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The Execution of Ikkilit the Traitor; Tournament Thread
Topic Started: Mon 21 Aug 2017 22:35:23 (223 Views)

Packlord Profile
The Execution of Ikkilit the Traitor

“Welcome, breeders, gentlerats, and others, to the opening rounds of the Execution of Ikkilit the Traitor’s Tournament, generously run by the HellCouncil on behalf of the fair people of the city of Hell Pit, under the keen-eyed management of Itchiskritchi. We have quite the line-up for you today; eight pitfights, all one after the other!

Remember, for this tournament, it isn’t just victory over an opponent that matters, but also the amount of pain that the beasts can cause each other! While victory does count for something, pain counts for more! To determine the winners in this tournament, our three judges will be using a scoring system out of five points, and whichever beast earns more of these points will win the match!:

-One point for combat
-Two points for pain
-One point for humiliation
-One point for style

For every point a beast earns this first round, they will earn 50 tokens, plus a basic 50 tokens for participation. Naturally, if a victorious beast was badly injured, medical care will be given to them, funded by the HellCouncil, so they may advance.

Ikkilit is dangling above the arena, in a heavily guarded cage, in order that he may witness his possible fates! And now, without any further ado, I am Zarekk, and I’ll be your announcer for this evening. Let’s get started!

șarpe zburător (Neesha) vs. Neuroflayer (Kilrikk)

“First up we have Neesha’s șarpe against Kilrikk’s Neuroflayer! Neesha’s sickly snotling takes to the skies, alongside Kilrikk’s neurotic jellyfish… the two of them rush at each other, and the snotling deftly manages to avoids Kilrikk’s tentacles! The two serpents on șarpe’s shoulders each sink their fangs into the soft flesh of the jellyfish, while the snotling itself feebly punches the beast. Neuroflayer pulls away… but it seems that the jellyfish has become speckles! It looks like it’s growing freckles all over! Neuroflayer does not take kindly to that, and its tentacles once more lash out, but the snotling manages to swoop around them all- oh no! The snotling clutches its heart and plummets to the ground! The jellyfish swoops down… and șarpe nimble rolls out of the way, hops to his feet, and- oh no, a tentacles brushes him! Șarpe collapses on the ground and begins to violently convulse! Strangled screams erupt from the greenskin, who then lays still.

The match is over! Our judges confer, and announce the result: Neesha has earned points in both humiliation and in style, while Kilrikk has earned points for combat and for pain. Kilrikk pulls ahead, but only by a hair!

Mangler (Kretchitt) vs. Skinflayer (Squeethik)

“And onto the second round! The match begins, and Mangler and Skinflayer waste no time in closing the distance between them. The manyheaded Mangler vomits from his troll head, covering Skinflayer in digestive juices! Skinflayer is unperturbed, and his tentacles extend, wrapping around Mangler’s body, holding him in place, and then cutting him repeatedly! Mangler struggles and tries to fight back, but finds himself unable to move very much! Skinflayer’s tentacles continue their work, cutting deep into Mangler’s flesh… and the troll keeps regenerating! All that Mangler can do is vomit repeatedly on to Skinflayer… and to be fair, that tactic does seem to be growing in effectiveness, as Skinflayer is becoming more and more agitated…. and he loses his cool!

Skinflayer begins to punch and pummel the vomiting troll, slipping up and allowing Kretchitt’s Squig heads to latch on to him, ripping off a few of its tentacles… and then beating the enemy beast with them! That’s got to be embarrassing… oh, and now the Squig heads have turned on eachother… or are trying to, but still can’t move much… infuriated, Skinflayer launches an all-out assault on Mangler… and the troll goes down! Vomit spews everywhere as it goes down… but what? Somehow Mangler has managed to end up on top of Skinflayer! The Squig heads are now in prime ripping position, and they begin to do their work, all while Mangler lets loose a constant stream of vomit! It looks like Skinflayer is down for the count!

Our judges confer, and they award Kretchitt with points for combat, style – likely due to making Skinflayer lose its composure – and humiliation, but award Skinflayer with points for pain! Kretchitt just pulls through!

Pride (Sho-Yin) vs. Sister of Agony (Guldan)

“And onto the third match of the day! Pride the Plantlion and Sister of Agony the Druchii waste no time in getting down to business, to defeat each other! Did they send them… sorry, I don’t know what came over me. Anyway, both beasts are impressive… and Pride opens up with a roar, and then turns its back on the Druchii! Enraged, Sister of Agony rushes forward, not even bothering to fly, and drawing out a pair of warpblades… and it looks like she knows how to use them.

