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Moulder Monthly XXXII; Turn 32!
Topic Started: Sun 26 Nov 2017 07:51:45 (386 Views)
Moulder Monthly

Packlord Profile
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Malkior the Silent Confirmed as Next Master of the Hunt
In an unsurprising turn of events, Malkior the Silent has joined the HellCouncil, replacing the dead Korr Ventariis as the Master of the Hunt. Malkior's appointment means that the HellCouncil is once more entirely Skaven, and already non-Skaven members of the Hunt are facing discrimination from the upper ranks, and many high-ranking elves have been purged or imprisoned.

Malkior the Silent earned his name for his slashed throat - supposedly earned in a failed assassination attempt - and whispering, almost inaudible voice, as well as his dislike of speaking. He has been a high-ranking Hunter, and a favorite of Korr despite his anti-Elf sentiments, for quite a while. An older Skaven, he remains spry, and until Korr's death, the second most proficient Hunter in the entire caste.

Malkior, aside from being a skilled hunter, is also a noted proponent of Skaven's Rights, and a champion of the Skaven Supremacy movement. His appointment has given the Skaven Supremacists a further boost to their legitimacy, and a greater say in the affairs of Hell Pit. While most of the HellCouncil has no public views on Skaven Supremacy, Malkior is outspoken on his support of it, while it is whispered that Slavelord Kirilken and Verminmaster Skrit-Quoll have Skaven Supremacist sympathies. On the other side, surprisingly, Screamingclaw, while intolerant of heresy and generally supportive of Skaven holdiung the highest positions of power, is said to actually support giving non-Skaven greater opportunities. Additionally, Vorqueek and Darkshar are believed to hold similar opinions, though they do not voice them.

The composition of the Hunter's Caste is certain to change with a noted Skaven Supremacist at its head, and when the time comes, we shall see how he performs. For now, welcome to the HellCouncil, Malkior!

Ratzmas Cometh!
'Tis the season for Saint Ratolas to arrive! Make sure to sign up for the Ratzmas Tournament, and enter the Ratzmas Tournament!

Gangs on the Prowl
Gangs are starting to get organised out in the wastes around and under Hell Pit; they've even begun giving themselves names. While this is not unusual in and of itself, the sheer quantity of organized, or at least semi-organized, crime and extra-legal organizations engaging in it has exploded of late. Many blame the Homelands Movements for this trend.

Most prominently, the Rapscallions, a mixed-species warband, have recently started terrorising the areas around the outer tunnels. It's said that they're led by two charismatic, ex-pitfighting beasts, who escaped from their masters and are ultimately trying to seek revenge.

If you're shopping out on the edges of Hell Pit, beware!

WMD Fights Skaven Supremacy
In light of the recent riling up of Skaven Supremacist sentiment in Hell Pit by Foulclaw, and in response to the ascension of Malkior the Silent to the HellCouncil, socialists, homeland movements, and others have launched a campaign attacking Skaven Supremacists, and particularly Foulclaw. The prominent Skaven Supremacist, who arose seemingly from nowhere following a plague of pamphlets he unleashed upon the city, is seeming to diminish rapidly in stature as anti-Skaven Supremacist voices speak up. Despite Skaven Supremacy gaining a powerful new ally in the form of Malkior, non-Skaven denizens of Hell Pit are not taking this lying down!

Indeed, one of the most outspoken voices against Skaven Supremacy has actually been a Skaven - Tirr the Strange, leader and organizer of the WMD (Wyrd Militia Division) - has been touring Hell Pit, giving rousing species that are suspiciously socialist in character, urging a unity of Hell Pit's working classes, of all races, to resist divisive rhetoric. He has also been recruiting members and supporters through his speeches, directly rebutting Foulclaw and, seemingly, changing minds! Perhaps Tirr, who lives up to his epithet, can bring Hell Pit together again?

Editorial: Ho-ho-horay for Ratzmas!
by Ratolas von Rattenstein
Hell Pit has been seized recently with an anti-Ratzmas spirit. While everyrat, of course, understands the heretical origins of Ratzmas as an old Skaven holiday glorifying the dead god, the Horned Rat, the holiday provides such an opportunity for cheer, and the new Hell Pit of the Shattered Isle had done a fantastic job of turning what was once heresy into a celebration of Hell Pit's strength!

