea of flesh, with about twenty prone male and female, misshapen beings lying around, and about four strange two-legged purple beasts. Through another is a disease-ridden landscape of flesh, with about twelve fat, misshapen, ugly brutes wandering around. Through the fourth are flames and an eye. Before you are two power-armour clad, horned man-things with big guns.. You can fight them, run from them, capture them, or lure them through a door. What will you do?

Team Corridor, by Zargritch Junior
Howdy readers! I am so excited to write this up for you all! Now, I'm following two stellar Moulders - Savannah and her large, fortified tunnel rusher with a gunnery cabin on top, alongside Gragg'Dvorak and friends Ed, Fred, and Snurky, and Itchy'Bigsy, Catchy'Snatchy, and Tummy Toothless. We headed straight out, down the corridor leading out of the engine room, and quickly found ourselves standing at an intersection. Crossing the intersection was a flow of insectoid foes, some of which pulled out of the flow to face us!

A pair of vicious red beasts, standing on all fours with enormous bone-guns on their back, took up positions at each end of the corridor, while eight insectoid creatures, each with a pair of scything claws, immediately charged our group! I hope we will make it!

Choices: Simple choice: two larger ranged Tyranids are holding back, certainly waiting to fire, while eight smaller Tyranids with visious claws rush at you to defend their foes! How do you handle them?

Team Below, by Ikkaku Madarame
It is time for the Moulders of Hell Pit to show their battle prowess! I accompanied a pair of Moulders, goblin kingpin Shifty Goldgrabb and his small army of greenskins, and Tex'Hallik the Tainted One, alongside his loyal Saurian retainers. We took a strange lift down from the Engine Rooms, and emerged into dark room, full of sparking and malfunctioning equipment. It took several trips to get everyone down, but when we were finished, we made our way through the room... it seemed to me that we were in some sort of medical room... or a prison cell.

A hiss came from before us, and we stopped. Out of the shadows ahead of us came four figures: one was a man wearing a suit of powerful-looking, horned armour with glowing eyes; the second was an older man in the robes of some sort of priest, with a glowing red cybernetic eye and two floating drones above his head; the third was hanging in the back, a woman holding a rifle trained on Tex'Hallik's head, and the fourth had already crawled onto the ceiling; and was a woman with Tyranid claws on her shoulders. She looked down and smiled, and then spoke blasphemy, saying "Bow down before me, for I am Mutae!"

Choices: Four foes. Who will attack what, or will you talk? Will you surrender? How could that be Mutae? How will you eliminate or capture these foes?

Bloodhunters United
Team Cargo Hold, by Kraven Reektail

Neek-neek! Greetings, readers of the Moulder Monthly! It is I, the glorious Kraven Reektail, with tales from the frontlines of the Hulk Hunt! The Bloodhunters United Moulder division, led by Sho-Yin, has split in two. My associate, former Bloodbowl coach Vosnaardiskikk, accompanies Sinclaw and Kretchitt to a lower level of the ship, while Sho-Yin, Neesha Blackwing, and Lil’lil’eth’eth head deeper into the guild’s landing point, the cargo hold.

Sho-Yin brings with him Shinjitch, Pride, and Nightmare, alongside a mysterious creature called “Xiao-Lin” and apprentice Skidditch. Neesha brings along with her Copac Viu and Chara, and she also commands a small force of Morvaneth’s Elite Trackers, demonstrating her deep connections to the Hunter’s Guild and her fellow elves.

The trio headed deeper into the cargo hold, amid dozens of locked and sealed crates. Teams of Hunters are already working to unseal those and transport them back to Hell Pit, so we head on deeper inside. As we go, the crates become less well-sealed, and some even are open; the Moulders grab what they can as they head deeper inside. Teams of Hunters call to each other around us, and we are reminded that we are all but one part of a glorious master race, all heading towards our ultimate godhood!