At the last moment, Pride whirls around, feline jaws expanding, and eyes opening wide. Sister averts her gaze in time, but her movements become more slow, and she trips over herself! She lands head-first in the plantlion’s mane, which is actually a collection of glistening tentacles! The tentacles writhe around her, and her warpblades get to work! She severs several of them before working herself free, her skin now covered in open wounds… and boils. A few tentacles pop up on her skin, and she looks at them first with horror, then with grim satisfaction. She launches her assault once more, leaping over Pride and creating a beautiful latticework of cuts down the plantlion’s back! The plantion roars in frustration and agony, and the tentacles lash out once more, but the elf dances out of the way.

Pride’s eyes track the elf, who studiously avoids their gaze, but Sister comes back! Her tentacles slide down into the open lacerations, and Pride roars once more… as eyes begin to form all down his back! His back legs give out, and the elf stumbles, unfurling her wings to take to the sky… but Pride grabs the extended wings with his tentacles and drags her back down to the ground! She’s deeply entangled now, her warpbladed arms held fast by Pride’s mane…

…what’s this? Sister gets one arm free, and begins to slit the tentacles with her warpblades… down their length, not cutting them off! Pride’s tentacles reflexively withdraw, and Sister slowly works an opening out for herself. Her body is covered in sores, sagging skin, and what looks like… teeth? Her beauty has been scarred by Pride’s mutagenics, and Pride’s majesty has been similarly destroyed by Sister’s mutagenics.

Sister leaps up finally and her warpblades dance, carving… heh, carving insults and slurs into Pride’s flesh, and then using her mutagenic tentacles to bring them to life! Pride bats the Druchii aside with its claws, and pins her down! Its tentacles poke out the eyes growing all over the elf, causing her to shriek with pain. She vanishes beneath a wave of tentacles… and martial victory goes to Pride. The lion retreats, puts a paw on the vanquished elf, and roars his triumph.

Now, let’s see what our judges have to say… a point in combat to Pride, and points for humiliation and style to Sister of Agony. But what about the result for Pain? The judges appear to be at a stalemate here, and can’t decide… here we go! They announce Pain goes barely to Pride!

Vosh (Tekris) vs. Caerul (Franck)

“And the next match is off with a bang! Vosh lowers his shades for a moment, spits on the ground, and takes a swig of his drink. He grins, and beckons Caerul the drake the come at him (bro). Caerul does not oblige, and instead mimics Vosh, pretending to lower shades, and leaning against the arena wall, trying to cross his front legs.

Vosh shakes his head in disgust. Caerul does the same. Sighing, Vosh pushes off from the wall and slowly walks towards the drake, who does the same. Vosh’s arm twitches. The drake’s nose wrinkles, and then it recoils! It opens its wings and takes to the sky… and then lets loose a stream of electrically-charged water! Vosh rolls to the side and avoids it, giving a thumbs-up as he rolls. The drake tries again, and this time hits Vosh straight on, barreling him backward and causing him to convulse.

Vosh, sitting in a sparking puddle, rips off his shades and roars in fury. His legs tense, and he leaps up… and the drake hits the boar-man in mid-air with his breath, and then dives down at Vosh! But Vosh lands on his feet and leaps up in the air! As he approaches the drake, the drake’s path starts to waver, and then… it falls from the sky! Vosh lands atop the drake, cracks his knuckles, slides down to its face, and looks it in the eye. Caerul’s mouth opens to snap the boar in half, but Vosh… vomits into the drake’s open mouth!

Caerul shrieks and twitches, flailing around, eyes watering, trying desperately to spit out Vosh’s vomit. Vosh washes in cool amusement, and picks up his shades, before running at Caerul, hitting the Drake’s head hard with tusks and envenomed fists. One fist hits Caerul directly in the eye, and the drake’s flailing becomes even more pronounced. Caerul’s vicious barbed tail lashes out, hitting Vosh and sending him flying across the arena, where the boar hits the wall hard. The Drake’s tail is smoking now, and seems to be covered in Vosh vomit! The drake screams and charges the now-downed Vosh, who weakly looks up, gets shakily to his feet, and moons the drake.

