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Moulders of Yore; Moulders from the Golden Age
Topic Started: Jun 7 2009, 10:44 PM (1,952 Views)
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Yay! My Rat Ogre! ^_^
The following Moulders were present in the last incarnation of Moulder Pitfighters. Most are deceased, unless they are mentioned as being alive elsewhere:


Description: Karowak is a relatively large, black rat, and is fond of wearing gold armour.
Brand: A rat with a knife through its heart.
History: Karowak was born in the depths of Hell Pit by a breeder trying to escape her miserable life under Clan Moulder's males. Karowak, strangely enough, was the only rat born to her on that night. What happened between Karowak and his mother is unknown, but several hours after birth, Karowak's mother was found dead, and no little Skaven anywhere to be seen. Her child later turned up in Marienburg under the name Karowak (possibly named after his mother Karawal) with a menagerie of fighting beasts. He quickly rose through the Mouldering ranks and soon found himself in charge of the Council of Mouldering.
Mouldering Style: Karowak hadn't believed in aesthetics until recently, when he gained enormous wealth. He has been toying with creatures that are more pleasing to the eye rather than effective in battle lately, but he can make and control a mean beast when needed.
Famous For: Being the Underleader of the Council on Mouldering.

Verminax the Verminator
Description: Verminax is a relatively large, dark-brown-furred Skaven with one eye missing. Commonly uses a whip an long spear.
Brand: A rat with a knife through its heart.
History: Born in the Marienburg slums under the name Garfax, Verminax is about eleven years old. He started fighting in the pits at age one when he began working for Master Moulder Karowak's Marienburg laboratories, and showed love for the sport and considerable skill. He soon caught the eye of one of Karowak's apprentices, Kaffen. Kaffen agreed to take Verminax on as a secret apprentice if the slum-born rat faked his won death, which he promptly did. Kaffen taught Verminax in secret for three years, after which point Karowak realized that one of his apprentices was teaching a student of his own and had Kaffen killed. Verminax fled Marienburg and returned the next year, having changed his appearance (mainly by gouging out his eye and adding scars) and name (to Verminax). He quickly earned the nickname "the Verminator" after dominating the Marienburg season for four years, after which his position was usurped by foreigner Ratticq of Clan Gnawkin. Verminax holds a grudge against the Hell Pit Moulder to this day for taking away his hard-earned position.
Mouldering Style: Verminax loves mutating his beasts to the limit, and thus has very few successful mutations. When his mutations do work successfully, however, his beasts can overcome almost anything.
Famous For: Being the Champion of Marienburg for four years in a row.

Fingad the Frail
Description: A thin, light-brown furred rat with a spectacle. Commonly uses a syringe and dagger.
Brand: A syringe over a spectacle.
History: Fingad was born in Marienburg, and is currently very old for a Skaven, pushing sixteen years old. He was originally a Clanrat of the now-deceased Clan Gulfisk, which was annexed by the also deceased Clan Darvin. Fingad was captured by Clan Darvin and made a slave. After working as a slave for three years, Clan Darvin was conquered, and Fingad escaped in the heat of the battle, where he successfully got a job working for Karowak's Moulder Labs in Marienburg (where he met Verminax and became good friends with him). After passing age eleven, Fingad grew very thing and emaciated, and always looks sickly. It has only been in the past three years that Fingad has stepped out of the research lab and into the Pits, but he is a relatively popular fighter, and his beasts are dependable and strong.
Mouldering Style: Offsetting his own frame, Fingad's beasts are often large and difficult to kill, bulging with muscles.
Famous For: Discovery of the Corboreal Vein (vein surrounding Troll's heart that has regenerative properties) and countless other biological discoveries.

Description: A fat Skaven with a very short temper. Is also very paranoid.
Brand: A wolf's head over a bolt of lightning.
History: Not much to tell... Balik is seven years old and was born as a son to the rich Warlord of one of Clan Moulder's close allies. Balik cunningly used his father's favour to obtain a lab and some beasts, and has managed to make a relatively successful Mouldering career with it.
Mouldering Style: Because Balik is slow, his beasts are often fast and have deadly poisons running through them.
Famous For: His temper.

Description: An average Moulder, uses a whip and sword in battle.
Brand: A torch held in the beak of a crow.
History: Hallenhal is six years old, and was born in Hell Pit to Clan Moulder. He was assigned to help Moulders in their laboratories, and soon caught the eye of Master Moulder Jalkorith (who is now deceased just after creating the Sabarat), who promptly took Hallenhal on as an apprentice. Eventually, Jalkorith deemed his apprentice ready and sent him off to Marienburg to make him some money in the city. However, Hallenhal had no intention of giving money to Jalkorith, and so didn't. Hallenhal has since spent much of his life moving from place to place within Marienburg, avoiding Jalkorith's assassins. With Jalkorith's death, however, Hallenhal is breathing again and fighting in the Pits more often.
Mouldering Style: A generally average style, with lots of multiple-limbed Rat Ogres.
Famous For: Being successful.

Hytternax III
Description: A short rat always shrouded in a grey cloak. He appears to use only a whip in battle.
Brand: Two slitted eyes on either side of a pointed tower.
History: Born in Skavenblight nine years ago to the aptly named Politick Hytternax II, Hytternax III was thrown into Skavenblight politics almost immediately as he followed his father, a public agent of the Council of Thirteen. After helping destroy much of the Underlord's power base four years ago, the Underlord killed Hytternax's father and tried to kill Hytternax, who fled to Marienburg and now works in politics there. He has dabbled in Mouldering and has found himself rather good at it, though he fears the day when the Underlord's assassin come for him.
Mouldering Style: Small beasts with hidden surprises, such as acidic blood or barbed tongues.
Famous For: Politics in Skavenblight and Marienburg.

Surginrot - “Bonesaw the Beautiful Diener“
Location: Marienburg. He maintains a den and stronghold built on an abandoned man-thing cargo barge; captured during the fall of Marienburg it has not moved since then and has been extensively modified, fortified and added on to. Oddly enough, the lab now extends to several ships, all moored together; these include a Bretonnian Trading vessel, a converted cargo ship used by Marco Columbo and most strangely a Dark elf Black Arc, the cursed vessel was left there when the Dark elves sent slaving expeditions there after the city fell to the Skaven. None of the vessels have moved in close to a decade and all sorts of strange creatures can be found wandering the lower levels of the ships.
The ship is a maze of passageways, catwalks and platforms. His main lab, as with all his most important creatures and staff, are housed in the barge.
But it is the hull where the true heart of the Clan lies; there is a pool, where lilies float upon the water, kept pure by persistent magic, it is here upon an island of purest warpstone that Surginrot meditates and draws up plans and ideas, tirelessly striving to achieve the one thing he strives for above all....
Brand: A drop of blood falling from an open lily.
Description: Tall and muscular, he wears slightly tattered dark blue robes and armour only on his arms, legs and groin; his fur is black striped with white. He has a number of warpstone piercing, unusually sharp claws on both his fore and rear paws, some patches of skin with short, curving thorny spines that drip dark lotus venom. Psychologically he is extremely intelligent, if unstable. He shows an active interest in the cultures of the East: Cathay, Ind, Araby and others.
History: Born into Clan Skryre, he worked as a Globadier and Warlock Engineer's assistant for almost two years. The name "Beautiful Diener" came from his habit of rifling through the corpses of dead Skaven inventors and of finding out how they died.
Mouldering Style: Bonesaw deals more with speed and maneuverability than most Moulders. Most of his beasts are trained to work as a team rather than alone. Favoring small victories over large gambles, his beasts are trained to skirmish, picking away the troops slowly and staying out of range except to deliver the killing strike
Famous For: His unique (twisted and really disturbing) sense of beauty, his beasts having a strange sense of perfection about them, a special contrast or feature that marks them as his.
[size0]~"Surginrot" written by Bonesaw the Beautiful Diener of Moulder Pitfighters.
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The Badlands