Don't listen, then, to those naysayers who say that the holiday is a return to old heretical traditions; celebrating it now has the HellCouncil's stamp of approval, and will only bring us together to create Mutae! Merry Ratzmas, and Mutae bless us, every one!

Have any counterpoints? Send it to 169 Screaming Bell Way, Palace Outskirts!

Want anything? Want to sell something? Look no further than the new Moulder Monthly Classifieds! To post an ad in the Monthly, please PM Moulder Monthly with your desired ad wording.
  • The Beastgrinder - Got old beasts using up space in your lab? Sell them to the Beastgrinder, where we'll break your beast down into its component parts for a sum of tokens! For less tokens, we're also happy to try and salvage valuable parts of a beast for you, and get them back. PM Moulder Monthly with the name of the beast and any parts you want to salvage, and we'll give you a quote!

  • Bodyguard Wanted - Wanted: Small, discrete, yet powerful beast capable of defending important business-rat in public spaces. Up to four beasts wanted. Up to 150 tokens per bodyguard. PM Moulder Monthly to negotiate.

  • Thief Deterrent Wanted - Vendor in the Bloodyface Market having goods stolen on a regular basis. Seeking beast able to detect, spot, and kill thieves. Willing to pay up to 200 Tokens for a good beast; PM Moulder Monthly with beasts or proposals.
  • Ikkilit: 5000 Tokens
  • Morskittar the Mechamind: 2000 Tokens.
  • Kriz II/Che Krizera: 1500 Tokens
  • Rab Alramadi: 1500 Tokens
Rumour Mill

  • Rumour Mill
  • Ikkilit lives!
  • Sinking Ship? The criminal underclass is said to be deserting the main tunnels, breaking all ties with their former comrades and joining up into groups of mercenaries and bandits.
  • Sho-Yin has taken on a lover... oo-la-la <3
  • Sinclaw is a heretic!
  • Beasts are rampaging everywhere!
  • The dwarfs are planning to secede from Hell Pit!
  • Elves are plotting a coup!
  • Shifty Goldgrabb, connoisseur, is said to have sold a huge troll-squig-mutant to the illustrious and infamous Moulder Darklurker.
  • Greenskins are smelly!
  • The Tyranid menace has only just begun...
  • Workmen have been seen in the abandoned areas of the Shatties territory building in a derelict Lab with new materials. The area and the lack of an apparent new occupant make it even more suspicious. Could this be related to gang activity?
  • Franck has been seen accompanied by a dwarf in skimpy attire. Is this a romantic affair... or is something else going on?
  • The socialists have been inciting beasts to riot!
Got any sweet, juicy rumours to spread? Fear not, we have an outlet for you! Send any rumours you may have happened to stumble upon to the Moulder Monthly, at this address: 169 Screaming Bell Way, Palace Outskirts. Make sure to label your submission "Rumour Mill Submission, Turn #".

Ratzmas Tournament!
Ho ho ho! Saint Ratolas is coming, and with, the famed Ratzmas Tournament! Enter any beast at all here, in this tournament with beasts guaranteed to emerge uninjured, and with Ratzmas-themed prizes distributed upon your elimination from the tournament (or winning the top spot). Entries close at the end of this turn, Turn 33, so enter as soon as possible! There are no risks; the tournament will be fought during the winter semi-hiatus!
Enter here!

Rosko's Stealth Pageant
A winner has been chosen by you, the people: Sinclaw Darklurker's beast Kirtlak!

Rosko's Ratzmas Pageant
Sign-ups are now open for the Ratzmas pageant! Though Ratzmas itself is far away, Rosko's wanted to give every Moulder a head-start. For this pageant, enter any beast - made specifically for this pageant - that demonstrates the true spirit of Ratzmas! Sign-ups end at the end of Turn 32; go here to sign up!