A loud signal of flatulence fills the arena, and the drake is brought up short. Vosh whirls around and punches the drake in the nose, and then drags his knuckles down to his bleeding, weeping, sore-filled nostrils, and rips them open. The drake roars and tosses Vosh high, high in the air…. And then whacks him with his tail, sending him into the crowd, where he does not move.

Martial victory goes to the poor Caerul… but the judges award humiliation, style, and pain to Vosh… should he ever be brought back to consciousness after that walloping. And there’s the halfway point!

Cerberrat (Sinclaw) vs. Samyaza (Lacunae)

“And we have a last-minute switch here, with Lacunae bringing the beast Samyaza to the match this time, instead of having two beasts with the same name fight against each other! Against her is Cerberrat, a… three-headed rat? Well, Samyaza takes to the skies, and then dives down at Cerberrat, using her barbed tentacles to neatly flay Ceberrat’s skin from it… the rat chitters in pain. Samyaza then lands next to it, picks it up, opens her enormous hideous maw, and swallows it whole.

The judges award all points to Samyaza, though one judge dissents and wanted to award style to Cerberrat for Sinclaw’s guts…

Sticky Stuneye (Gragg'Dvorak) vs. Roger the Rogor (lil'lil'eth'eth)

“And we’re on to the fifth match! We have a craaaaaazy Rat Ogre facing off against a rather unsettling cyclopean fimir… and the match begins! Sticky immediately glares at Roger, who freezes, its chain falling to the ground. The fimir then hobbles over to the rat ogre, grabs it with its claws, and begins to slowly slice off tiny pieces of Roger’s skin. The tentacles probe, gouging out Roger’s eyes, sluggishly rip open its mouth, eviscerate its ears, rip off its claws… I’m getting squeamish just watching this beast dissect Roger…

The judges end the match and confer before Roger is not recoverable, awarding all points to Sticky.

Kitkat (Tirr) vs. The Great Tormentor (Shifty)

“And the penultimate match of the round begins! The Great Tormentor, giggling madly, charges forward, and Kitkat sits in place, licking its paws. Kitkat looks up just in time to see the snotling’s feathered arms dance all over its body… and she begins to twitch and convulse. After a few moments, her claws and fangs come out, and the snotling is in tatters. Kitkat licks her paws.

The judges were overall rather underwhelmed. Kitkat earned points for combat and pain, while style and humiliation went to the Great Tormentor. Our day is almost over!

Gentle-Touch Tina (Savannah) vs. Reginald (Victor)

“And here we are, breeders, gentlerats, and others, at the final match of the night! We have too foes that seem to be evenly matched in might… but are they matched in their ability to torment? We’ll find out now!

The pistol opens the match, and the two beasts immediately unleash their ranged attacks upon each other; Reginald lets forth an enormous belch of flame, while Tina the domin-rat-ogre-atrix unleashed a barrage of porcupine quills and a hideous shriek. The quills are burned up in Reginald’s flames, but the shriek makes Reginald stagger back and wince. On the flipside, Reginald’s flame envelope Tina and she is force to stop, drop and roll!

Reginald takes advantage of his chance and leaps forward, but Tina’s razor-whips lash out, wrapping themselves around Reginald’s arms and severing the heads of several snakes. Roaring in pain, Reginald continued to surge forward, and is met with Tina’s backhanded quill-slaps. Reginald returns the favor, though, with swipes from bear arms that seem to be oozing pus! Tina’s gimp suit is ripped, and furious, she launches her attack again, with another loud shriek for good measure. Reginald, dazed, steps back and lets Tina rip into him before regaining his senses. Reginald’s thick armour is preventing Tina from accessing many areas of Reginald, but his extremities remain vulnerable, and under attack!

Reginald is back with us now, and his own arms get to work then, as he uses his bear claws to rip through Tina’s suit further. His snakes target Tina’s fingers, ripping them apart slowly – and ending up impaling themselves on porcupine quills in the process – while his bear claws lash out at the crotch, nose, eyes, and… ouch! even a hot on her tongue!

Meanwhile, Tina’s razorwhips are beginning to actually tear up Reginald’s armour. Her attacks are getting weaker, however… it looks like her flesh is actually beginning to sag and rot! She staggers backward, and Reginald presses his advantage. It looks like Tina is slowly becoming a leper! Her flesh actually starts to melt off of her arm, exposing bone! Tina’s weakness gives Reginald the opening he needs, and he attacks in a frenzy, ripping off Tina’s skin and jabbing at her exposed nerves. Tina is taken over by pain, and collapses onto the ground!