Description: A very large, black-furred Skaven.
Brand: A crossed halberd and sword.
History: Rakkit was born in the Badlands (at one of the many Moulder strongholds there), and was immediately put to work as a lab assistant in a laboratory. He learned quickly, and after killing his master, became the master of his own laboratory. From there, he plotted greater things, and eventually was made the RatLeader of Ogrehold, the largest Mouldering Stronghold in the area. It is rumoured that he caused the death of his predecessor, but no conclusive evidence has been found.
Mouldering Style: Rakkit is very efficient, and normally uses heavily mutated beasts with poisoned blades and saws.
Famous For: Being the RatLeader of Ogrehold.

Draugen Quiskit
Description:: Draugen is a rather average Skaven, albeit with a third eye in the back of his head.
Brand: Three dots arranged in a triangle surrounded by a circle.
History: Draugen was born in the slums of Ogrehold, in the heart of the Badlands, and quickly gained prestige and wealth. His creativity came to the attention of Clan Moulder, and he was admitted to the Clan at age four. Since then, he has worked fervently in the Badlands and has become one of the greatest moulders of all time.
Mouldering Style: Draugen prefers to focus on style rather than killing effiency, but Draugen is so good at his job that often style and effectiveness are not exclusive.
Famous For: Being the Premier Moulder in the Badlands.

Doctor Ghallden
Description: A normal Skaven.
Brand: A rat being impaled on a syringe.
History: Doctor Ghallden's origins are unknown, but he mysteriously arrived in the Badlands Mouldering scene, appearing just like other Moulders. It soon became apparent, however, that Ghallden was not ordinary. He proved to be an adept healer, and made many Warp-Tokens healing others' beasts. The Doctor is known to have numerous secrets, but being secretive, little else is known about the Doctor, although some rumour him to be a necromancer of great power.
Mouldering Style: Ghallden's Mouldering style is highly erratic; no two beasts are closely alike, and all are highly unusual.
Famous For: Being a prominent Moulder in the Badlands, his mysterious manners and habits.

Description: A large, black-furred Skaven.
Brand: A two-headed rat.
History: Grotzen is your typical Moulder. He was born in Hell Pit, his mother one of the numerous Clan Moulder breeders. His talent for mutating beasts landed him in the position of Packmaster. From there, he schemed and plotted the overthrow of his Master, and eventually killed and replaced the old Master Moulder. Since then, he has moved to the Badlands and has been fighting there.
Mouldering Style: Grotzen's style is very normal; he commonly uses Rat Ogres and Giant Rats, and focuses on maximum effiency.
Famous For: Being a prominent Badlander.

Fleider Krinkelsniff [PhD]
Location: A small Clan Skrottik settlement, containing only a few thousand permanent skaven inhabitants, located in the north-east of the Badlands.
Brand: A stylized rat head under a six-pointed sun.
Description: Average-sized for a Skaven, with darker fur than most Clanrats. The long whiskers typical of Skrottik rodents are evident, and the Moulder’s hands are nimble and dexterous. He wears the voluminous green robes of Clan Skrottik’s small Mouldering community. Within theses robes, Fleider conceals his second pair of ears, along with his various tools and weapons. However, he is quite unable to conceal the huge wings now sprouting from his back.
History: Blessed with slightly darkened fur, and born at a time of unrelenting warfare for his clan, Fleider served the course of a brutal war within the ranks of Skrottik’s Stormvermin. When his unit was disbanded, he was assigned to guarding convoys bringing Moulder beasts to his clan, where he learned the basics of Mouldering from bored Packmasters. After distinguishing himself in the defense of one convoy he was given a small sum of tokens, and was freed from Skrottik service. Traveling north, he visited the Mouldering community to learn more of the Moulder’s art, and only returned to the badlands to volunteer for a newly-founded Mouldering group within clan Skrottik, where he quickly rose to the top position, and where he remains under his warlord’s careful eye.
Mouldering Style: Functional uniqueness. Fleider creates beasts with a single arena or function in mind, producing monsters with a limited all-around effectiveness, but highly skilled in their specific area. He also preferrs to use ratty subjects for his beasts...
Famous For: The power of the assault of his beasts in pitched battles. His 'Stinkbowl' arena in Dead Rat's Peak.
[size0]~"Fleider Krinkelsniff [P.h.D] written by Stinkhair of Moulder Pitfighters
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The Overempire Arenas

Description: A smallish, brown-furred, higly secretive rat.
Brand: A smoking flask.
History: Unlike most Skaven in the Overempire, Weedil keeps to himself most of the time, and literally nothing is known about him until his arrival in Zundap after the Storm of Chaos Skaven. After he arrived, he met secretly with Zarzigat, who was still the Ratleader at that time, and was given a lab and the tools he needed to begin Mouldering. He is only seen in public during his matches.
Mouldering Style: Varies wildly; it is likely that Weedil makes his beasts only a few days before a tournament starts in order to make sure his beast is ready for the challenges that his beasts will face.
Famous for: His secrecy.

Description: A large, three-armed, black Skaven.
Brand: A large, three-armed, black Skaven.
History: Jekkit was born in Hell Pit. He was one of he few young selected for the duties of a Packmaster. His talent with beasts quickly became apparent, and he was promoted to an Apprentice Moulder. At this point, Jekkit's life became foggy, and it is said that he did nt show any appreciable talent in mutation, but in order to keep up appearences, Clan Moulder allowed him to complete his training and become a Master Moulder. Many Skaven theorize that Jekkit's beasts are not made by him, but by some anonymous Moulder. However, he is extremely good at training and directing his beasts.
Mouldering Style: His beasts are of impeccable quality, if they are indeed his.
Famous for: His expert handling of beasts.

