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Special Hunt Edition II

The Hunt continues on, with the Moulder Monthly's agents still live on the scene! Subscribe and follow the heroic actions of Mutae's glorious servants!

Ventariis’ Trackers
by Dorevik the Deranged

In the egg chamber, Ventariis' Trackers' Moulder representatives, Franck and Lacunae, find themselves face-to-face with dreaded foes on all sides, and no back-up! Immediately, Grogg Thundersmith, Franck's ally, hammered something on his anvil, and the Tyranidical foe all around us shrieked in confusion! All chaos quickly broke loose then, as Franck and Lacunae's elven and dwarfen armies, working in disturbing unison launched attacks on their foes! Lacunae's forces made straight for the floating, now-confused head! Lacunae secures the beast, as well as the egg!

Lacunae's beasts make quick work of the guardian gaunts, and pin down and cover the withered beast with a net, quickly incapacitating it. Lacunae's underlings ready their bows, and take fire at the winged beasts above, managing to take them all down... but at some cost! The beasts' organic cannons take down four loyal elves, and they die shrieking as they are consumed by swarms of beetles from their foes' guns, and acid from their mouths. One of the flying beasts falls down alive, and Lacunae's elves also secure it with nets. Up above, however, the serpentine Tyranid continues to sit and wait, out of reach.

Franck's forces, meanwhile, launched a full assault on the Tervigon! Franck's mobile artilleraphant unleashed the fury of Mutae on the beast, and the giant Domovoi joins in the assault, quickly damaging the beast quite heavily. They managed to kill the lesser beasts inside the Tervigon, but the Tervigon itself lives on, clinging to life and hissing and roaring its fury... but not able to move very far. Hunterdwarfs quickly net and secure the heavily-injured Tervigon.

Franck's other forces, meanwhile, focused on the four heavily armoured Guardian Tyranids, and the other serpentine beast. The serpent shoots forward, heading directly for the dwarfen forces. Xa'kotalot steps forward, axes spinning and makes short work of the ravenous serpent. However, the dwarfen cannons appear to have little affect on the heavily armoured Tyranids... they hardly seem phased at all by the weapons of the dwarfs. They return fire with their own guns, shooting huge shards of bones at the dwarfs... three dwarfs fall quickly to the fire, and Runbeinnir is hit by several of the shards, trumpeting its pain!

The ravenous serpent on the ceiling chooses this moment to drop down on Lacunae, forcing the elf to narrow dodge out of the way, and causing her to sic her beasts on it! A fierce melee ensues, with the Chariot being heavily damaged... but the serpent is down, dead.

Other foes incapacitated, the elves turn to the four huge Tyranids with their guns. The elves secure their organic loot and move to join their dwarfen comrades, and another elf is wounded by the boneshot! The four of them back up, so they are even further away... a full frontal assault on them would be foolish, at least not without some sort of armoured vehicle...

Choices: Four fearsome Hive Guards remain... with cannons capable of, quite possibly taking out Franck's elephant. While the other Tyranids became easy prey following Grogg's actions, these four are a serious threat, and while a full charge would likely assure victory... it would come at great cost. Four elves and three armoured dwarfs have fallen, and the Chariot and Runbeinnir are heavily damaged. The Tervigon is (barely) alive, but incapacitated, behind the elves and dwarfs. There are eggs scattered everywhere. The Tyranids look ready to fire...

Loot Get
(to be added en masse after tithes and division at Hunt end)
-1 Zoanthrope
-1 Gargoyle
-1 Tervigon

Starhunter Alliance, Strikeforce Alpha
by Vasqual the Stunted

What a drastic change in situation! I live on! Victor talked to the face on the strange farsqueaker, claiming that Victor was a human, and an Inquisitor - hopefully he won't get flak back home for that little fib - which appeared to please the face on the screen. Meanwhile, all of those loyal to Mutae in the room - my sweet self included - leapt onto rubberized floor, and Sir Bacon through chain into the sparking machinery... and lit up the room like a thunderstorm! My fur is singed and standing on end, but my what a show! Three invisible beasts made themselves visible, one of them collapsing to the floor and shuddering until it is still. Another seems unable to move, and a small contingent of Tirr's WMD incapacitated it quickly.

The last foe, however, regained its invisibility, but Tirr's beast Apophis was able to sense it and drag it down from the ceiling, sinking poisonous fangs into it until it could no longer fight back. It seems as if we got the drop on the ambushers this time!

But an approaching horde still... well, approached, and Tirr's WMDs could only hold them off for so long! Ten of them fell to the maggots preceding the swarm before the door to the bridge proper burst open and, barely noticing us, five heavily-armoured beings - or were they automatons? - carrying huge pistols and glowing swords, charged across the room, pushing past the WMD - killing another poor soul in the process - and beginning to decimate the oncoming Tyranid horde! Victor, Bacon, and Tirr all held back, only intervening when it looked like one of the five was in danger, until the threat was eliminated, all of the enemies dead.

