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Special Hunt Edition IV

The Hunt continues on, with the Moulder Monthly's agents still live on the scene! Subscribe and follow the heroic actions of Mutae's glorious servants!

Ventariis’ Trackers
by Apprentice Reporter Hidan Kakuzu

Terrible news and treachery! Korr and Dorevik are dead! I, apprentice reporter Hidan Kakuzu, was accompanying Korr Ventariis alongside my mentor, when my eagle-eyed eyes spotted a most terrible thing! Lacunae the elf, doubtless getting vengeance on Dorevik’s heart-felt words printed in the Monthly some weeks ago, did something to him that caused the esteemed Dorevik the Deranged to vanish into a void of inky blackness!

Lacunae and Franck’s forces, most welcomed when they first arrived in the chaotic mess of the hive chamber, are now being met with suspicion by Korr Ventariis and Morvaneth. As the two of them fought their way to the center of the room, where the leaders of the Hunter Caste direct the assault on the leaders of the Tyranid Hive.

They reached us quickly, and Korr and Morvaneth added them to the fight. Franck commanded Grogg Thundersmith, under his command and riding his elephant, to hammer what he called a “Rune of Psylence.” Moments later, everything changed, as the swarms of lowly Tyranids went berserk, killing each other as often as our Hunters! Our Hunters withdrew, and the Tyranids fell on each other, grunt killing Guard and Guard killing grunt. The floating “Zoanthrope” heads all fell down to the ground, where our Hunters swooped in and captured them with ease.

Most of the battle was over quickly, and reports via mini-farsqueaker indicate that at that moment, the tide began to turn elsewhere, as many Tyranid beastly foes turned on each other! The exceptions seemed to be the Tyranid-man-thing hybrids, which only faltered for a few moments when the Rune was struck.

But in the heat of celebration, we failed to notice that one beast had not fallen. The fearsome Ceberat’s heads flew through the air, landing all around us, as the Hive Tyrant’s whip carved it into chunks. The thing moved with an almost impossible speed, cutting down our Hunters and their beasts amid screams of horrible pain and fear.

It headed directly for Grogg Thundersmith and its rune; it is much more intelligent than the others, it seems… but that says little. As it approached, Hunters let loose a barrage of missile fire, but the thing nimbly dodged them all. Cannonfire assailed it, but it hardly noticed, and soon it was almost on top of us! I confess that the musk of fear almost left me, and Lacunae uttered her false prayers to Mutae; then black smoke briefly flashed before the Tyrant, thrown by an elf I think, and it stumbled! It looked dazed for several moments, and we wasted no time in attacking the beast!

And then, I witnessed it; Lacunae rushed over to where Dorevik was, and as everyone was focused on the beast, shoved something down his throat, then fled… and Dorevik, as well as the retinue of Hunters standing nearby, watching the Hive Tyrant like us, all were sucked into a black, swirling void right before my eyes! I called this to Korr and Morvaneth’s attention, that it seemed we have a traitor in our midst…

…just as another squadron of Elves and Living Trees, members of Lacunae’s Twilight Guardians no doubt, showed up on the battlefield. Korr’s face twisted with fury, and time froze.

…and then the unthinkable happened again. Twice. The Hive Tyrant spoke, using slow Queekish. “Fools. The Hivemind. Has. No. Nightmares. It. Is. Nightmare.”

And then there were two Hive Tyrants, standing one right next to the other, as the black smoke around it took solid form. A whip lashed out then…

…and Korr Ventariis’ head flew from his body, just as the teams from the Bloodhunters United arrived, standing next to Lacunae’s Twilight Guardians. Korr’s head landed on the floor and his body crumpled, and just like the Tyranids fell to fighting among themselves, so did Hell Pit.