Description: A diminuitive brown rat.
Brand: A halberd and lightning bolt crossed in an 'x.'
History: Ikkil was born in Skavenblight in the Clan Skryre district. One of his litter-mates was the infamous Ikkilit of terrorist fame. The two escaped Clan Skryre together, and both joined Clan Moulder, their heads full of mechanical secrets. The two gave Clan Moulder much information on Clan Skryre and helped the Moulderican bionics industry. Ikkilit later revealed his true colours as a Tzeentchian cultist, but Ikkil continues to serve Clan Moulder as a pitfighter and Moulder in times of war. Clan Skryre has placed a reward on his hea, but something has kept Verminkin from returning his spy...
Mouldering Style: Cyborg-like bionical beasts.
Famous for: His role in the Moulderican bionics industry, his relationship to Ikkilit, and his treachery.

Description: A quadrupedal Skaven.
Brand: A four-legged, two-headed, three-eyed spider.
History: Kalzin's story was fairly normal: born in Hell Pit, became a Packmaster, an Apprentice, and then a Moulder. However, unlike most of the Pitfighting Moulders, Kalzin started off as a wartime-Moulder, arrogant and disdainful of the 'petty' pitfighters. He was oneof the Moulders who led the attack on Zundap and captured it. However, during the course of the fight, one of his beasts died; a beast he had bet his friend was invincible. Having lost the bet, Kalzin was forced to pay his friend and enter a pitfighting tournament. Kalzin did so unwillingly, and was surprised by how much he enjoyed it. He quit the wartime Moulder industry and became a full-time pitfighgter.
Mouldering Style: Heavily-muscled Rat Ogres with many arms and fangs.
Famous for: His role in the capture of Zundap.

Location: Hergig
Brand: Also uses Drachau's brand of two crossed draichs.
Description: Vin-Tip is a skaven, though fairly mutated. He has a horse in stead of legs and rides around as a 4 armed skaven centaur.
History: Vin-Tip's past is not known, but was picked up by Drachau around the time of Ikkilit's initial bombings, which led to many skaven assuming he had something to do with it, but none is known. He has become a potions master, which are used in making beasts more potent in combat.
Mouldering Style: He has adopted Drachau's Mouldering style, but drugs his beasts heavily.
Famous for: Being Drachau's apprentice, his potions (rumored to be sold on the basic market soon)

[size0]~"Vin-Tip" was written by Drachau, Packlord of Moulder Pitfighters.

Location: Formerly Marienburg with Drachau, moved to Hergig with Vin-Tip
Brand: She uses Drachau's Brand of two crossed draichs.
Description: Nikkit is a female skaven. She has been given wings by Drachau and is smaller than a male skaven, which is to be expected.
History: Nikkit was a fortunate Skaven. Most female skaven are given to the breeder pits, but Nikkit escaped at the age that they are sold to the pits and found Drachau, who took her in and raised her to become a foe to worry about.
Mouldering Style: She did not mutate beasts, but used beasts created by Drachau and Vin-Tip.
Famous for: Being Drachau's Packmaster, and being a female contender in Pitfights.

[size0]~"Nikkit" was written by Drachau, Packlord of Moulder Pitfighters.
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Description: Haggensqueek is a long-furred, brown Skaven who always wears an enveloping grey cloak.
Brand: A cloaked rat holding a lightning bolt above the tower of Skavenblight
History: Haggensqueek was born in the pens belonging to Clan Moulder in the city of Skavenblight. He was born a runt, and was discarded, along with the other runts in his litter, into the street. Haggensqueek and his litter-mates quickly formed a ‘gang’ of sorts, and began to make some profit. Unfortunately, they were weak, and no match for the Ikigang, a gang founded by Clan Morkreek’s first Slavelord many years ago. The Ikigang annihilated Haggensqueek’s gang. Haggensqueek himself fled and safely escaped. He became a beggar, and in order to prevent the Ikigang from finding him, always wore his grey cloak. He soon after obtained a staff, and looked like a Grey Seer. While not actually saying he was a Seer, he suddenly found himself able to get what he wanted.
The Inquisition, however, soon caught on to Haggensqueek’s shceme and imprisoned him. They tortured him continuosly, but he never died. He never lost consciousness. Amazed at this young runt, the inquisitors stopped torturing him, and handed him back over to Clan Moulder for studying. They saw that the young rat was immune to pain, and withdrew samples of his blood in order to begin production of painkiller potions. Haggensqueek, while wandering around the lab one day, drank a small vial of very potent enlargening potion, which made him grow to normal size. He soon escaped the lab (and the wrath of his masters), and began to learn the rats of Mouldering from the then-already-aged Favrik. Haggensqueek became the premier Moulder in Skavenblight shortly after, and has remained that since. However, his relationship with Clan Moulder is tenuous at best, though he has good friends in the Inquisition, and many connections.
Mouldering Style: Similar to Favrik’s style: Very streamlined, well-mutated, ‘typical’ beasts (mostly Rat Ogre and Giant Rat based).
Famous For: Being the premier Moulder in Skavenblight, his connections.

Doctor Schleinendorf
Description: A grey-furred rat with a white-furred head; always wears a white lab jacket and a monocle.
Brand: A spectacled rat, holding a syringe above a table with a writhing Skaven strapped to it.
History: Doctor Schleinendorf is the product of decades of genetic breeding. Clan Moulder had been trying to create a great mind, and Schleinendorf was the result. He is physically lacking, however, being only a normal Skaven. His extraordinary mind, however, allowed him to outwit his creators and escape their clutches. He saw that Pitfighting would be the best way to make a living, and taught himself the art of Mouldering, and soon became a huge character in the Pitfighting World. He has since restored his relationship with Clan Moulder.
Mouldering Style: Extremely well-mutated, intelligent, mutation-efficient beasts of all types. He makes each beast for one tournament only, and then recycles the parts.
Famous For: His brilliance, and his creation of Rat Aware ©

Description: A normal Moulder-rat.
Brand: Two glaring eyes.
History: Garish is new to the Mouldering World, having entered the vacuum left in Skavenblight shortly after Gytlat’s assassination. His history is fairly normal; he was born in the Moulder breeding warrens in Skavenblight, and was selected by his superiors to be a Packmaster. Primarily, he creates beasts of war for Clan Moulder, but leads his beasts to battle only in the pits.
Mouldering Style: Very crude; he still has yet to find his true talent.
Famous For: Nothing much.

Description: A wizened, grey-furred rat, usually cloaked in grey.
Brand: A quill writing on parchment.
History: Master Moulder Favrik is one of Skavenblight’s most enigmatic characters. His history is unknown up until a few years ago, when he began publishing his newsletter on the Mouldering World, the Moulder Monthly (this newsletter has since become the most-read newspaper in the Underempire). He very rarely enters tournament, but when he does, his beasts are very effective. The scribe-rat himself is very old; he was old when he taught Haggensqueek the Art of Mouldering. His true age is unkown, though many claim that he is a thousand years old. Others claim that he is the great Solis Ghaylik, watching the world he helped create to grow. It is known, however, that Favrik has had contact with the Underlord in the form of Rakkin, and has contacts in the highest places. He is also the press-rat on the Council of Mouldering.
Mouldering Style: Very ancient, old, and outdated; yet hideously effective.
Famous For: Being the publisher of the Moulder Monthly.

