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Journey to Another Land; The Tale of Tali the Traveller
Topic Started: Sat 26 Oct 2013 11:40:38 (105 Views)
Deleted User
Deleted User

Tali made her way to the underground dock where Warwix's ship waited. Zora stood there tearfully, staring up at her master. The huge female leant down and scooped up her companion to wish her farewell. With one final goodbye, she was off to start an adventure in the lands of Lustria with a strange Pirate and a crew of renegades.

The ship was huge. Tali had guessed it would be big considering the hunter's prey, but she couldn't believe just quite how large. It was a juggernaut of a boat, a combination of sail power, mechanical wheels and a hold full of slaves with oars. Warwix greeted her with his usual charm, showing her about the place and stowing away her things. It was time to get going.

OOC: This is a roleplay, it will last until the roleplay is completed and will cost 1AP per turn until a Master Moulder returns to your Lab. Normal rules apply as for any roleplay:
1) Don't assume things will go the way you want/expect.
2) Don't control other characters actions or speak for them.
3) Place any specific actions you wish to do in 'OOC' form at the bottom of you post to make them obvious.
4) Any clarification or additional info you need should also be asked in OOC format.

Other than that, have fun. ^_^
Now would be the time to ask any questions or make any plans you want to follow with Warwix.
Also, your personal equipment at the moment consists of:
- A bull whip
- 1 Boathook.
- Basic Mouldering Tools.
- Your gigantic self.
- An 'imaginary' fedora

Warwix will cover the mainstay of food and sleeping stuff as well as giving his own team nets, tranqu-guns and various other toys of his trade. If you want to add anything to your list of stuff, now would be the time and, no, you can't take any beasts with you (not even small ones). You'll be going past Breakwater on the Journey, so if you want to buy anything for the trip from that market, you can.

Your current briefing is that you wish to capture an Arcanadon, quoted at 550-650 Tokens. Your additional help may be able to drive this cost down, as will good roleplaying.

(don't worry about this Silver, it's just so that all the Packlords are aware of what's going on so we can run it between us)
Ex-Packlord, Ex-Richest Rat S2, Indiana's father

OOC: Awwww, but i wanna see the packlord thread =[ i've seen it before =P
Anyway! Purchases/Equipment;

Breakwater Market; Boat Hook for 30t - But only if this can be used by a GS being, if not, don't bother with the purchase as it would be for Tali's use to give her some reach attacks. If this can be purchased as a Weighted Weapon for an extra 20t then this is preferable, if not, doesn't matter :P


After taking a tour of the ship, Tali made Warwix aware of her intentions to purchase an item responsible for caving one of her old beast's head in, the mother of Elksford, the mistress of Chelmsford, Elkogaur. She wanted one of those things for herself, she could use it for some research later on too, if she still had it.

Having seemingly discussed everything of importance, Tali made her way to her assigned quarters, given her size, it was more of a small storage bay. But. It had a bed, shelving and a few other homely items, so it was all good. She settled in for the journey, after locking the door and barring it from the inside ofcourse. You never could be too careful with pirates around.
Deleted User
Deleted User

OOC: Boathook added to character. Unfortunately it's not a subtle enough weapon to take blade upgrades.

IC: All stowed, you get ready to leave. The voyage is long and hard, but you know that it will be worth it... Probably.

OOC: Is there anything you wish to do or achieve during the voyage, other than not throwing up?
Ex-Packlord, Ex-Richest Rat S2, Indiana's father

OOC: Not overly, no. If random events occur on the way I'm game for it. But there's nothing that I've planned to do during the journey.

Quick query though, in Tali's stat line is says;

Boathook [+1D, Two handed, Reach] Not Included

Is this because it isn't equipped? Or just so that you don't have to keep changing stat lines if the character swaps weaponry? i.e. if i get into a fight, will the boathook automatically be used?
Edited by Silvermane, Sun 27 Oct 2013 20:13:44.
Deleted User
Deleted User

A long while later the ship docks on the East Coast of Lustria. It was a long and difficult journey which nobody particularly enjoyed. You trek into the jungle in search of tracks or signs of lizardman occupation, hell, even a large turd would be a clue at this point. Warwix invites you to 'try your luck' at finding the beasts, a knowing smile on his face.