The five of them turned back to the group. Three were armed only with huge guns, while a fourth had a gun alongside a huge, glowing sword. A fifth was smaller than the others, but his armour moved in strange ways, and was covered in all sorts of strange gadgets and trinkets. He had stayed in the back of the fight, occasionally shooting beams from his armour, but otherwise remaining oddly inactive.

The one with two weapons seemed to be in charge, and he thanked us all for our help… well, he thanked Victor, though questioned his alliance with “xenos.” He then said that he would take back the ship with our help, and turned and began to walk away down the hall. But before he did, he told his associated to kill our two captive beasts, wasting potential parts of Mutae!

Two men moved to carry out the deed, guns held high, while the other gunner followed the leader. The strange one watched us, looking briefly towards the room he had come from… and from where something glinted.

Choices: The fearsome Space Marines have nearly single-handedly eliminated the horde facing you! They have asked – nay, demanded – Victor the Inquisitor’s help in clearing the rest of the ship, and also will kill your two lictors. Do you go with them? Do you negotiate a new arrangement? Or do you fight?

Loot Get
(to be added en masse after tithes and division at Hunt end)
-2 Lictors
-5 pieces Bridge Machinery
-2 pieces of broken power armour
-2 broken chainswords
-1 broken powersword
-4 broken bolters

The League of Explorers
Team Engine by Wortik the Wretched
How brave are the servants of Mutae! Tekris and Guldan wasted no time in leaping into battle, driving their beasts and allies before them to assault the two horned and armoured figures, doubtless servants of Chaos!

Guldan’s beast Morax cleaves one in two using its warp-blades, and it topples to the ground, dropping its weapon and not moving. Guldan’s beast then moved to help Tekris, whose beasts struggle to affect the warrior, despite Tekris waving the sandwich suggestively in front of its face.

The Marine shoots Hisskern, causing the beast to collapse, still alive, but struggling to do more than breathe. Morax moved to take care of the second warrior, but he steps back into the bloody battlefield, beckoning them to follow.

The gate to the flaming land with the glowing eye dances, and then the eyes speaks to us! It said “Come, step into my domain… and let me heal your wounded.”

And after we blinked, suddenly all of Guldan’s and Tekris’ beasts were on the ground, bleeding heavily and scarred! Morax struggles to his feet, and Tekris quickly applies Skalm to Hisskern, getting the beast on its feet again. The Chaos Marine strides back towards them, raising a pistol. Behind him, a pair of red daemons seem to have noticed us, and follow him towards us, wielding flaming swords!

And the eye once more repeats its offer behind us...

..and unbelievably, Tekris and Guldan dragged their entourages through the door and into the flames! Not about to be left behind, I followed…

…and found myself standing alongside a fully-healed retinue of beasts, standing before a throne, on which sat a sight I remember from Ikkilit’s attack… a Lord of Change!

“You defeated my brother Tzaar once,” it croaked. “And for that we thank you. But now, you have a most unusual task before you…” It chuckled. Space appeared between us and the throne, alongside a single daemon, resembling an enormous Skaven with four horns, hooves, and a large glaive made of pure Warpstone.

“You serve the Skaven race of Hell Pit, yet you have cast aside your god. Prove your devotion to Mutae, and kill your former god’s harbinger… oh, I suppose we should not heave the Dawi-Zharr out, no?” A flaming bull then appeared beside the Lord of Vermin.

“Kill your gods, and your Mutae shall have a body like no other god…”

Choices: The Lord of Change sits on a throne, and between you and him are a Verminlord and some manifestation of Hashut. You are all at full strength… what do you do? Yes, you guys got the acid trip plot. :P It’s what you get for walking into a warp drive. :P

Loot Get!
-Broken Chaos Marine Power Armour
-Chaos Bolter

Team Corridor, by Zargritch Junior
Wow, howdy howdy howdy! What a show this has been! Savannah and Gragg are really giving it their all down here, pulling through when it looked like hope was lost! Immediately upon seeing our foe, Savannah, atop Mule, took on the small fodder, shredding them with her hyper-ratling gun, while Gragg sent his beasts after the two cannon-laden ones!

As Gragg’s beasts charged forward, flames spewed from the cannons on the backs of the beasts, Ed and Fred took care of one quickly, sustaining severe burns in the process. The other beast was weakened by another burst of fire from Savannah, and Gragg’s other beasts managed to capture it and quickly incapacitate it!

Something else then moved out of the swarm… it floated above the steel floor, its countless long tentacles reaching out ahead of it, dripping with all forms of liquid…

…and then something nearly knocked Savannah off of Mule, and badly slashed the Rusher’s flank. Savannah looked around wildly for her foe, but found nothing there….