Rosko - “The Fool of Skavenblight”
Description: Rosko’s true fur color is unknown, as it is always died wild colours. He dresses up in man-thing jester robes constantly, and his usually masked, as well.
Brand: A jester hat.
History: Rosko was a ‘failed’ result of the infamous “Intelligence Project” that produced Doctor Schleinendorf. He was cast into the streets after his masters decided that he was far too stupid to be part of the breeding project. However, Rosko had known this would happen, and had only feigned retardation. He was full of secrets about Clan Moulder’s labs in Skavenblight, and subsequently sold them to other Skaven. He then started up his own laboratory. He has since feigned dumbness in order to keep Clan Moulder from assassinating him, but every rat knows he is only fooling. However, Rosko (unlike Schleinendorf), is a combination of mental and physical abilities. He is the equal in combat of any Eshin assassin, and combined with his razor-sharp mind, the “Fool” of Skavenblight is one of the most dangerous Skaven in Skavenblight.
Mouldering Style: All over the place - no two of his beasts are ever remotely alike.
Famous For: His foolery.
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Hell Pit

Brand: The gate of Hell Pit
Description: A brown-furred Skaven with one eye and three legs.
History: Jarrin has been a puppet all of his life. After he was born, his siblings all used him as a go-between and thug in their petty wars against each other. When he came of age and left his brothers, he was used by Moulders in their conflicts with each other. He was a very obscure Moulder, and his appointment to RatLeader came as a surprise. He is popular in the Council of Mouldering due to the ease of manipulating him, but is hated by the denizens of Hell Pit.
Mouldering Style: Simple, yet deadly.
Famous For: Being the RatLeader of Hell Pit.

Brand: A bloated breeder.
Description: A very obese Skaven, Ghardijat has his own brand branded on his shoulder and wears an eye-patch over his left eye. He speaks in a (relatively) low rumble.
History: Ghardijat was born in the slums of Skavenblight, and quickly found work as a hired thug due to his overly large muscles. Starting out as a normal hit-rat, Ghardijat soon worked his way up through his chain of command, eventually killing the head of the thugoperation and putting himself in charge. His 'missions' had often put him into contact with Moulders, and by assosciation with the Moulders he killed, he learned the art of Mouldering. Once he had accrued enough wealth, he moved to Hell Pit, then the capital of the Mouldering World. He did, however, keep his company of thugs with him, and routinely uses them. He quickly gained weight as he stopped working as a thug himself.
Mouldering Style: Ghardijat is an awful Moulder, and can barely put beasts together. What he lacks in skill he more than makes up for in his intricate sabotages and 'thugging' before matches.
Famous For: His 'thugging.'

Brand: A straw hat.
Description: A very small, yet black, Skaven who always wears a straw hat he took from a human farmer he killed long ago. He rarely speaks.
History: Uhat is a very secretive and reclusive Moulder, having mysteriously appeared in front of Hell Pit at the head of a beleaguered army. Packlord Verminkin saw him into the hold, executed his army, and taught Uhat the art of Mouldering.
Mouldering Style: Anything.
Famous For: The favor of Packlord Verminkin that he has.

Brand: A glaring, burning rat head
Description: Brown-furred, average-sized, always robed in green. Has six fingers on his left hand.
History: Jakil's story is typical of most Moulders. He was born fie yeas back in Hell Pit, and was initiated into the Clan as a Packmaster. He quickly rose through the ranks, and became the apprentice of a forgotten Moulder. He gradually learned the arts of Mouldering over four years, and only recently entered the pits.
Mouldering Style: Loves Rat Ogres of any type.
Famous For: He is an exceptional Moulder.

Brand: A five-pronged, double-sided trident.
Description: Average Skaven, with one leg missing and relaced with a wooden peg.
History: Hausik was born in Hell Pit, but insetad of becoming a Packmaster when he came of age, he became a clanrat. He rose through the ranks quickly to a Clawleader, Chieftan, and then a Warlord. In one fateful battle against the Dwarfs, an Organ Gun shot off Hausik's leg. Miracuously, he survived, but could no longer fight. Desperately trying to be useful to the Clan, he taught himself how to Moulder, and soon after was instated into Clan Moulder as a Master Moulder.
Mouldering Style: Heavily-armoured beasts.
Famous For: His miraculous survival after losing a leg.

Ratticq of Clan Gnawkin
Location: The laboratory of clan Gnawkin is situated in the sixth level of Hell Pit, where those are brought who are marked for 'special punishment' by clan Moulder. Chieftains that have displeased their master, runts that have proven to be a little too ambitious, all can be found in these dark halls. Though, next to those renegades within the ranks of the Skaven, one can also find captured Norse tribesmen, who have been thrown out of their tribes... It is a place full of nightmares, as none is sure about their own life. In this circle of Hell Pit, it is where the master moulders experiment with the most horrific mutations and the most extensive augmentations.
Brand: A hooded bunny.
Description: During his youth as a young runt, Ratticq was a fairly slender, yet muscular Skaven. His jet black fur marked him out as a rat with exceptional strength, which has given him the ability to grow to uncharted levels regarding his skill in how to handle the infamous whip that is used by so many master moulders to herd their creatures into battle. Though, as not many rat ogres (or creatures in general) prefer to get hit by one, many scars mark his body as a sign to the many creatures he has trained during his time within the pits of clan Gnawkin.
Though, where the common master moulder plans to expand its knowledge of mutating creatures under its command, Ratticq is only interested in the survival of his own clan and as such, his participation in the clan Moulder pitfights and campaigns is purely to generate enough warpstone tokens to ensure his clan remains powerfull enough to sustain itself. Eventually, he too did fell prey to experimenting upon itself, enhancing its size and at the same time its potential in direct combats. Nowadays, Ratticq is a huge creature, dwarfing even the greatest rat ogres clan Moulder can bring forth in battle.
History: As he had made enough tokens for himself, master moulder Vorr Gnawkin decided to carve out its private empire and turned his laboratory into his private clan. Though, when one grows more powerfull within the world of the Skaven, the bigger their fall usually become. For when his fame and wealth grew, a rival master moulder from the neighbouring clan Tensch grew jealous of the growing power of master moulder Vorr. In order to ensure the downfall of Vorr, the rival moulder hired an assassin to take the bloated rat down, after which its personal guard would follow up to quickly take over the laboratory of clan Gnawkin.
Yet, there was one young Skaven that the master moulder hadn't taken into account. During his days as a young runt, Ratticq was employed in the pits of clan Gnawkin where he laboured as a handler, tasked with the training of the creatures that had come out of the laboratory. Even while many handlers died during their work in the pits for not paying enough attention to the movements of the creatures they train, Ratticq was one of the few that survived and had its skill in handling the whip increasing with each moon that passed by. This came to good use, for when the forces of clan Tensch invaded the clan Gnawkin territory, he needed to use every ounce of his skill in order to keep the enemy forces at bay. During this dark moon, streams of blood flowed throughout the laboratory, as many creatures and Skaven alike died in the battle of attrition where each side had sent forth creatures that were purely bred for combat. Yet, Ratticq managed to make good use of his knowledge of the tunnels, sending the right creatures forward to reclaim the grounds lost, everytime the enemy gained a step forward.
It was in the aftermath of this battle though, that the forces of clan Gnawkin discovered master moulder Vorr in its private burrow with its throat cut through. Their victory would be a hollow one, as it merely was a diversion, in order to draw out enough forces to have the assassin do its ghastly work without any intervention. It had been an easy kill, with the reason behind it lying within the upper ranks of clan Tensch. Yet, in order to retaliate, the clan needed a new leader, a figure to rally behind and having seen the capacities of Ratticq in combat himself, the fangleader of the stormvermin guard bowed down before the young handler, meaning the forces of clan Gnawkin would be his to command, making him the new leader of clan Gnawkin.
Ever since that dark day for clan Gnawkin, many skirmishes have erupted around the border between the territories of both clans. Each time, Ratticq could be seen in the front ranks, leading the creatures of his clan in the fight against their enemies. Yet, as his main skill lies within the training and handling of creatures, which is why he leaves the role of mutating and enhancing the creatures from the laboratory in the hands of the Vatmasters. These are the ones that have a greater affinity with warpstone then he has, knowing how to use it to create the most gross mutations.
Mouldering Style: Probably more then other master moulders, Ratticq relies more on brute strength then mutations that are specifically engineered to suit a certain purpose within battles. His creatures are usually based upon the format of shocktroops, creatures that quickly reach battle and strike where it hurts the enemy the most. In many cases, Ratticq joins his creatures in battles, yet several of the more older creatures have started to gain a certain intelligence, learning from the master moulder that commands them, or even making basic battlefield decisions themselves.
Famous For: The many deals made with engineers from clan Skryre, leading to the incorporation of many guns and bionics into the creatures from clan Gnawkin. One of the famous examples would be Freddy the Furball, a giant rat of huge proportions, who nowadays has a bionic skull.
[size0]~"Ratticq of Clan Gnawkin" written by Ratticq of Clan Gnawkin of Moulder Pitfighters.