As we advanced, the sound of other Hunt teams grew quieter, and the disquieting sound of pattering, chittering, and snarling grew louder, until we realized that we were surrounded by a veritable tide of living beings. We stand now atop a bridge between shelves storing cargo crates, raised above the ground level, watching an endless flow of insectoid beings pass below us, armed mostly with talons, but a few holding fleshy guns. Above them, and just below us, winged versions of the same fly, while an occasional titanic monstrosity walks among them. They are all heading back the way we came… back towards the path leading to Hell Pit.

The sea of flesh began to thin slightly, and we found ourselves face to face with three terrible foes, each surrounded by a small group of three warriors: an enormous, heavily-armoured beetle, a large snail with tentacles, and a monstrous warrior that towered over its escort, two enormous scything talons above its head; what we have been told is known as a carnifex.

Choices: The sea of Tyranids around you has thinned, but if you do not capture or incapacitate your foes quickly enough, it may return. There are three foes around you, each one surrounded by a handful of grunts. They are each moving forward, but far enough away from each other than if you act quickly, you should not draw the attention of the others. You can also easily catch up to the swarming sea ahead if you wish to hunt for other prey…

Loot Get
(to be added en masse after tithes and division at Hunt end)
-3 boltguns
-3 plasma rifles
-2 chainswords
-2 powerswords
-8 bags of mysterious powder
-1 set of power armour

Team Stairs, by Coach Vosnaardiskikk
Reporting isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, you know. After spending many years training Blood Bowl players, it was quite a change – and demotion – to be reduced to a Sevritor and a mere reporter. But, Hunts like these all make the job worthwhile, and almost make it seem like I’m back on the pitch.

And now, I follow an intrepid pair of Moulders descending a staircase from the Cargo Hold: Sinclaw Darklurker and Kretchitt the Corpulent. Kretchitt brings with him beasts Desolas, the crab Tamatoa, and Mangler, along with a hefty length of chain for capturing beasts alongside his apprentice Fleabag. Sinclaw brings with him a small arsenal of weapons, and the beasts Pumpkin and Beartooth. A small force, but one that can move swiftly and adapt well.

At the bottom of the staircase, we find ourselves in a long corridor. The corpses of man-things litter the dimly-lit floor, and on them feast a small army of flesh-eating maggots. They pay us little heed as we make our way forward.

More worrisome was the sound of gunfire and the rending of flesh ahead. There is a room ahead, I am sure; a literal light at the end of the steel tunnel. The air smells of smoke. A sound of twisted metal sounded from behind us, and one of the walls of the corridor caved in, the metal melting. Something stepped through the gap in the wall, hunched over. It stands tall, on two legs, and looks heavily armoured. It resembles a lizard crossed with a bug, and its body seems to be able to open, revealing a second mouth in its chest. Behind it, a disembodied head floats in, and a small grunt with a rifle, dropping a steaming liquid stands between the larger beast’s legs.

The brave Moulders face these three foes, and nearly miss those that approach from the other side; a veritable wall of flesh-eating maggots is growing, separating us from the room that sounds with battle. What they we do?

Choices: In a narrow corridor that only allows for two beasts to stand side by side, behind them is a large predator, a floating head behind it, and a small beast with an acid-gun in front. In front of them is a wall of at least twenty large, flesh-eating, hungry maggots the size of a Skaven’s arm. Who attacks what, with what means, and what beasts will be preserved or merely mortally injured?

The Tasks Before You All
By the end of Turn 26’s Orders Phase, please submit your first set of Hunt Orders as a PM to Events (clearly labeled with the Turn Number in the title), detailing how you will handle the situations presented to your strikeforce. Use any format you want, but if you can’t come up with one, here is a rough template you can submit to Events:

Charatter and Beast Strategies:
Follower and Minion Strategy:
Reactions to Unexpected Events:

Leaders, also by the end of the Orders phase, distribute your five points in your Orders PM between striketeams.

You all might also find this page helpful. ;)
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