The judges confer… and award Tina points for style, while awarding Victor points for pain and martial victory. The judges, however, can’t decide on humiliation – Tina’s outfit and design is, one argues, inherently humiliating, while another points out the humiliating nature of Victor’s rot. The third judge has fallen asleep, and they decide to flip a coin! And we have heads, so Tina gets points for humiliation as well!

And that’s it for this round! The HellCouncil is assigning the next rounds themselves, in order to bring out the best torturers!

Next Round:
Neuroflayer (Kilrikk) vs. Mangler (Kretchitt)
Pride (Sho-Yin) vs. Vosh (Tekris)
Samyaza (Lacunae) vs. Sticky Stuneye (Gragg'Dvorak)
Kitkat (Tirr) vs. Reginald (Victor)

Packlord Profile
The Execution of Ikkilit the Traitor

"Welcome back, breeders and gentlerats! It is I, Zarekk, once more your lovely announcer for this evening of torture, carnage, and mayhem! Today we'll be one step closer to determining who will have the glory and honor of executing Ikkilit the Traitor, who once more dangles above the arena.

As a reminder, remember that for this tournament, it isn’t just victory over an opponent that matters, but also the amount of pain and humiliation that the beasts can cause each other! While victory still counts, other factors play into it, and our judges are continuing to use the same five-point division to judge beasts and determine their advancement to the next round:

-One point for combat
-Two points for pain
-One point for humiliation
-One point for style

For every point a beast earns this second round, they will earn 70 tokens, plus a basic 70 tokens for participation. Naturally, if a victorious beast was badly injured, medical care will be given to them, funded by the HellCouncil, so they may advance.

Let's go!"

Neuroflayer (Kilrikk) vs. Mangler (Kretchitt)

"The first match of the day pits Kilrikk's fearsome jellyfish, Neuroflayer, against the squiggified Troll Mangler! Mangler wastes no time in rushing across the pitch to face his enemy, but Neuroflayer floats up out of reach, though Mangler tries to spew his vomit up in a fountain of putresence... only to have it all fall back down in his face! Neuroflayer swoops down and embraces Mangler in his tentacles, and the troll roars in pain... and then lightning streaks down the tentacles, causing Mangler's body to convulse! Mangler collapses, vomiting involuntarily this time all over himself, as Neuroflayer continues to entangle the troll, the shocks and pain causing his muscles to ripple.

But the fight is not over! Mangler staggers to his feet, working slowly through the pain, and uses his squig-hands to grab Neuroflayer's body and toss it to the ground, ripping its gelatinous flesh. Neuroflayer flails a bit as it sinks, its air-sacs busted... and a juge gust of air bowls mangler over as the gas is expelled. Shaking violently, Mangler stands up, but Neuroflayer is lying on the ground twitching, useless.

The judges award martial victory and style - for his impressive durability - to Kretchitt... but humiliation and pain to Neuroflayer. Kilrikk advances!"

Pride (Sho-Yin) vs. Vosh (Tekris)

"And up next is a pair of beasts that are both too cool! The match begins, and both beasts stay by their respective Moulders, on opposite ends of the arena. Pride stands proudly, flaunting his mane and tentacles, and preens for the audience, earning cheers. Vosh, meanwhile, leans against the opposite arena wall, and keeps his shades firmly over his eyes, not looking at Pride. How cool!

The two of them stand there for what feels like hours, too cool to acknowledge the others' presence... until Vosh extended an arm, and gestures for Pride to come at him! Pride's muscles clench, but Sho-Yin says something softly, and Pride calms down, continuing his pacing.

Finally, it seems like Vosh has had enough! He pushes off from the wall, turns about, bends over, pulls down his trousers.... and lets a big one rip!

The arena is silent. Vosh pulls his pants back up.

Still, Pride makes no move! Its eyes are fixated on Tekris, ignoring Vosh, and the Moulder becomes increasingly uncomfortable with the feline's predatory stare. Tekris finally shouts a word to Vosh, and the boar-thing grins, turns, and calmly walks up towards Pride, whose gaze now shifts to his true foe. With every step, Vosh lets loose a ripping fart, his smile growing bigger with every step, his existence a contradiction: both cool and gross.