Thrask Vilepaw
Location: Hell pit, The third layer. Currently he resides in his self made research complex/laboratory
Brand: A red rat superimposed on a black paw.
Description: Once merely a normal if not slightly small skaven his fur a pitch black. However after incidents in his fights he has been heavily mutated. Now an ogre sized monstrosity, large bat-like wings sprout from his back carrying him aloft in his matches. He runs on four legs, three of which are not his own. His four arms are criss crossed with stiches from his many operations and a saw whirs on his troll arm. The skin all over his body continously writhes in places where what appear to be tubes worm underneath the surface before burrowing out of sight again... All in all he is a character that causes much fear in his opponents and many are the fights that have merely been won by his raw power alone.
History: Before coming to the mouldering scene little is known about Vilepaw, his past shrouded in mystery. Thought to have been sent by the nightlord to keep an eye on some of the more dubious moulders he has now revelled in the mouldering life and has become one of the most powerful moulders on the field. He has had many interesting experiances during his time in hell pit some of which have changed him forever.
The first of these was in his first tournamount when his beast, Rattica, turned on him mid match. This Nearly killed Vilepaw and tore off both and arm and leg from the moulder. Not to be stopped he went back to his lab and sewed himself a troll arm and new human leg to allow him to become what he once was... It was at this point that He realised that why only stop and one arm and leg, soon he was openly experimenting on himself, he grafted bat wings to his back and grew to ogre sized. Soon he had two more arms and a new pair of legs making him look both grotesque and terrifying.
The second of these life changing events again was nearly the end of him, he was midway through the Rejected tornamount in hell pit when he was beset apon by parasitic worms, these ripped their way into him while his beast fled. Trapped in the forgotten recesses of Hell pit for days, fever and parasites ravaging his system. Eventually rescued from the pits he went into succlusion. There was much rumour and hushed whispers around the pit that the moulder had succumbed to his wounds and a small crowd gathered round his lab waiting for the news of his death (mainly to then break in and make off with his beasts and equipment). Three weeks after his rescue from the pits the doors to Vilepaws lab were flung open and the moulder strided out. A low gasp went around the crowd as they looked apon his body, circular scars covered his torso and his skin writhed in a manner that could turn many a sane rat mad. A new gleam had entered the prominent moulders eyes. He had been reborn.
That was many moons ago, and the moulder has merely gone from strength to strength. He now has a cadre of elite researchers working for him, and his lab has expanded from once a small and sombre workshop to a bustling and constanly busy complex.
Many feel that some old moulders should retire but Vilepaw wont be going anywhere soon...
Mouldering Style: Vilepaw's beasts tend to be as loaded with augmentations, missile weapons, and horrific mutations as is physically possible. Many of his beasts are automatons or cyborg-like, and all are fierce opponents.
Famous For: The creation of Clawcrab, as well as extensive research into teleportation. He is also famed as a formidable Moulder, having also mutated himself extensively.
[size0]~"Thrask Vilepaw" was written by Vilepaw of Moulder Pitfighters.
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Dead Rat's Peak

Description: A runty rat, very light-furred, but is very good with a knife.
Brand: A whip arranged in a circle surrounding a dagger.
History: Dapor is, like many rats in Dead Rat'ss Peak, very reclusive. His lab is hidden away deep in the depths of the cave system, and he only appears in public for tournaments. Many rats would give a lot of tokens to know more about this rat, as virtually nothing about his life is known to anyone.
Mouldering Style: Dapor likes his beasts to be fast and swift, often with deadly poisons. His favorite base animals are spiders and other insects.
Famous For: Being the premier Moulder in Dead Rat's Peak, despite his secrecy.

Description: An average Skaven, brown fur, with a lot of scars on his snout. Almost always is cloaked in a thick black robe.
Brand: A hooded figure holding a glowing crystal.
History: Like many rats in the Peak, very little is known of darkshar's past. He is rumoured to have been touched by a Daemon when he was born deep in the Peak's depths, and strange things often happen to those who oppose him. Moulders have woken up in their beds with tentacles coming out of their eyes or spiders crawling out of every pore of their body. Rumour has it that Darkshar is an illegal magic user...
Mouldering Style: Darkshar's beast are often very strange, or have strange abilities bordering on the magical.
Famous For: His strange abilities.

Description: Forrikal is a hideously mutated Moulder, with five legs, seven arms, and two heads (well, to be fair, three, but the middle one died in a fit of schizophrenic fighting a year ago), in addition to ten extremely long barbed tails which he uses as whips. he is very large, appraoching but not quite reaching the size of an Ogre. He wears only a bright red loincloth, and is very violent.
Brand: Three clawed, hideous and twisted arms emerging friom a single point (spaced evenly), with a circle connecting the tips.
History: Unlike most rats of the Peak, Forrikal's short history is common knowledge. He is only two years old, and was the result of an experiment carried out by the now-deceased Master Moulder Cyrrin. Cyrrin had enlarged a rat to a gigantic size, and had then given it another potion to drink (one he had been developing). He was disappointed when the rat shrank, and destroyed all remaining samples of the potion. Two weeks later, the rat was hideously mutated, and killed Cyrrin in the night (this was neveer actually proven, but it is assumed). Forrikal took over Cyrrin's lab and has become a much loved Moulder since.
Mouldering Style: Forrikal is, as his size suggests, rather clumsy, and therefore has very oddly made beasts. They are often misaligned and patchy, but wickedly effective. he doesn't like challenges to his strength, so most of his beasts are rather small, only increasing the patchiness.
Famous For: His mutated look and great matches (when he participates).