Korr’s loyal Hunters, confused by Lacunae’s actions, rightfully concluded that Lacunae had doubled the Tyrants, and began to assault Lacunae’s Twilight Guardians! Morvaneth tried to stop the attacks, but a Skaven and one of Korr’s right hands, Malkior the Silent, silenced her quickly, hissing in her ear that she was just as bad as Lacunae. The Hive Tyrants Began to lay waste to the infighting Hunters, all sense of unity and cohesion broken. One menaced the Hunters around where Franck, Morvaneth’s unconscious body, Malkior the Silent (who seems to have assumed control), while the other, breathing out faint clouds of black smoke, charged Lacunae’s reinforcements and the Bloodhunters standing at the entrance. Malkior, name aside, shouted at Lacunae’s elves to charge the Hive Tyrant, and gave the command to the Bloodhunters to not trust Lacunae’s reinforcements, for they might be traitors!

The Hivemind menacing Grogg’s forces spat something at Grogg, and causing his body to steam and his rune to melt. He shrieked in pain, but fortunately there were no other Tyranids left to reawaken, as those elsewhere on the ship began to do.

Choices: Well, that went well. Two Hive Tyrants face you now, uninjured, and doing lots of damage. One faces the Bloodhunters and elven and tree reinforcements, and the other faces down the shattered remnants of the Hunters, led by Malkior, alongside Franck and Lacunae’s forces.

Loot Get
(to be added en masse after tithes and division at Hunt end)
-4 Zoanthropes
-1 Gargoyle
-1 Tervigon
-Collection of Tryanid Eggs
-Tyranid Grand Egg
-3 Badly Injured Hiveguard
-2 Injured Tyrant Guards
-3 Impaler Cannons
-2 Shockcannon

-4 elves
-8 armoured dwarfs
-All slayers

-Chariot Moderately Injured
-Runbeinnir Moderately Injured
-Iggy Heavily Damaged & Sluggish
-Caerul Badly Damaged

Starhunter Alliance, Strikeforce Alpha
by Vasqual the Stunted

The brave heroes of Hell Pit’s Starhunter Alliance wasted no time at all in leaping into the fray, following the lead of the deranged Space Marine leader! Half of Tirr’’s WMDs, temporarily directed by Victor, charge into the fray, and immediately meet the grunt, “normal” Tyranid hybrids in combat; mostly the Skaven and greenskin units, it looks like, while the humanoid unit hangs back and the beast-things drop back to investigate whatever has been following us. The other two heavily-armoured Tyranid Marines are immediately engaged by an assortment of beasts; Victor directed Edmund MKI and Sir Bacon’s Tuber Squigbeasts, tied together with a length of chain, against one, while Victor’s Packmaster Kharakov leads Edmund MKII against the other, joined by Tirr leading his beasts Apophis and Proto-Alpha.

Victor hangs back briefly and speaks to the strange human, asking if he knows what follows. He smiled and nodded. Suspicious but needing to jump into battle, Victor returned the nod and followed behind his beasts, being the very model of a Moulder and an Inquisira- man!

Tirr and Kharakov quickly overwhelmed one of the marines, and then went to aid Victor and Sir Bacon and their beasts in overpowering the second. The second Marine fell, but only after quite a fight, and handy chain-tripping and tying work done by Bacon’s Tubers.

The struggle against the normal Tyranid hybrids did not go as well as we would have liked. The Skaven seem to have run as the fighting got hard, and the greenskins suffered heavy casualties as well. The humans rushed in to aid the others, and eventually put down the last of the hybrids at great cost…

…only to find that the other Tyranid Marine, the biggest one, had slain our normal Marine ally and has turned his attention to our beasts! He moved like lightning, quickly incapacitating Proto-Alpha and both Edmunds, and giving Apophis a nasty scar, his strange boney flesh-gun functioning as both a gun and a blade. His helmet had been torn off, revealing an almost draconian face, with a trio of long, whip-like barbed tongues and massive fangs.

Everyone drew back as he carved a path through the WMDers… and then our weird marine ally stepped forward, laughing. He cursed at the hybrid, and clapped his hands. A small force of half a dozen cyborg humans lurch forward, lock their eyes on the Tyranid Marine, and charge forward. The weird Marine watches for a moment, then turns to Sir Bacon, busy experimenting in the back with the looted materials.