Pride remains aloof, his demeanor pure and simple. He will not let himself be humiliated by something as crude and uncool as Vosh.

As Vosh approaches Pride, Pride begins to sway from side to side, eyes unable to focus. Pride seems to be a bit dizzy... and the lion staggers. Vosh pauses within Pride's jumping distance, turns around...

...and Pride leaps into action, quite literally! The plantlion jumps into the air just as Vosh lets loose a stream of noxious diarrhea... I can actually see that smell! The poo-stream impacts Pride mid-jump, but does now slow him down one bit! Pride hits Vosh, and the two of them roll on the ground, both now covered in excrement.

Vosh is entangled now in Pride's tentacles, which probe their way into Vosh's skin, seeking for open wounds, and causing the flesh to bubble and shift. However, as Pride does this, the plantlion shrieks in pain and withdraws its tentacles... it seems that Vosh's blood is made of the same stuff his feces are, except mixed with acid!

Pride staggers backwards... it appears as if... the lion's mutagenic tentacles have actually caused Vosh's blood to mutate, and mixed with the shit everywhere... the shit is actually moving and wriggling on its own! It all streams towards Pride, who backs away in fear... Vosh slowly gets to his feet, dripping blood... he grins and takes off his shades...

...and immediately stands paralyzed. Pride moves forward to claim his victory, but streams of living shit begin to ride up his legs, slowing him down, streaming into his mouth... Pride gags... oh dear Mutae, the Skavenity! Pride is halted in his tracks. Its eyes begin to water, and it collapses, its flesh starting to burn.... but it drags itself forward, towards the paralyzed Vosh, and raises one shaking claw, fighting against the shit, and slashes Vosh's stomach, sending steaming blood all over him. Vosh, however, cannot handle much more damage, and collapses. Pride shakingly takes Vosh's glasses, puts them on his own head, stands up...

...and collapses.

The judges confer! Humiliation and style go to Vosh immediately, but the other three categories they are unsure of. After a moment of discussion, they decide to award Pride with martial victory, and split the pain points between the two. Vosh wins... by only a hair.

OOC: Alas, Vosh was Pride's natural antithesis. It was the powerful acidic blood and hypnosis - and shades - that made sure Vosh had a direct counter to every one of Pride's strengths.

Samyaza (Lacunae) vs. Sticky Stuneye (Gragg'Dvorak)

"Onto the penultimate match! The pistol starts the match off, and immediately Samyaza holds up... a mirror? Very clever! Her numerous eyes are all looking at everywhere, only glancing at Sticky when they have to! Very clever. Samyaza takes to the skies, circling the grounded Sticky!

It seems as if Sticky's best trick - that petrifying gaze - won't do much against the many-eyed Samyaza! Talk about a tough break. Still, Sticky tries to petrify... and Samyza holds up the mirror in an attempt to reflect the gaze! Unfortunately, some of the elf's eyes catch peeks of Sticky's stunning eye, and the elf falters in mid-air, beginning to fall! But it also looks like the mirror had some effect too... Sticky's movements, and his reaction to the elf spiraling towards the ground, is slowed! The mirror appears to be somewhat effective!

Samyaza lands, and charges at Sticky... in what looks like slow-motion. Sticky is moving no faster, and the two are now within striking distance of one another! Samyaza's barbed tentacles lash out, meeting Sticky's halfway! Of course, barbed tentacles tend to be far less effective when wielded at half-speed... but so the battle continues, with us able to see every excruciating move... with them getting slower all the time.

Samyaza's tentacles rip away Sticky's skin, and Sticky's slowly - very slowly - rip Samyaza's skin away, before digging them into her eye-covered flesh and causing her flesh to boil and bubble - thankfully that is not in slow motion!

It looks like Samyaza's many eyes are clouding over... it looks almost as if she is going blind! But will that help her or hinder her? She's already starting to move faster... but also more clumsily. She is having some trouble seeing... I wonder what's going on! I think she senses that her time is near... and ouch! Sticky cuts off a barbed tentacles with his own, and Samyaza springs into action! She has lost all semblance of coolness as she panics, and rips onto the fimir rather badly...