Description: A short rat, always cloaked in blue.
Brand: Lightning bolts arranged in a circle around an upside-down tree.
History: Like most Peak rats, little is known about Zarot's history. He was not born in the Peak, but rather in Skavenblight, and escaped his bondage to his father, Warlord Tarkish. He fled to the Peak before it became a major Mouldering city, and it is rumoured that he witnessed the signing of the treaty of Morkreekia. Besides that, he is a mysterious and enigmatic figure.
Mouldering Style: His Mouldering style is typical, although he can be aggressive as he mutates, often leading to badly scarred beasts.
Famous For: Nothing much.

Description: Takas is an average Master Moulder, whose only oddity is an extra toe and two extra finers. And two noses.
Brand: Two snouts.
History: Often called "Takas Two-Nose," Takes is mysterious, yet no more so than any other Peak denizen. He was born in Hell Pit (often rumoured to be the son of Throt himself!), and, tired of the noise of Hell Pit, moved to the Peak in an attempt to have a relatively quiet working environment. His lab is very well hidden, and no-rat knows what goes on in there...
Mouldering Style: His style is typical and balances, although all of his beasts (besides the brand) have two snouts.
Famous For: His two-snouted beasts.

Packlord Mirak II
Description: A horny little rat, Mirak II spends most of his time in the Breeder Pits. He wears a dark cloak and carries a sword.
Brand: A Skaven borne aloft by two breeders.
History: Since his father, Mirak, was killed by an unknown assassin several months ago, nothing really has happened in Mirak II’s time as a Moulder, although he has taken over his late father's lab and love of wacky new monstrosities.
Mouldering Style: Loves to create wacky new ideas and turn them into flesh. Rumours abound that he has been practicing black sorcery to improve these experiments
Famous For: Creating wacky mutants.
[size0]~"Packlord Mirak II" written by Packlord Mirak II of Moulder Pitfighters.

Twitch Teekleflit
Location: Twitch's Lab can be found at the base of the mountain where a carved plateau pans out before the lab. The lab itself is cut deep into to the rock and large doors can be seen from the outside, cut in to the rat-made cliff. Scorch marks cover the outer layers of rock, but the stone itself is still solid. High up slits keep a watch over the plain for anyrat or beast that wants admittance.
Brand: A Ratling Gun behind a rat’s skull.
Description: Shorter than an average Skaven, Twitch has hunched shoulders and scars on his back. He is also encased in a set of armour that he himself designed, studded with countless weapons.
History: Twitch was previously an apprentice before his master's lab was attacked and looted by Dwarfs. Running from the Dwarfs, he set up his own lab, hoping to one day exact his revenge in a style the Dwarfs would remember for all eternity. As such, Twitch spends his time making bigger, nastier, and more powerful mechanical constructs with which to one day take back his old masters lab as his own.
Mouldering Style: Perfecting the art of Skryre-style Mouldering, he uses lots of guns, armour, and explosive weaponry in his beasts. The bigger the bang, thump, clunk, or whirr, the better.
Famous For: His weapon and armour-making.
[size0]~"Twitch Teekleflit" written by Twitch of Moulder Pitfighters.

Location: Dead Rat's Peak, apparently. He actually has two caves hollowed out in the mountain for labs though they're surprisingly vacant. Word has it that Tiks owns some sort of mobile lab and tracking it down has cost many Assassins their lives.
Description: Tiks has a large Rat Ogre's back carapace and arms fused onto his own back wherein strange brews slosh around. Resting above that back is a modified bleached skull of a Rat Ogre where his companion Skrisnik lives and finally bellowing down from the Skull is a large purple cape. Other than that two strange horns sprout from Tiks’ brow.
Brand: The Skaven Triangle made from lightning bolts.
History: Tiks was a simple rat herder from the Zealots of Decay under Father Squee, but a chance encounter with the body of a messenger in the woods took Tiks on a fantastical journey that ended with him becoming a Chieftain and Steward over the Tri~Cities. Unfortunately though a combination of power and contaminated Warpstone Tiks lost his mind and started to brutally mutate his servants and rats. When Father Squee returned to the Tri~Cities to take his place as his leader he was shocked at what Tiks had done to all the people and banished him from the 'Cities. Tiks took his newfound Mouldering skills to the Peak where he nearly lost his life to the elements, though a chance encounter with a Yhetee changed everything. Tiks now work feverishly to make his dream of returning to the Tri~Cities a reality through the only way he can; his Mouldering.
Mouldering Style: Though he has done some experiments with expansions and Holy Worship Tiks seems to have found his niche in dealing with Elemental Powers.
Famous For: Insanely muttering to himself about his vast plans for domination.
[size0]~"Tiks" written by Tiks of Moulder Pitfighters.