Choices: A huge, floating beast with numerous tentacles floats towards you, and something invisible is behind you, cutting you off from escape!

Loot Get:
-1 Pyrovore
-2 Gaunts

Team Below, by Ikkaku Madarame
In a strange twist, the Moulder-hunters did not fight. Shifty grinned at the sight of them, and turned his attention to Mutae, blasphemously bowing to her. This “Mutae” grinned and plopped down to the floor. “Mutae rewards loyalty handsomely… follow your god.” She then loped off into the distance. Hesitantly, Tex’Hallik and Shifty followed, and I as well.

We then found ourselves in a room full of cryostasis chambers! “Take these with you, as gestures of Mutae’s benevolence!” Mutae’s companions stood silently at the far end of the room. “But first, you must prove your worth.” Mutae pointed ahead, and Tex’Hallik noticed, standing there across the room, was an Orck – but an Ork that looked half-machine, complete with a giant mechanical claw and a cannon of some sort.

It looked up and met Tex’s eyes. Shifty stepped back. “All yours,” the goblin said. He nodded to Mutae. “Watch him. He’s good.”

Mutae hissed. “Kill the green foe, and more rewards will follow!” The Ork charged.

Choices: How do you defend yourself? How do you counterattack?

Loot Get:
-2 Full Cryostasis Pods

Bloodhunters United
Team Cargo Hold, by Kraven Reektail

There are no words to describe the glory of Hell Pit’s Moulders! In a stunning display, Sho-Yin and Neesha managed to capture a Carnifex! It all happened so quickly, but Sho-Yin’s beasts showed their mettle! Nightmare and Shinjitch quickly incapacitated the warriors, while the fearsome plantlion Pride went straight for the Carnifex! A fierce melee ensued, and Pride was all but ripped to shreds… but then Neesha’s reinforcements came in, alongside Shinjitch and Nightmare, and the Carnifex quickly fell, limbs bound, and unfortunately some severed.

Neesha also managed to capture a few of the flying and swarming beasties, using Chara and Copac Viu to distract, hypnotize, and then capture them!

Unfortunately, things never let up for servants of Mutae, and the enormous shelled snail-like beast has turned its attention onto us… alongside its escort, which has now been joined by at least a dozen enormous maggots with razor-sharp teeth…

Choices: Carnifex down, but snail-beast, three warriors, and twelve large biting maggots have their beady little eyes on you! How do you take them down?

Loot Get
(to be added en masse after tithes and division at Hunt end)
-1 Carnifex
-2 Gargoyles
-1 Genestealer
-2 Gaunts
-3 boltguns
-3 plasma rifles
-2 chainswords
-2 powerswords
-8 bags of mysterious powder
-1 set of power armour

Team Stairs, by Coach Vosnaardiskikk
Ratling guns are, perhaps, the greatest invention of Skavenkind. Sinclaw used his to great effect, thinning the wall of maggots behind them, while the other attacked the beasts in front. The floating head stayed in the back, and then emitted a piercing shriek that nearly made me lose consciousness… it was a scream coming, impossibly, from inside my head, and rendered my brain into jelly. The other felt it too, and the chest-mawed beast sprang forward, ripping into and several injuring Pumpkin before Kretchitt’s beasts distracted it. Desolas quickly also suffered critical injuries, as the psychic scream became too much…

…and so, in true Skaven fashion, Sinclaw, shouted “Hadouken!” and blasted a huge fireball through the maggot swarm, scooping some up as he went, and fleeing the Tyranids. Kretchitt followed… as did the other three Tyranids, the one with the acid gun firing into the fleeing Skaven, but missing.

We all run down the corridor, predators hot on our tails, and take a turn into a room…. In which six large Tyranids, armed with large cannons, are engaged in battle with a dozen well-armoured humans! If we step forward any more, we’ll be caught in the crossfire… but behind us, the trio fast approaches, and we had little luck the last time…

Choices: The same three beasts follow you into an open room, in which a dozen space marines are engaged in fierce combat with six large Tyranids. What now?

Loot Get
-6 Rippers

The Tasks Before You All
Sorry for the abruptness of the descriptions, but I’m bone-tired. :P So, by the end of Turn 27’s Orders Phase, please submit your second set of Hunt Orders as a PM to Events (clearly labeled with the Turn Number in the title), detailing how you will handle the situations presented to your strikeforce. Use any format you want, but if you can’t come up with one, here is a rough template you can submit to Events:

Charatter and Beast Strategies:
Follower and Minion Strategy:
Reactions to Unexpected Events:

Leaders, also by the end of the Orders phase, distribute your five points in your Orders PM between striketeams. Good luck!

And again, you all might still find this page helpful. ;)
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