...ouch! a slash right across the Fimir's petrifying eye! The Fimir staggers backwards, bleeding from its eye, and then manages to land a blow across Samyaza's arm... ripping out several of the clouded eyes! But Samyaza has the upper hand, and in a furious rage finishes her work on Sticky, ripping him to shreds!

The judges are having a hard time deciding the points this time. Martial victory goes to Samyaza, but the points for style go to Jorry. Humilation surprisingly goes to Sticky - perhaps for making Samyaza lose her cool - so it is up to the matter of pain... and after a very close split among judges, the award for pain goes to... Samyaza, making it a very close win over Sticky.

Kitkat (Tirr) vs. Reginald (Victor)

"And here we are now, with the final match of the night! We have Tirr's sturdy little kitten up against Reginald the Ogre! And the match begins, with Kitkat howling and leaping forward... and Reginald swiping one Ogreish hand at the cat! The cat's angry yowls become yowls of pain, and it flies across the arena. Reginald grumbles something and massages his arms, injured by the acidic blood, and then barrels down at Kitkat. The cat, naturally, landed on its feet, and is up and ready to fight once more! Its fur stands on end, but Reginald towers over her...

...and reins himself in with a few words from Victor. It seems the Ogre had to be reminded that this was not a match just to the death... but a match to the pain. Unfortunately, it's heard to see how an Ogre can make a cat last for very long... and ouch! Reginald lets the snakeheads on his arms attack the cat, and the cat responds by hissing and batting at them. The heads hiss louder with every claw swipe...

...and the Reginald loses his patience and swipes the cat away! That looks like a finishing blow... but wait! Kitkat stands up again! What tenacity! But Reginald won't have this, and with a second swipe, Kitkat is knocked clean into the wall... and out of action.

The judges award Kitkat points for style, with the rest going to Reginald.

Next Round
Neuroflayer (Kilrikk) vs. Vosh (Tekris)

Samyaza (Lacunae) vs. Reginald (Victor)

Packlord Profile
The Execution of Ikkilit the Traitor

"Zarekk is back, breeders and gentlerats, for the semi-final round of the tournament to determine who will have the most honored privilege of executing Ikkilit the traitor! We've had a great run of beasts thus far, and before we get started with this double round knockout, I just want to remind everyone of the rules: victory over an opponent is not all that matters this time, more important is the amount of pain and humiliation that the beasts can cause each other! While victory still counts, other factors play into it, and our judges are continuing to use the same five-point division to judge beasts and determine their advancement to the next round:

-One point for combat
-Two points for pain
-One point for humiliation
-One point for style

For every point a beast earns this second round, they will earn 100 tokens, but no handouts for participation this time! If a victorious beast is badly injured, medical care will be given to them, funded by the HellCouncil, so they may advance.

Let's begin it!"

Neuroflayer (Kilrikk) vs. Vosh (Tekris)

"And the sweet sound of a pistol starts off the first match! Vosh immediately begins by spinning in place, then planting his feet firmly... and rapping?

Yo, I heard what's up
In the lair of this pup
The one they call Mindflayer,
Whose momma was a player,
I visited her den,
saw her mating with a hen,
and then she laid an egg,
and out popped this dreg...

...but little Kilrikk then he cried,
'cuz his momma went and died,
so he made himself a pretty,
'cuz he missed his momma's ****y,
Never learned to grow,
'Cuz his momma was a...


Well then! Thank Mutae there are no children around to hear him... those are some impressive armpit farting noises, I must say. Kilrikk is livid with fury, though Neuroflayer, being a jellyfish, is unperturbed. Kilrikk, though, sends his beast heading straight at Vosh. The boar leaps into the air, powered by, it looks like, his farts, and lands on top of the jellyfish, causing it to crach to the ground under the weight of Vosh and his quite literal shit. The tentacles come up and sting Vosh, who yelps and drops his shades, revealing blood-red, angry eyes. Vosh jumps up and down on the jellyfish, tripping it apart with his bare hands, ignoring the painful stings of the jelly, and shitting in the open wounds he leaves behind...

...until the jelly is still. Vosh spits on it, picks up his shit-covered shades, and staggers off.


They award Kilrikk pity-points for pain - plus, can a jellyfish even feel pain? - and award Tekris the rest.