Skreek Skuttelrunner (also called Vermin Lord somthimes, but that is a self title)
Location: The former stronghold of clan Whaztelen (they're not well known) in dead rat's peak
Brand: Three horned rat skulls circling a spiral.the whole thig is inside a square.
Description: Skreek is unusaly tall for a skaven (around 6' 1") with grey fur and two tails that have been fused together. A pair of ram-like horns extend from his head, although these are rarly seen because he useualy wears a black cloak with the hood up to hide them.
His eyes are as green as slivers of warpstone.
History: Skreek, as is obvious from his description, is a grey-seer turned Moulder. For the last few years he has been fleeing from the wrath of Clan Skryre ever since the time he destroyed several workshops in an attempt to bind several deamons into a warp lightning cannon for a Warlock Engineer, somthing went wrong with the spell causing the machine and several warlock workshops to errupt with warp fire destroying them. The Warlocks whose labs had been destroyed invoked a vendeta aganist him. Fearing for his life he fled all the way to Dead Rat's Peak.
It was in the peaks where Skreek came in contact with clan Whaztelen. Offering them his services to help the destroy their rival clan, clan Gritsmak for their protection. Unfortunatly clan Whaztelen was fairly small, but so was clan Gritsmak.
The only area where they could provide Skreek lodging was thir moulder pit with the master moulders. It was threre where Skreek learned the arts of mouldering form master moulder Grugle Twichenskik. He also learned that the clans stronhold sat atop a fairly large warpston quary, and a devious plot formed in his mind to take it all for himself.
The next day he went to clan Gritsmak and offered them his services to help destroy clan Whaztelen. He told clan Whaztelen that Clan Gritsmak will be invading through a series of tunnels that lead to the stronghold.Then he led a the warriors of clan gritsmak through a different series of tunnels tha took them directly behind clan Whaztelen's lines.
The warriors of clan Gritsmak charged, suprising the warriors of clan Whaztelen and killing many. Dispite the suprise attack the warriors of clan Whaztelen managed to hold their own due to Grugle's rat ogres. This both angered and pleased Skreek, On one hand the ogres were providing great aide to clan Whaztelen, but they were also helping take care of clan Gritsmak which was also part of the plan. Thinking quickily he came up with an ingeneous plot.
He started to concentrate warp enery and the released it in the direction of clan Gritsmak's warlord and his storm vermin body guards. The swirling vortex of energy caught the warlord off guard and the energies mutated and then fused together the warlord and his bidy guards into a single, many limbed, abomination.
Squeeking with glee Skreek injested several peices of warpstone and used his magic to mutate more and more skaven into savage mutants under his command. The rampaging mutants slaughtered and maimed everything in their path. By the hours end both clans were destroyed and the mutants died from their mutations, and from each other.
And that is how Skreek destroyed both clans and gained a vast amount of warpstone.
Mouldering style: Skreek's mutations are usualy very fast and when they hit they hit hard untill their foe is a puddle of blood and bones.
Famous for: Destroying clan Gritsmak, clan Whaztelen, and several Clan Skyre labs.
[size0]~"Skreek Skuttelrunner" was written by Vermin Lord Skreek of Moulder Pitfighters.
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Other Lairs
Location: Sylvania
Brand: A black fanged rat on a red background
Description: A thin, undernourished, skaven whose patchy brown fur is falling out in many places. Has blank, staring, dead-looking eyes, and has a mouth which often drips blood (for reasons suspected by many but unknown to all).
History: As a young skaven Chii had all the beginnings of a promising moulder, but none of his beasts ever seemed to survive. To try and make surviving beasts he ventured into the cursed land of Sylvania, and made a pact with the undead who lived there. What this pact entails none know, or even if it is yet to be finalised, but suspician has fallen on Chii many times when Skaven armies have disappeared when in or around Sylvania, though nothing has ever been proven.
Mouldering Style: Chii hates it when he has to throw away anything, he would much prefer to recycle everything, and he does whenever he has the chance.
Famous For: Chii prefers to maintain a low profile, his only claim to fame at this point in time are the suspicians cast upon him by his rivals (though not all of these accusations are infounded).
[size0]~"Chii" was written by Undead_Rat of Moulder Pitfighters.

Location: Currently invading Naggaroth.
Brand: Two crossed Draichs.
Description: He is a dark elf. He is short for Druchii standards, being only 5'10. He has long black hair, and has various scars on his face. He has become strong from his adventures, but was born frail for even elf standards. He has since become very mutated.
History: Drachau's has a fairly long history, which is to be expected, because he is a dark elf that entered a skaven community, who not only survived, but became one of the most fearsome moulders in the game. He was exiled from Naggaroth because of his names (his original name was Maelith, which is druhir for an ancient spirit that feasts among the living. Often used for defenses.), and then became Drachau, which the Drachau did not like. There was also rumored to be an affair with the Drachau's wife and Drachau, which did not help. No one truly knows how he entered the Moulder community, and nobody has had the courage to ask. He suddenly left the community with a horde of beasts and set his destination for Naggaroth, with the intention of slaying as many Druchii as possible. He is presumed to be dead. When he left he surprised his apprentice and loyal packmaster, Vin-Tip and Nikkit, who have been struggling to stay alive in this community.
Mouldering Style: Drachau enjoyed the centaur style, and even became a centaur by fusing with a Horse (However, it is rumored that he mutated himself to a normal Druchii so his former allies can recognize who is killing them). He made his beasts very fast, and made them with many arms.
Famous for: His vicious beasts, his ego, and being an Elf who defeated some of the most powerful Skaven Moulders.
[size0]~"Drachau" was written by Drachau, Packlord of Moulder Pitfighters.

