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Endgame Turn 2 Orders Phase

MP Season IV Endgame has begun!
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Moulder Monthly XXIX; Turn 29 Begins... Beware!
Topic Started: Tue 10 Oct 2017 07:36:09 (142 Views)
Moulder Monthly

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With this edition claim your special Space Hulk Hunt Supplement!

BREAKING: Korr Ventariis Killed!
In big news today, we have confirmed reports that Master of the Hunt and HellCouncil member Korr Ventariis has, in fact, been killed in action by a Tyranid "Hive Tyrant" on board the Space Hulk. Blame is being cast all around, but much of it has landed in the lap of influential Moulder Lacunae, famous for her tournament-winning streak and leadership of the Elven Homeland Movement organization known as the "Twilight Guardians." She assaulted Moulder Monthly reporter Dorevik the Deranged during the middle of the Hunt - an act which we shall punish harshly - dragging him away to an alternate dimension with magical powers, and may have also cloned the Tyranid Hive Tyrant that killed Korr, making the task of the Hunters twice as difficult.

The Hunter caste is reeling from the loss, and Korr's right-hand Morvaneth was knocked-out by Malkior the Silent, Korr's left-hand rat, because Morvaneth is believed to have Twilight sympathies, and may have been working with Lacunae. Current rumours say that the Twilight Guardians were making a grab for control of the Hunter Caste, and so Malkior removed Morvaneth from the equation. Lacunae's test of loyalty will be coming soon, and it is expected that Malkior will be confirmed as Master of the Hunt, barring some bizarre resurrection of Korr. This action may have serious repercussions for homeland movements, particularly the elven ones.

Sacred Tournament Sabotaged
The Execution of Ikkilit the Traitor Tournament has been delayed after a bold and blasphemous action of sabotage. Tekris' beast, the wildly popular Vosh, walked onto the tournament field with his hands cut off, and his shades missing, causing an uproar amongst the crowd, and a cold fury from the HellCouncil.

See here for more information.

Hunt Reaches Final Battles
The Space Hulk Hunt appears to be reaching its climax, with an absolutely massive haul of beasts and creatures coming in - as well as many casualties. This has been a hard-fought battle, but the rewards promise to be great: new equipment for the Enginseers to play with, and a host of beasts for new Moulders to use, and to learn new mutagenic and sanguinetic - and mindshaping - processes on.

The fight seems to have narrowed down to two major conflicts; a climactic battle against the Tyranid Hive Tyrant, and another battle between leaders of the Genestealer Cult, members of which are trying to pit the Moulders against each other.

Other conflicts are beginning to wind down, particularly after Grogg Thundersmith, under Franck Feldscherr's direction, cast a rune that severed the mental links between Tyranids, allowing for the tide to turn everywhere. Though it only lasted a few minutes - due to Lacunae's potential treachery - it was enough.

See the Moulder Monthly Supplement for more information!

Editorial: Socialism is the Natural Opposite of Mutae
by Victor von Hohenfeld, in response to Ratimir Verminn

Mister Ratimir Verminn, in the last edition of the Monthly, twists and turns in an attempt to justify the actions of the socialist Che Krizera. He is obviously misguided, and possibly maliciously heretical.

He advocates level playing fields and equality for all. This however is the very antithesis of progress. If Moulders become too poor to buy beasts and compete with the best, then they have only themselves to thank for that. It is the only rightful reward for performing poorly, sabotaging the progress of the Futuremother with half hearted attempts. A society that rewards laziness and ineptitude while punishing success will invariably stagnate and become the very opposite of directed evolution of Mutae.

Socialism is a cancer that needs to be eradicated from the roots up.

May your Faith forever be strong, and your mind be clear from corrupting mists,

Victor von Hohenfeld

Editorial Counterpoint: The Faults Inherent in the Freedom Fighter Movement
by Tirr the Strange

It was asked to me by a member of the WMD is the current epidemic of communalist activity part of a great mutaen inevitability.The idea that Mutae being the goddess of mutation and change demands our society to constantly shift is not a uncommon one. I am here to correct the perception that this is what the Freedom Fighter movement is advocating. The freedom fighters of Krisera demand revolution and have not been the first to do so in HellPit's history our very own blessed prophet having succeeded in his own overthrow of the establishment in our recent history.The thing about revolution is it is almost exactly that, a full circle. Apart from some differences introduced in the chaotic period that leave a lasting legacy things remain largely the same. While to some degree these changes by degrees by many revolutions over time enact Mutaes demand for change it would not be the freedom fighters acheiving this, but rather the collective groups who would overthrow them. For the proletarian vision demanded by the membership of the freedom fighters to take place a revised version of communalism would need to be enacted. One which creates a helix rather than a circle. A tenet of continous revolution...

Editorial Counterpoint: Socialism is Death
by Anonymous
Citizens of Hell Pit, raise your eyes to the sky and observe! A home within the warp - granted to us by Mutae's grace in defiance of our world's destruction!

Archaon the Everchosen, herald of the Dark Gods, sought to bring an end to our civilisation, an end to us all! Yet through generations of hardship, we have endured! This was achieved through toil, through sacrifice, and most of all through aspiration! The constant evolution of ourselves and our society, driven by the ope of a better future is the very embodiment of Mutae's grace. Yet the socialists would take that hope away.