Samyaza (Lacunae) vs. Reginald (Victor)

"And up second we have the highly anticipated matchup between two of Hell Pit's rising stars, Lacunae and Victor! With the shot of that famous pistol, fired off by Kirilken himself, the match begins! As expected, Samyaza takes to the skies, and performs s eries of stunning acrobatics, and beckons Reginald to follow her lead! Reginald takes exception to the implications, and spews flames at the elf, who nimbly dodges them, her enormous maw laughing. She swoops down and lashes out at Reginald with her tentacles... but if she was looking to cause pain, those skittering shots off the Ogres' armour won't help!

Reginald's counter-strike misses as well, and the two engage in a dance, with Reginald trying to force Samyaza out of the sky - and failing - and Samyaza trying to wound Reginald - and also failing. Her wings tiring out, Samyaza finally glides down to the ground. She beckons Reginald to come at her again... and Reginald does the same. They continue to taunt one another from across the arena... until Reginald breaks down and charges. Samyaza is ready, and her whips lash out, snaking their way this time through cracks in the Ogre's armour. Reginald roars in pain and lashes out, trying to hit Samyaza's eyes... but those same eyes enable her to see the attacks coming, and she nimbly dodges and dances around Reginald...

...and then he's had enough. As Samyaza moves in with her mouth extended, ready to maim, Reginald breathes a blast of black fire, too large for her to dodge, right into her open mouth! Samyaza screams... and Reginald presses his advantages, lunging forwards and clawing out some of the eyes that cover her body! Samyaza staggers backward, on fire, and with her eyes being clawed out, one by one.

Fighting through the pain, Samyaza's left barbed whip lashes out, striking the Ogre across the face and ripping off a sizeable chunk of tasty face-flesh! Reginald reels back, and Samyaza presses the attack, whips seeking out and expanding on chinks in Reginald's army! Surely the Ogre is now swimming in a sea of blood inside his own armour!

Samyaza's flames are going out, and Reginald blows another burst of flame at her that brings her to her knees. Breathing heavily, Reginald continues to pluck and claw Samyaza's eyes out... until she falls to the flames.

Martial victory goes to Reginald... but the judges award humiliation and style to Samyaza, and after careful debate, give pain to Reginald as well... but only just.

Reginald (Victor) vs. Vosh (Tekris)

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Reginald (Victor) vs. Vosh (Tekris)

"And for the final tournament round, we have Zarekk back, and... what's this?

"Both Moulders walk out onto the arena, Victor's head held high, and Tekris' low... it looks like Vosh has lost his shades, and looks heavily beaten... and his hands are gone! They look as if they have been rather un-artfully sliced off!

"Silence falls over the crowd. Except for me, who is narrating the silence. This tournament is sacred! Who would sabotage a beast in a tournament like this? Even Ikkilit himself, up in his cage, is shaking with rage!

"Oh... by Mutae, Raznarth is standing... and he's speaking...

"Sabotage is unwelcome here, in this tournament meant to bring out the finest mutageniforms Hell Pit can offer. This tournament's final round will be delayed until Vosh has been restored, and Reginald may be modified for the last round as well. Now tell me, who has mangled your beast, Tekris Zimkus? Was it the one who stands opposite you?"

"We all await the answer!"

OOC: Tournament final round delayed until Turn 30. Vosh and Reginald may both be mutated. :) Ratty and Victor can also reply in this thread, in-character, to address Raznarth's questions.
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Tekris bowed before Raznarth before speaking.

"My lord, Raznarth. Whoever att-attacked my lab and commited this filthy-bad crime was good. They bypassed multiple defences and left little to no-no trace of their identity. However, I have pondered who would go as low-low to strike at me. Victor come-comes to mind first, for it seem-seemed suspect that he'd openly gamble such a large amount of tokens with such confidence. Per-perhaps he did so to secure this wealth or at least knew some-something would occur in his favour. And yet, I question if Victor would stoop so low and be so obvious."

Tekris paused and gently licked his lips before continuing.

"Kilrikk has cause to strike at me from the hu-humiliation of our previous match. With Victor the obvious scapegoat, and the expectation I would seek-seek to bring down Victor rather than seek-seek the truth, he does become somewhat suspect to my mind."

Tekris rubbed at the heavy dark rings under his eyes.