The Black Botanist
Location: The deep, impenetrable jungles of the Southlands.
Relations: On close terms with Clan Pestilens, although feared and avoided by the rest of the Skaven community. The few nearby Skaven Clans are long gone, their tunnels mysteriously empty, nothing but ruins and spoor and the tell-tale signs of the Botanist's passing to mark their destruction. Only Vrinkaz of Clan Moulder is in regular contact with the Botanist, the two conspiring on many matters, their similar paths leading them inexorably back into each other's designs. Some even whisper Vrinkaz is apprentice to the Black Botanist, studying under his tutorship to further his own dark plant lore.
Description: A short, scrawny figure, The Black Botanist appears far removed from the typical Skaven. He dresses in long, filthy black robes, which conceal the most of his horrifically mutated form, and his face is hidden behind a thick brass gas mask and heavily tinted goggles. What litte of his skin shows is patchy, sometimes even green, and his limbs are little more than writhing roots. At his passing, plants wither and blacken, or else flourish monstrously into gnawing, clawing, tearing things with thorns and scratchey roots and insatiable hunger. His mere presence inspires this in all nearby plant life, so it is a fool who does not consider on which terrain they meet with the Dark Plant Scholar. Atop his shrouded head sits the Crown of the Thorned Rat. This artefact of dark power, a gift from the Thorned Rat himself, infuses the wearer with unnatural properties, granting the Botanist a vast array of inhuman abilities...
Lair: Hidden deep in the jungles of the Southlands, at the heart of a vibrant swamp, the sick laboratories of The Black Botanist are to be found. A myriad of different chambers and rooms, some rising out of the swamp on stilts, others firmly embedded in the watery sludge, these houses of mutation are all interconnected by a series of walkways, planks and stepping stones. Built of primitive resources such as wood, bamboo, rock and stone, over the ruins of an ancient lizardman temple-pyramid, the laboratories are surprisingly apt at housing the rather unique and specific curiosities of their resident Moulder. Ever haunted by screams of agony and the constant buzz of a thousand hungry swamp flies, this stinking, gloomy, warp-lit place is given wide berth by all with an ounce of sanity.
The jungle which surrounds this dreadful place is as much a playground for The Botanist as the laboratories themselves. He regularly slips from the grounds, to plant the weaker of his beasts amid the trees, or douse a clump of trees with his chemical sprays, warping them terribly into carniverous death-traps. Othertimes he can be seen leaking green fluids into the nearest rivers, tainting them irreversibly and causing much sickness to all non-plant life for miles around.
This has proved especially irritating for the lizardman temple city of Cuexotl, which suffers greatly from the poisoned waters. They have yet to locate the Botanist's labs, however...
The actual swamp surrounding the mish-mash of labs is one of Black Botanist's compounds. Dubbed by he and his team the 'Black Marsh', the still, murky waters make perfect abodes for his more aquatic of botanical research, and many of his plants, such as the Stranglevines and Allurmires, could not survive outside the watery swamps. Any trespassers who intend to enroach on his lair must first brave drowning, getting lost, and falling prey to his ravenous flora before they even reach the labs themselves.
The main entrance to the labs, across the largest of the walkways, is guarded by Gribble. Botanist's life and joy, this monstrous fly-trap blocks out the entrance and only those it recognises with its primitive intelligence have clearance to pass. All others are entwined and devoured by its massive, leathery, green jaws. Spikey teeth like sword-blades protrude from the end of its immense jaws, so that those not eaten whole are sliced apart by its unnatural strength.
The 'Green House' is so called due to the luminous glow of warpstone which never fades from this lab. One of the few roofless rooms, exposed to the overhanging branches and bathed in the shadow of the canopy above, this lab is for the Botanist's completed works of art. While serving no necessary function, many of his more abstract and monstrous experiments fester here, ever exposed to the sickly light of the warpstone and needing little other attention. It is in this open chamber that his infamous Tree of Knowledge stands rooted. One bite of its bloated fruit bestows the most wicked and awesome of twisted intelligence...and massive doses of fatal poison in equal amounts. In this weird realm, knowledge really does come with the ultimate price.
At the very centre of the lab complexes, a mighty artifical cave has been sunk into the marsh. Built of thick rock, so that only a thin layer of dirty water covers the ground, this place is known as the 'Cavern of Corruption'. Here, a mass of entwining roots and vines wind and work their way across the ground and through the cracks in the boulderwall. Decorated with bright purple and deep blue flowers, the green, snake-like vines are rich to the eyes...right before they fire small, blinding darts into them. Bloodbushes crawl slowly across the ground and over the rocks, ever seeking out small animals to pierce with their thorns and spikes and drain of blood. This is one of the most dangerous places in all the Rotting Gardens, for here the plant-life knows no creator. Any and all who cross their paths will be treated with hostility-skaven or not.
Near the far end of the labs lies the 'Grave-Beds'. A dark, despondant lab, built diretly atop the marsh so that water permanantly seeps through, the ground is made of rich, intoxicating soil, imported fresh from graves all across the known world. The corpses of those foolish enough to incur the wrath of the black plant scholar are buried here, to feed the growing mutations. Here is where the small saplings start their life, fed a strong diet of corpse meat, grave soil, marsh water and regularly sprayed with warpstone chemical spray. This corrupt liquid, a concoction of the Botanist, rains down from rusty pipes in the ceiling, invigorating the growing plants with unholy energies. Such a mixture of sickening nutrients is surely what makes his plants swell and bloat to such terrible sizes, and what inspires their insatiable hunger. It is in this location that the Black Botanist is currently caring for Gribble's cuttings, tiny plants which will one day grow into unmutated clones of their parent, grown to differing sizes and tempermants on variant diets.
There are two large chambers, devoted entirely to the housing of stock materials. Known by this botanical, mammal-hating being as the 'Abattoirs', so named because of his twisted sense of irony, these stinking, body-filled buildings ring with the cries of despair, the moans of pain and the screams of agony as dwarf, man and many other beasts besides live out the end of their days, awaiting either death, or selection by one of their insane captors. Due to recent influxes, The Black Botanist has appointed Squelch as the lord of this realm, the Slave-Master spending his days exacting a vicious blood toll on the captives.
The deepest vault in the ruined ziggurat atop which the labs are built houses the Botanist's Altar to the Thorned Rat. Here, countless creatures have been sacrificed in the name of the Rat-plant, who's living edifice, a twisted tree, has drained their blood in his name. It is from this chamber that The Crown of the Thorned Rat appeared, a present to the god's most favourite servant.
History: A Master Moulder of Hell Pit, Mutator Null quickly departed the sulphorous crater once had found his niche. Devoted to his plant life with a fanatical strength, he left the northern realm for richer, more verdant surroundings. His travels took him deeper and deeper south, fuelled by rumours he had heard of the thriving jungles there. The journey was long and arduous, and Null's small stature meant there were many who saw him as easy prey but with his finest Rat Ogre, Warpwrist, as bodyguard, and a few of his closest Packmasters, he survived the expedition, travelling most of it through the dark passages of the Underempire.
The jungles themselves broke apart what was left of Null's sanity. Never could he have imagined in his wildest of nightmares such abundant stock all around him, such varied and monstrous specimens to take back for study. Ranging from gigantic fly-traps to deadly Allurmires, to the smallest of flowers and the largest of gnarly trees, Null wanted to experiment with them all.
Immediately setting up a base from which to begin his operations, the Rotting Gardens were planted in the history of the Moulders. A series of interconnecting labs, corridors and chambers, this vile place of atrocities was like a cancerous tumour for the surrounding jungles. The horrific creations which began to creep forth from the labs mewled, roared, hissed and screamed all night long, their cries of fury ans agony resounding till even the sun could bear them no more, abandonning this place to shadows and darkness. The eerie glow of a hundred warp-lights scatter spidery shadows across the ground, and the stench of death and freshly turned soil permeated and overwhelmed the nearby jungles. Decay spread, and the ever-sick presence of warpstone, which Null had imported in vast amounts, twisted and warped the trees and bushes. The swamp turned black with malcontent and even the most harmless of vegetation began to alter. Within a year, the undergrowth surrounding the Rotting Gardens was as much a product of Null's evil mind as the unstable creatures which fled from his labs.
Time passed, and the insane Moulder began experimenting on himself. In one despicable night of insanity, he fused his own gas mask to his face, no longer requiring to eat food as other creatures do. Twisting roots, like spiky serpents, writhied beneath his robes, sinking like swords into the moist, gooey soil whenever Null felt hungry or thirsty. His left limb became more branch-like than arm-like, and funghi festered over his green-tinged flesh. More plant than animal, this peculiar cross-breed lives out his days, scuttling from lab to lab, nurturing his offspring and feeding them flesh and blood and warpstone. He concocts malignant chemicals, which swell his plants to bloated, monstrous sizes, but are deadly to any other organisms. Using a device similar to the Warp-fire Throwers of distant Skryre, although smaller and more maneagable in size, he sprays his cruel crop, ever careful, ever loving, ever dilligent.
From time to time he trekks from the jungles, to make purchases in Hell Pit or hire his services to other Moulders. Most recently he was hired by Scarskrex, Overlord of the Nineth level of Hell Pit, and amongst this home of the Mouldering Clan he has buit up a small reputation. Known by those in power as The Black Botanist, he is a quiet yet ever present threat to those who do not watch their backs.
Mouldering Style: Fuses plants with animals, grows carniverous plants to unnatural sizes, makes harmless plants into dangerous ones, studies botanical lore voraciously and moulders tirelessly, inspired by a wiry energy which is near inexhaustable, fuelled by his plant-like nature and obsessive fanatacism.
Famous For: Amongst the most clever of Skaven who know of him, he is recognized with respect for bringing about the downfall of Master Mutator Scarskrex. Also most famous for his defiance of the Inquisition, although how it came to be that he was pardonned is a matter of much discussion within the Mouldering Community.
[size0]~"The Black Botanist" was written by The Black Botanist of Moulder Pitfighters.
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