“Filthy xenos!” the man hisses, pointing at the items Sir Bacon is using. A massive surge of lightning shoots out from the materials, burning Sir Bacon rather badly and filling the air with the scent of bacon! The two suits of broken power armour we have been dragging behind us suddenly stand up on their own. Sir Bacon flees to be with the others, while our ally directs the two suits to attack our brave Moulders!

And then, to make matters worse… a strange man appears around the corner calling for a “Tyranos,” followed by a small group of Moulders in another nearby doorway – Tex’Hallik, Tekris, and Guldan – and a motley collection of characters, including a sniper, chaos marine, some sort of tech-wizard with drones, and a terrifying Tyranid-human woman screaming that she is Mutae! The false Mutae shrieks that the man next to her is, in fact, someone called “Viktor” – causing our Victor to look up – and that the big hybrid Marine is someone named “Tyranos” – and commands our Moulders and her followers to kill them both! Immediately, her non-Moulder followers rush to engage Tyranos, shooting at him from afar as he holds off the strange cyborg-humans… and the Moulders don’t look like they know what to do…

Choices: Quite chaotic! One Tyranid-Marine – Tyranos – is incredibly strong, and maimed several beasts and is now fighting six cyborgs commanded by the weird Marine ex-ally… who is also directing two reanimated suits of broken power armour and having them attack your beasts! Meanwhile, Tex, Tekris, Guldan and the gang, led by the false Mutae, have shown up, and Mutae’s followers are also trying to kill Tyranos. And there is another human there trying to get Tyranos’ attention for some reason…

Also, this means that the Explorers’ Team Engine and Team Below have joined you in this room!

Loot Get
(to be added en masse after tithes and division at Hunt end)
-1 Maimed Lictor
-1 Lictor Corpse
-1 vat Full of Lictor Organs (in Sod’s possession)
-1 Genestealer
-1 Hormagaunt
-1 Spinegaunt
-1 Termagaunt
-1 Skyslasher
-1 Gargoyle
-1 Ripper
-5 pieces Bridge Machinery
-2 pieces of broken power armour
-2 broken chainswords
-1 broken powersword
-4 broken bolters
-2 Tyranid Marines
-4 Tyranid-human Hybrids

-Both Edmunds are badly injured
-Proto-Alpha is badly injured
-Apophis is lightly injured
-Sigmund is incapacitated
-Forty Skaven dead (Unit 1)
-3 Orcs dead, 15 goblins dead, and 12 snotlings dead (Unit 2)
-2 Chaos Dwarfs, 12 Gors, 2 Centigors, 1 Ogre (Unit 3)
-8 Humans dead, 2 elves, and 1 dwarf (Unit 4)

The League of Explorers
Team Corridor, by Zargritch Junior
The man with the mutants in stasis behind him engaged in a brief talk with Gragg’Dvorak and Savannah. Gragg’Dvorak was quick to accept the man’s offer, while Savannah held her ground – despite Gragg’Dvorak’s death glares – and demanded something of her own. Eventually, the man relented, and patched up Mule as “a sign of our future working relationship” – before giving Savannah and Gragg each a strange gun made of bone that he called “Infectonators,” though he was vague about what they actually accomplished.

Satisfied, they turned to look at the map, only to find that the device displaying it had failed. Grumbling, the man shooed the Moulders out of the room and locked the door behind him, and led them near the fighting itself. After a brief discussion, it was decided that the man would be the bait for a trap that they were going to set…

…and so, while Gragg’Dvorak’s beasts set up webbing and an ambush around the corner or a corridor (while Savannah trained Mule’s guns on the spot where the prey would be immobilized), their strange benefactor walked around the corner, while Gragg’Dvorak and Savannah waited for their prey…

Choices: Keep waiting with your trap, or, given that you can hear the utter chaos going on in the room, abandon the trap and leap into the fray? :P

Loot Get:
-1 Pyrovore
-2 Hormagaunts
-1 Genestealer
-2 Rippers
-1 Tyranid Warrior
-1 Badly Wounded Lictor
-1 Wounded Venomthrope
-2 Infectonators (1 each)

-Ed and Fred are dying

Team Below & Team Engine, by Ikkaku Madarame & Wortik the Wretched

Action and flight!