Pick an option:
1) Trek into the jungle and search for signs of large creatures
2) Head for the nearest lizardman population
3) Aim for a specific land mark nearby (river, mountain, etc)
4) Wonder around aimlessly
5) Something you can come up with

OOC: Tali's statline doesn't really have anything appropriate for it to be added to... she don't have any hands. However, if it fits in fluff-wise we'll use it (might be useful to have a long, dangerous pole). If not it'll probably be included as an additional, specific stack.
Ex-Packlord, Ex-Richest Rat S2, Indiana's father

Tali cocked her head to one side. She knew Warwix was playing with her, so she made a decision. She was going to bullshit her way through this and make it look like she knew what she was doing.

"I theenk we should 'ead for that mounteen over there." she said, pointing over the trees to a mountain a couple of kilometers into the dense jungle.
"We should be able to get a clear view of ze riverz and streamz from up there. All thingz need to drink."

OOC: Option 3, basically. With regards to the boathook i was thinking of turning it in a harpoon essentially. Use some rope or sinew, throw it, pull the beast back in, or if i miss, pull the harpoon back in. Also, Tali is still bi-pedal, she isn't a four-legged reindeer :P She just got antlers, a fur colour change and a fluffy tail :D
Deleted User
Deleted User

You head through the thick undergrowth towards the mountain, following a trail of sorts. It takes you several hours to get near your destination, all the time you are keenly aware of dark shadows around you and things moving in the undergrowth.
Warwix and his crew of half-a-dozen skaven-sized creatures seem unperturbed, but you are keenly aware that there is something wrong. Worst of all, you sheer size makes it difficult going the entire time as you swipe branches and vines out of your way.
Darkness begins to fall so Warwix suggests you set up camp in a clearing for the night. His crew take up watch as you settle down to sleep... It was going to be a long night of horrible jungle noises, something you had never experienced before.
Some time in the early hours of the morning you camp is attacked by fast moving, small creatures. Whoever was on guard must have fallen asleep or been caught unawares. The tiny creatures seemed to scatter as soon as you began to wake, heading into the undergrowth and hiding from your wrath.
Two of Warwix's 'men' were found dead when light came up, a third was completely missing.

OOC: Find the attackers/missing man or just keep heading to the mountain?
Ex-Packlord, Ex-Richest Rat S2, Indiana's father

"A full 'alf of our men gone on the firzt night? We cannot allow zis. I zink we should go after the missing member, with any look we'll find the skinkz too. At leazt, zat it what I azzume zey were. I did not get a good look. If we find zem, we may find zeir camp. Zat meanz more suppliez, the crew member dead or alive and pozzibly more 'elp if zey 'ave captured uzzerz before now. What say you Meester Warwix?" she asked, confident in her decision, but aware that Warwix was still in charge of the expedition.
Edited by Silvermane, Mon 28 Oct 2013 18:03:25.
Deleted User
Deleted User

Warwix looked over the two corpses on the floor. Inspecting them, Warwix announced with apparent confidence, "Defiantly the work of skink-things." He then looked up at Tali. The stealthy option wasn't a option with her around. Anyone who was tracking them could see them coming a mile away and any beasts he'd usually avoid for fear of being eaten Tali could probably eat.

Warwix started walking the area before he found what he presumed to be the skinks' trail. From the markings on the ground, the team member they had taken was still alive, kicking and bleeding as he went. We will follow the tracks to see where it leads.

