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Special Hunt Edition IV

The Hunt continues on, with the Moulder Monthly's agents still live on the scene! Subscribe and follow the heroic actions of Mutae's glorious servants!

Battling the Tyrant
Featuring Lacunae, Franck, Sinclaw, Kretchitt, Neesha, and Sho-Yin

After the horrifying events of my last report, the only direction left to go was up! Now facing two of the terrible Hive Tyrants, our brave collection of Hunters, combined with the questionable collection of elves under Lacunae’s command and our new reinforcements, immediately leapt in to action!

As Malkior gathered the troops – with mixed success – the dwarf Franck leapt upon his mighty dragon Caerul, and spoke the following words: “Blasted elves and their fickleness! We cannot waste time on them! Let them prove their loyalty now by leading the charge, and face our judgement later! Now, we must unite as one force! For today we either fight together, or die together! Me and my dwarves are prepared to sacrifice everything for the glory of Mutae!"

"Are you with me?!”

His words had great effect, and the Hunters rallied around Caerul – earning Franck a withering look from Malkior, and leapt into action! Doubtless goaded on by Franck’s words, Lacunae did something that resulted in massive, root-like tendrils erupting from the ground, stopping one of the Tyrants in its tracks. The remaining Hunters all surrounded the beast, and Franck commanded Grogg to strike a “Rune of Destruction.” Grogg obeyed, and lightning tore apart the air, striking the Tyrant’s head repeatedly. Combined with a cannon barrage, this rendered the Tyrant vulnerable to Caerul’s swooping attack, allowing Hunters to charge straight in. The Tyrant’s whip tore through many Hunters, but in the end, Caerul’s barrage and Lacunae’s immobilization, combined with the quick work of Malkior’s Hunters, mutilated and incapacitated the Tyrant, which Malkior has claimed for the HellCouncil.

At the other end of the chamber, Sinclaw Darklurker ordered his beasts to tire at the second Tyrant’s legs from afar. His shots were remarkably effective, topping the creature over, creating an opening for Sho-Yin’s assassin, Shinjich to rush in. The Tyrant’s sentient whip lashes out, but Shinjich manages to dodge it, and slices up the whip, and removes two of the Tyrant’s arms. While Neesha hangs back and heals hers and Sho-Yin’s beasts, Kretchitt stitches Desolas back together and takes to the skies with it, harassing the downed Tyrant from the skies. Lacunae’s elven reinforcements, combined with Caerul and Grogg, quickly aid in subduing the downed Tyrant.

As the dust from the battle settles, the elves, dwarfs, Skaven, and others eye each other with great suspicion, before preparing the Tyranid conquests for transportation back to Hell Pit.

Choices: For you all, the Hunt is over! At some point soonish, you will all gain the opportunity to divide up your loot amongst yourselves, pending some RL deadlines being put behind us.

Loot get (All)
-1 Mutilated Hive Tyrant (have fun fighting over this prize ; ) )

Loot Get (blader and Tapirus)
(start thinking about how you two will divide this up… the choice will ultimately be yours, more later)
-4 Zoanthropes
-1 Gargoyle
-1 Tervigon
-Collection of Tryanid Eggs
-Tyranid Grand Egg
-3 Badly Injured Hiveguard
-2 Injured Tyrant Guards
-3 Impaler Cannons
-2 Shockcannon

Losses (blader and Tapirus)
-4 elves
-8 armoured dwarfs
-All slayers
-Chariot Moderately Injured
-Runbeinnir Moderately Injured
-Iggy Heavily Damaged & Sluggish
-Caerul Badly Damaged

Loot Get (Twitch and carcharoth)
(start thinking about how you two will divide this up… the choice will ultimately be yours, more later)
-6 Rippers
-1 Half-dead Neurothrope
-1 Acid Biogun
-1 Dimachaeron
-2 Fully Intact Sets of Power Armour
-2 Bolters
-1 Chainsword
-1 Broken Set of Power Armour
-1 Genestealer
-1 Broodlord

Losses (Twitch and carcharoth) lordfalco
-Pumpkin is Moderately Injured
-Beartooth is Moderately injured and Mutating into Tyranid form!
-Desolas is Moderately Injured
-Mangler is moderately injured

Loot Get (Skritchit and lordfalco)
(start thinking about how you two will divide this up… the choice will ultimately be yours, more later)
-1 Carnifex
-1 Nautiloid
-2 Gargoyles
-1 Genestealer
-2 Gaunts
-3 Rippers
-1 Injured Tyranid Warrior
-1 Deathspitter
-3 boltguns
-3 plasma rifles
-2 chainswords
-2 powerswords
-8 bags of mysterious powder
-1 set of power armour

Losses (Skritchit and lordfalco)

The Genestealer Cult Civil War
Featuring Tirr, Victor, Sir Bacon, Gragg’Dvorak, Savannah, Guldan, Tekris

Hell Pit’s finest leap into action, uncoordinated and glorious! Tekris and Tex’Hallik, probably wisely, hold back from the conflict, though Tekris whispers something in the ear of Mutae’s allied Horned Marine, who immediately rushes forward to attack the strange Marine who was once Strikeforce Alpha’s ally.

Savannah, meanwhile, bursts out from behind a corner, and opens fire with her Ratling gun on Tyranos. The gun tears through the robotic servitors Tyranos is fighting, and creates some dents in Tyranos’ armour.