In the face of the mounting chaos and hostility, it looks like Shifty Goldgrabb and his entourage have lived up to Shifty’s name, and have fled the scene, after managing to make off with a few more cryostasis pods! The rat-bastard; or rather, the greenskin bastard!

While Shifty fled the scene, Tex’Hallik stepped forward, casting an enormous fireball at the Ork Mek as it lunged towards Guldan and Karl. This time, the fireball took, and the Ork’s green skin began to burn, slowing his charge and causing him to turn back towards the Saureans. This gave Guldan’s fierce beast Lizardon an opening, and it slammed into the Mek from the side and bowled him over.

Karl and Guldan’s other beasts quickly immobilized the Ork Mek – and by immobilized, I of course mean killed – while Guldan and Tekris, soon joined by Tex’Hallik, immediately tried to defuse the situation with the false “Mutae.” Tekris called them friends, while Gribble called them Gribs. The group talked for several tense moments, and it became apparent that they all had different ideas about how to negotiate a ceasefire: Tekris addressed Mutae directly, while Guldan ignored the deranged man-thing and instead talked to the sniper. The two-pronged negotiation strategy ended up working – alongside Tekris’ offer to Mutae of a sandwich – and the false “Mutae” explained to us that she was the “god” of this hulk, and that she commanded the Tyranid-human hybrids on board the ship… or at least she had, until two men named “Tyranos” and “Viktor” seized power from her and began squabbling over control of her “genestealer cult.” The cult was in the midst of civil war when glorious Hell Pit intervened, and we had the misfortune to run into Mutae and her only loyal followers.

In order to not waste time and acquire more beasts, the Moulders agreed to help Mutae reclaim control of her cult, in exchange for their lives. She said she knew the way to where Tyranos was waiting, and after letting us loot the room, led us all there, scuttling along endless corridors.

We all eventually arrived in front of a large door, where we found a fierce melee going on between heavily-armoured Tyranid hybrids Mutae called “Tyranos’ Lackies,” and our own Moulders Victor, Tirr, and Sir Bacon (not to mention some hulking “Space Marine” who seemed to be working for them)!

And then, by our side, appeared a strange, flimsy-looking man, that the false “Mutae” said was Viktor! She ordered hew new “followers” – as if loyal Hell Pit Moulders would follow a false god! – to kill Viktor and Tyranos, though Gragg’Dvorak and Savannah look like they won’t give Viktor up without a fight…

Choices: Do you aid in the battle against Tyranos? Do you go after Viktor? Something else? You are now part of the same battle as the Starhunter Alliance, though your leaders still distribute points as normal.

Loot Get:
-2 Full Cryostasis Pods (for Wolfwerty33)
-Broken Chaos Marine Power Armour (for Guldan & Ratty Gnawtail)
-Chaos Bolter (for Guldan & Ratty Gnawtail)
-Doom Glaive (for Guldan & Ratty Gnawtail)
-Horn of Hashut (for Guldan & Ratty Gnawtail)
-Primordial Flesh (for Guldan & Ratty Gnawtail)
-4 Full Cryostasis pods
-2 High-Tech Operating Tables
-1 set of High-Tech Operating Tools
-3 vials of “Hormonal Depressant”

-Peggy the Rat is badly injured
-Brrx is mildly injured
-Snorri is very badly injured
-Morax is badly injured
-Karl is very badly injured
-Extensive WMD Causalties

Bloodhunters United
Team Cargo Hold, by Kraven Reektail

With a break in the fighting, Neesha and Sho-Yin patch up their beasts while Pride sets himself to attacking the Tyranid snail-thing. The plantlion makes no attempt to break open the shell, and instead goes right for the tiny opening that it retreated into, keeping it sealed up and inside – with Copac Viu whacking it hard whenever it tries to snake its way out - while Neesha’s forces bind and wrap up the snail, Sho-Yin drawing Pride back in time for Neesha’s hunters to seal up the shell entirely, bringing the beast entirely under their control. No need to fight the beast when one can capture it and break it later! What clever Moulders! Neesha and Sho-Yin have certainly brought in an impressive haul!