"However, I cannot shake-shake the feeling that something greater is at play here than petty rivalry or revenge. I fear that this is a delay. The cult that Ikkilit led tried to coerce myself into spring-springing Ikkilit's escape prior to this tournament. I refused. No-no, I reported myself and my findings to the Inquisition. But I daresay there are oth-others who'd wish to save Ikkilit from his execution, some who would find the delay beneficial to their plans. I wish to hear what Victor has to say-squeak first, but I have an itch...the strangest feeling that we are being played..."
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Raznarth said not another word, but turned to look at Victor, eyes burning red with balefire.

Victor stood silent for a moment, eyes fixed on Vosh in disbelief. Noticing that all attention had turned to him, including those balefire eyes of the lord Raznarth, he takes a deep bow.
My lord Raznarth. It strikes me that whoever performed this despicable act had a very clear goal in mind. It seems obvious, given the rules of this tournament, that if the attacker had intended to influence the outcome of this match to his or her own benefit, then they would have weakened the victim in such a way that it would be undetectable at the onset of the match. Given the clearly visible exterior damage to the victim, I feel safe in assuming that the attacker had something else in mind instead.

A delaying strategy, as mister Zimkus suggests, seems at present to be the most likely. Now, there are several suspects who could benefit from a delay.

First, and most obvious, is myself. If I had felt that Reginald was not ready for this match, and that a delay would be to my benefit in order to upgrade him, then this might have been a viable tactic. I can assure you however that I have much faith in Reginald, and to underline this I will not use the delay to upgrade him further. If you so wish, I will leave him here under your supervision, until the tournament is resumed, to verify this.

Victor pauses, pondering on his next words now that the obvious is out of the way.

Mister Zimkus suggests that Ikkilit’s own Cult of Tzaar might be involved, and a delay would help them to plan his escape more thoroughly. This idea I believe holds a lot of merit. The Cult has been reeling since their failed assault on Hell Pit, and it would make sense for them to buy time, lick their wounds, gather strength before striking out in an attempt to free Ikkilit.

Another option that I can’t shake off my mind would be the Nightmare Menagerie, Ikkilit’s former allies. I am sure that they have much to lose if Ikkilit speaks. He presumably knows a lot about them, and does not carry them a warm heart. I suspect it was them who were behind the initial assassination attempt at the onset of this tournament, and it’s entirely possible that they are planning to finish off what they have started. The one thing that bothers me about this theory is that I don’t see what they would need the extra time for..

In short, there are many possibilities. The only thing I can safely assume is that this sabotage was not intended to influence the outcome of this match, but rather the proceeding of the tournament. It was a strategic rather than a tactical sabotage, so to speak. Given that mister Zimkus testifies that the attacker was really powerful and bypassed several layers of defence further strengthens me in my conviction that this must be the work of a powerful organisation rather than any single individual.

Victor bows again, and awaits Raznarth’s response.
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Tournament wins:
Execution of Ikkilit

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Raznarth gives no response to Victor, but dismisses both Moulders from the field.

Days later, the tournament is held once more, with Ikkilit hanging from his cage above the match as usual.

The announcer speaks.

"Welcome back, breeders and gentlerats, for the truly final match! The categories this time around are the same as always, with the winner receiving 500 Tokens and the honor of executing Ikkilit, and the loser receiving only 300!

"Raznarth himself starts off this match by ringing a mighty bell! Vosh, now equipped with a pair of fearsome bear arms, immediately begins his routine, leaning back and starting his rap.

Yo, I don't know who in this fray,
Is the uglier of you, don't know what to say,
But dumb ol' Reggie shou-

Reginald is having none of it, and was charging forward, black flames spurting from his Ogrey mouth, from the moment Vosh started rapping. Surprised, Vosh uses his bear claws to bare his bare bottom, and lets loose a...

...small poot? Vosh looks at his bum, surprised, as Reginald slams into him, pounding the piggie into the wall! Vosh manages to wriggle around and let loose a stream of vomit... oh wait, no, that was a spitball. It looks like Vosh is all out of juice now! And wow, does Reginald reek now... seems as if Victor took a lesson from Vosh, eh, and made his beast smell almost as bad as Vosh's poo!

Reginald backs away, and Vosh staggers forward, not dead, but his skin partly flayed and his face in tatters. Vosh collapses, shuddering and shaking violently, completely incapacitated!

The judges confer... and award all but Style to Reginald; it seems they weren't a fan of Reginald's new smell. Reginald takes out the piggie to claim the title, but well-fought all arou-

Look! Ikkilit's cage! Ikkilit is gone!"
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