Guldan sent his beasts immediately to attack the false Mutae’s cohorts, incapacitating all of them save the false Mutae herself. Tirr himself approached the false Mutae, blasphemously offering obeisance… but it turned out to be a ruse! Tirr moved like a blur – and so did the false Mutae! The pair of them engaged in quick combat, and the false Mutae would have quickly overpowered Tirr, had not Guldan’s beasts, having eliminated her bodyguard, rushed in to the fray. Against overwhelming and superior odds, Tirr’s blade finally struck true, slicing the false Mutae’s head neatly off… though the head continued to scream out that she was his god and should obey him!

Meanwhile, Victor and Kharakov did their best to hold out against their former ally and his reanimated armour, but struggled greatly in doing so. Having taken care of the false Mutae, Tirr began directing his legions of Hunters to retreat, falling back to the bridge. The false Mutae’s sole surviving companion, the Horned Space Marine, engaged in a fierce melee with Victor’s former ally, and together the three of them took out the man, Victor delivering the final blow. When he fell, so did the animated suits of armour, and the sole surviving cyborg fighting Tyranos.

Gragg’Dvorak, lurking in the shadows, sent back the other strange man with him to cure his beasts, Ed and Fred, which he did gladly. Then, carefully, with only Tyranos left, Gragg’Dvorak sprang his trap, encasing the Marine in a sticky web. Seeing the Tyranid Marine so helpless, all of the Moulders remaining rushed in and made sure he stayed out of commission.

As a cured Ed and Fred rejoined the group – no sign of the man from before – everyone turned to face the sealed door to the Armoury. Of course, by this point, Tirr, Victor, and Sir Bacon – along with WMD – had left already, returning back to the Bridge.

After some bickering about how to open the door, Savannah went with the old tried-and-true method: blasting all of the keypads with a Gatling gun. To everyratty’s surprise, it worked, and the doors to the armoury opened…

…revealing that the majority of it had already been looted! Some fiend had burrowed through from the other side! Still, there were some items left over…

The tolling of bells rings through the ship, signifying the end of the Hunt! We have been ordered to withdraw!

Glory to Mutae!

Choices: For you all, the Hunt is over! At some point soonish, you will all gain the opportunity to divide up your loot amongst yourselves, pending some RL deadlines being put behind us.

Loot Get (All)
-Mutae’s Shrieking Head
-Tech Priest Armour
-High Powered Energy Sniper Rifle
-3 Murder Servitor Corpses
-Tyranos’ Power-Armoured, paralyzed body (he still lives!)

Loot Get (Eom, AshenEshin, Sod)
(to be added en masse after tithes and division at Hunt end)
-1 Maimed Lictor
-1 Lictor Corpse
-1 vat Full of Lictor Organs (in Sod’s possession)
-1 Genestealer
-1 Hormagaunt
-1 Spinegaunt
-1 Termagaunt
-1 Skyslasher
-1 Gargoyle
-1 Ripper
-5 pieces Bridge Machinery
-2 pieces of broken power armour
-2 broken chainswords
-1 broken powersword
-4 broken bolters
-2 Tyranid Marines
-4 Tyranid-human Hybrids

Losses (Eom, AshenEshin, Sod)
-Both Edmunds are badly injured
-Proto-Alpha is badly injured
-Apophis is lightly injured
-Sigmund is incapacitated
-Forty Skaven dead (Unit 1)
-3 Orcs dead, 15 goblins dead, and 12 snotlings dead (Unit 2)
-2 Chaos Dwarfs, 12 Gors, 2 Centigors, 1 Ogre (Unit 3)
-8 Humans dead, 2 elves, and 1 dwarf (Unit 4)

Loot Get (Jorry and Silvermane)
-1 Pyrovore
-2 Hormagaunts
-1 Genestealer
-2 Rippers
-1 Tyranid Warrior
-1 Badly Wounded Lictor
-1 Wounded Venomthrope
-2 Infectonators (1 each)
-6 Cryostasis Pods
-1 Plasmagun
-1 Bolter
-1 Powerfist
-1 Flamer
-1 Hellgun
-1 Lasgun
-1 Grav-gun

Losses (Jorry and Silvermane)
-Ed and Fred are dying

Loot Get (Wolfwerty, Arskittar, Ratty, Guldan)
-2 Full Cryostasis Pods (for Wolfwerty33)
-Broken Chaos Marine Power Armour (for Guldan & Ratty Gnawtail)
-Chaos Bolter (for Guldan & Ratty Gnawtail)
-Doom Glaive (for Guldan & Ratty Gnawtail)
-Horn of Hashut (for Guldan & Ratty Gnawtail)
-Primordial Flesh (for Guldan & Ratty Gnawtail)
-4 Full Cryostasis pods
-2 High-Tech Operating Tables
-1 set of High-Tech Operating Tools
-3 vials of “Hormonal Depressant”
-1 Ork Power Klaw (Guldan)
-1 Damaged Ork Meksuit minus Powerclaw
-1 Plasmagun
-1 Bolter
-1 Powerfist
-1 Flamer
-1 Hellgun
-1 Lasgun
-1 Grav-gun

Losses (Wolfwerty, Arskittar, Ratty, Guldan)
-Peggy the Rat is badly injured
-Brrx is mildly injured
-Snorri is injured
-Morax is badly injured
-Karl is injured

The Tasks Before You All
In the next week or so, threads will go up in your private guild forums asking you to divide up the loot you’ve gathered. Get ready to discuss what loot you want, but your earnings from the Hunt will not be added until the end of Turn 30 (due to Packlord RL issues for the next few weeks).

Congratulations on your survival! ^_^
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