To be a socialist is to say improvement doesn't matter. To be a socialist is to say that no matter your strengths or your achievements, you deserve neither wealth nor glory. To be a socialist is to reduce you from a living being into a cog within a mad machine, with no rights and less dignity than the most wretched of slaves.

Socialism spits upon the dreams of our forebears, the hopes we each cherish, and the love of Mutae. It demands the utter destruction of oneself, in mind, body and soul. But be warned, for socialism is not merely a road to death.

Socialism IS death.

Have any counterpoints? Send it to 169 Screaming Bell Way, Palace Outskirts!

Want anything? Want to sell something? Look no further than the new Moulder Monthly Classifieds! To post an ad in the Monthly, please PM Moulder Monthly with your desired ad wording.
  • The Beastgrinder - Got old beasts using up space in your lab? Sell them to the Beastgrinder, where we'll break your beast down into its component parts for a sum of tokens! For less tokens, we're also happy to try and salvage valuable parts of a beast for you, and get them back. PM Moulder Monthly with the name of the beast and any parts you want to salvage, and we'll give you a quote!

  • Bodyguard Wanted - Wanted: Small, discrete, yet powerful beast capable of defending important business-rat in public spaces. Up to four beasts wanted. Up to 150 tokens per bodyguard. PM Moulder Monthly to negotiate.

  • Thief Deterrent Wanted - Vendor in the Bloodyface Market having goods stolen on a regular basis. Seeking beast able to detect, spot, and kill thieves. Willing to pay up to 200 Tokens for a good beast; PM Moulder Monthly with beasts or proposals.
  • Morskittar the Mechamind: 2000 Tokens.
  • Kriz II/Che Krizera: 1500 Tokens
  • Rab Alramadi: 1500 Tokens
Rumour Mill

  • Rumour Mill
  • Those damn socialists are trying to rebuild the cult of Tzaar!
  • Victor sabotaged Vosh, and is using his connections to get off scot-free.
  • The Nightmare Menagerie is framing Lacunae for treachery!
  • The elves are going to make a grab for power soon!
  • Rosko's Gambling Den will be re-opening soon!
  • Korr Ventariis will be resurrected by members of the Nekrokult.
  • Tex'Hallik was robbed blind!
  • Sho-Yin has been consorting with Tzaarist Daemons!
  • Death to elves!
Got any sweet, juicy rumours to spread? Fear not, we have an outlet for you! Send any rumours you may have happened to stumble upon to the Moulder Monthly, at this address: 169 Screaming Bell Way, Palace Outskirts. Make sure to label your submission "Rumour Mill Submission, Turn #".

Rosko's Stealth Pageant
Sign-ups have closed to this pageant, with the voting thread going up this weekend, and the tests of stealth coming soon after!

Execution of Ikkilit the Traitor
The tournament to decide who will kill Ikilit has been delayed, pending Vosh's restoration. The final round will now be fought this Turn 30, with Tekris' Vosh up against Victor's Reginald!

The Squiggening
Sign-ups for the special tournament The Squiggening have ended! Registered to participate are:
  • Sinclaw - Squigmeat and Geoff
  • Guldan - Bubbles and Rotter
  • Tex'Hallik - Hard Meal
  • Victor - Mroonch
  • Sir Bacon - Tuber Uncinatum and Kallohonka
  • Tekris Zimkus - Gnibble and Glibble
  • Kretchitt - Gnashgnaw and Gnawgnash
  • Franck - Nhub-Squiggurath and The Gifted
  • Sho-Yin - Thing 1
If you meant to enter and are not listed here, PM a Packlord or Tournaments immediately, as the first challenge begins this Turn 29!

Feast of Mutae
Looking to get rid of old beasts? Enter this free-for-all bloodfest, in which only one beast will survive... and the rest will be offered to Mutae! Read more and sign up here. Sign-ups end Turn 29.

Challenge of Champions
Prove your beast is the best by entering the Challenge of Champions! This tournament's unique match-up system, where participants choose their opponents, is a crowd favorite! Enter here! Sign-ups end Turn 30!

The Cloak and Dagger Tournament
Can you create the ultimate assassin? Find out in this unique tournament! Read more here! Sign ups end Turn 32.

Keep an Eye Out For:
-The Tyrannofest! Create beasts with your captured Hunt creatures and pit them against each other! Sign-ups will go up after the Hunt ends.
-The Hellbowl: Blood Bowl and Rat Ogres in Hell Pit! Teams of beasts playing Mutae's favorite non-pitfighting bloodsport!
-Round Rat-bin: Haven't you always wanted to lead an opponent's beast into battle? Maybe make a few modifications to it? Look for sign-ups for this popular tournament as the Challenge of Champions winds down!


Primo Mutae!

Apologies for the delay! Next turn ends Monday at midnight instead of Sunday. :)
Edited by Tournaments, Wed 11 Oct 2017 04:11:26.
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Member Avatar

No need to apologize for the slight delay in this turn, it's clear crazy shit be happening on all fronts! Looks like my Bloodhunters will have to save the day :D

Mutate: Also, Thing 1 should be in the Squiggening but I'll pm you guys on that too
Edited by Skritchit, Tue 10 Oct 2017 16:02:59.
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s'neek'eep @ Jun 19 2007
07:42 PM
kinda went outside the box a little...
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