While they secure the snaily beast, Neesha sends Chara to scout a way out of the thinning swarm… but a messenger reaches them first, from Korr Ventariis himself, ordering the pair of them to immediately report to the “Hive-Chamber.” Brief instructions are included with the message, and we all set out after a final first-aid check.

We arrived to a scene of utter chaos.

Choices: See Ventariis’ Elite Trackers’ Fight. You will now be part of this group for the update, though points are still distributed by your leader as normal.

Loot Get
-1 Carnifex
-1 Nautiloid
-2 Gargoyles
-1 Genestealer
-2 Gaunts
-3 Rippers
-1 Injured Tyranid Warrior
-1 Deathspitter
-3 boltguns
-3 plasma rifles
-2 chainswords
-2 powerswords
-8 bags of mysterious powder
-1 set of power armour

-Nightmare is Lightly Injured

Team Stairs, by Coach Vosnaardiskikk

Facing three fearsome foes, our brave heroes waste no time in charging forward! Kretchitt spends a moment healing Tamatoa, and then himself picks up a fallen weapon from one of the Marines, and opens fire on the Tyranid Marine’s exposed head! The bolter’s projectile breaks open the Marine’s jaw, and Desolas and Mangler’s vomiting attacks quickly melt and destroy the marine’s newly-formed head. The Tyranid marine collapses as Sinclaw’s forces rush behind him and begin engaging in combat with the other two creatures: the small four-armed beast I think is called a “Genestealer,” and the other one, which looks like a larger version of the Genestealer with one pair of claws replaces by scything talons.

Beartooth attacks the Genestealer, which claws and bites at the beast relentlessly… causing strange growths to appear on the beast, including what look like Tyranid claws and… an extra bug-like head? Sinclaw himself leaps into the fray then, and dispatches the Genestealer neatly, incapacitating it with a series of shots and a neatly-timed net.

But while their attention was diverted, the large beast has leapt forward, over Sinclaw’s beasts, claws nearly slashing through Desolas, who collapses. Kretchitt rushes to his beasts side while Mangler, Tamatoa, and Sinclaw’s beasts all mob the beast, who fights with a strange intelligence – and nasty slashes – and does extensive damage to Mangler and Pumpkin before going down himself, restrained and incapitated.

As the Moulders tend to their beasts, a messenger arrives from one of the other Hunter groups, looking harried. He delivers a message to the group, telling them to meet Korr’s main group at the “Hive Chamber.” Rudimentary instructions are included, and the pair of them make their way to the Hive… and find their fellow guildmates, as well as bloody carnage and mayhem, awaiting them.

Choices: See Ventariis’ Elite Trackers’ Fight. You will now be part of this group for the update, though points are still distributed by your leader as normal.

Loot Get
-6 Rippers
-1 Half-dead Neurothrope
-1 Acid Biogun
-1 Dimachaeron
-2 Fully Intact Sets of Power Armour
-2 Bolters
-1 Chainsword
-1 Broken Set of Power Armour
-1 Genestealer
-1 Broodlord

-Pumpkin is Moderately Injured
-Beartooth is Moderately injured and Mutating into Tyranid form!
-Desolas is Moderately Injured
-Mangler is moderately injured

The Tasks Before You All
As a heads-up, there will likely be two more Hunt rounds, barring any unforeseen player actions: the next round will be a full normal round, while the last will be a winding-down round that has less to do with acquiring loot and more to do with you all ultimately determining how the Hulk Hunt ends up affecting Hell Pit… so keep that in mind in your orders. :)

By the end of Turn 29’s Orders Phase, please submit your third set of Hunt Orders as a PM to Events (clearly labeled with the Turn Number in the title), detailing how you will handle the situations presented to your strikeforce. Use any format you want, but if you can’t come up with one, here is a rough template you can submit to Events:

Charatter and Beast Strategies:
Follower and Minion Strategy:
Reactions to Unexpected Events:

Leaders, also by the end of the Orders phase, distribute your five points in your Orders PM between striketeams. Good luck!

And you all still might find this page helpful. ;)
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Packlords: Glod-Unbaraki, Morkskittar, Chieftain Quickitt
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