You arrive at a clearing with which has very little obscuring it and three directions to go:
1. What looks like the beginning of a yellow stone road. Only a few bricks scattered over the jungle floor but they defiantly seem to have direction and purpose, of the three this road looks the most unused.
2. A clear path which goes uphill, this will take you further towards the mountains, low hanging branches and vines cover the path. Warwix seems to think creatures smaller than you have used this recently
3. There is a path way that is clearly well used and the direction that Warwix thinks the skinks took your comrade, Though it seems to get marshy after a short distance
Ex-Packlord, Ex-Richest Rat S2, Indiana's father

"You zink he went zat way? Then we follow. But make zure we keep the mountain within view. We don't want to get lozt in here."

OOC: Option 3. Also, Tali has stealth from her Eshinite Martial Arts, how useful is that in here? Granted she is pretty large and if someone sees her, they have no way to overlook her, but is she at least quiet on her feet?
Edited by Silvermane, Tue 29 Oct 2013 18:30:54.
The Lord Glod
Warwix leads the way with his comrats, picking their way along the path. You follow at a distance behind at Warwix's request. Despite your lightness on your feet, the sound of objects being crushed beneath you can be heard for a good distance.
As the path begins to disappear Warwix seems to loose his way. You notice him and the other two going into a small huddle ahead of you, obviously discussing tactics... Or possibly having a heated argument about the right direction to go. Suddenly you feel strange, as though the ground beneath you is giving way. You realise, much to your dismay, that vertigo isn't the cause as the ground slowly rises up your legs.
Before the others can react you are several feet down and sinking further. Your feet reach something hard, but it's not enough to support you. There comes a wet snapping sound as you shoot suddenly downwards, chest slipping below the surface.
It might be your imagination, but you're pretty sure that your feet are able to wiggle about freely, wherever they are...

OOC: we'll take it into account, but obviously it'll be less effective seeing as the art is designed for MS humanoids :P
Ex-Packlord, Ex-Richest Rat S2, Indiana's father

Tali was not impressed, her pretty stripes and tail were going to be filthy! Realising that nothing was going to support her and that her feet we free to move around (and seriously hoping it wasn't just an air pocket), Tali yelled to the others.

"It appearz that we need to go down, underneath the zludge! There iz a cavern or zumthing down there." With that she started to wriggle about trying to sink herself and taking a large breath of air before she disappeared under the surface.
Deleted User
Deleted User

You wiggle and twist frantically. You feel yourself begin to slip slowly downwards. Warwix and his men hurry back towards you, calling out to stop you dropping below the surface, advising you against this ludicrous plan. You catch sight of movements in the darkness of the forest as your arms slip below the surface. One of Warwix's men drops down hard, you can't tell if he's dead or not. You fall with a crash into darkness, far further than you expected. You feel three heavy hits which pummel you further into the ground... They felt like bodies.
Hooting and hollering comes down from the hole above, you can't tell if it's elated or fearful. It doesn't sound reptilian though, more man-thing-like.
You roll over in pain, managing to carefully avoid the three bodies nearby. One speaks to you in Warwix's voice, "well, that was a bunch-heap of laughs-fun! Thanks for the soft landing. Now, where the hell-damn are we?"

Darkness surrounds you. Nobody seems to have bothered to bring a lamp or torch... Or, rather, they seem to have lost them in the recent flight and fall. Your legs feel terrible and your body not much better.

OOC: You're somewhere dark underground, the ceiling is a long way up (much further than you can reach). There's some small light shining down through the hole, but it's fading fast. You're injured, but not quite sure to what extent. Falling down may not have been such a great choice. :P
Ex-Packlord, Ex-Richest Rat S2, Indiana's father

OOC: I didn't think there was an OPTION to NOT fall :P The story quite clearly noted that there was nothing nearby to pull myself out with and there was space below my feet... it was sorta pushing me in that direction :P Anyway...

Sighing in exasperation, Tali shoved the three crew members off of her. Well... it was time to get searching...
Walking with her hands out until she hit a wall, Tali called out to the others, "Find a wall with your 'andz and try to find an exeet, yell when you do! We've got to get out of 'ere".

With that, she started to make her way around the room patting the wall, trying to find an exit.
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