The Squiggening
The first round of the tournament has finished! The second round will be fought on Wednesday, November 29, after which the bracket will go up, and the first match-ups of the third round will be fought Turn 33. Moving on to the second round are:
  • Sinclaw - Squigmeat and Geoff
  • Guldan - Bubbles and Rotter
  • Tex'Hallik - Hard Meal
  • Victor - Mroonch
  • Sir Bacon - Tuber Uncinatum and Kallohonka
  • Tekris Zimkus - Gnibble and Glibble
  • Kretchitt - Gnashgnaw and Gnawgnash
  • Franck - Nhub-Squiggurath and The Gifted
  • Gragg'Dvorak - Venomnomnomy
  • Sho-Yin - Thing 1

Feast of Mutae
Sign-ups have closed, with the following entrants:
  • Franck Feldscherr - Vorak, Skratch-it, The Strange, Darkclaw, Tekky, Gulley Dan, The Xalik, Jeffrey Goldsnatch, Havannas, and Daisy!
  • Sho-Yin - Nightmare
  • Guldan - Beltcher, Mr. Squiggly
  • Neesha - SB1, SB2, Chara, şobolan
  • Kretchitt - Gibberkin
  • Victor - Bisc
  • Savannah - Cerberatus, Grando, & Gentle Touch Tina
  • Sinclaw Darklurker - Pumpkin & Truevermin
  • Tex'Hallik - Dispossable, Rat-Lords, Pokey-Crab, Eagel
The Feast of Mutae will begin on Thursday, November 30! However, no Moulders are permitted, so no tactics forms need to be submitted. Entry winnings have been added for those who have entered.

Challenge of Champions
Sign-ups for this unique tournament have ended! Those who entered, go here to choose your match-ups; the first rounds will be fought Turn 33!
The Cloak and Dagger Tournament
Can you create the ultimate assassin? Find out in this unique tournament! Sign ups have ended; those entered are:
  • Sinclaw Darklurker - Kirtlak
  • Sho-Yin - Thalasso
  • Franck - The Redeemed
  • Victor - Rackish
  • Neesha - Caracatiță Lipitoare
If you intended to enter and are not listed here, contact Tournaments or a Packlord ASAP! This tournament will begin next turn, Turn 33, with each beast attempting to infiltrate and assassinate an old-world "Skaven Chieftain" in his lair! Stay tuned!

To celebrate the successful conclusion of the Hunt, the HellCouncil is organizing the Tyrannofest! Enter any beast that uses a creature captured from the Hunt as a base creature; additionally, any creature made entirely from Hunt loot will get a bonus! Sign-ups have been extended, and now end Turn 34; head over here to sign up!

Keep an Eye Out For:
-The Hellbowl: Blood Bowl and Rat Ogres in Hell Pit! Teams of beasts playing Mutae's favorite non-pitfighting bloodsport!
-Round Rat-bin: Haven't you always wanted to lead an opponent's beast into battle? Maybe make a few modifications to it? Look for sign-ups for this popular tournament as the Challenge of Champions winds down!

No Mutagins this Turn; double-mutagin update next Turn!

Mutae! Mutae! Mutae!

Overall, an uneventful turn... which is a nice change. :P

You'll also notice a lack of tournament and mutagin updates. Apologies from Morky on this; he thought he'd be in a better state, but after his bathroom roof collapsed this week and he lost Internet (in addition to having to help out with and attend three American Thanksgivings :S ), he just couldn't update the tourneys by this Saturday/today. Not been a great week for Morky. :P

However, the Squiggening's next rounds will be fought on Wednesday, before the turn ends, and the Feast of Mutae will begin the next day. Apologies for the delay, but Morky is guarding his mental health with this spreading out of updates.

Similarly, those of you waiting on RP updates, expect those on Monday. :)

Additionally, remember that soon MP will go on a holiday hiatus following this turn! Turn 32 will be a normal turn (1 week orders, 1 week update), but Turn 33 will have 1 week of Orders before breaking into the MP hiatus, which will last until early January, with updated rules. :)

Again, apologies for some of the issues with this week's update, but give Glod and Quickitt a hand for doing an awesome job with their ends!

Also: Due to the sudden influx of creatures for this hunt, you have a little bit of breathing room with the beasts before riots... but not too too much. ;)
Edited by Morkskittar, Sun 26 Nov 2017 16:01:49.
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Sho-Yin has taken on a lover... oo-la-la <3
Franck has been seen accompanied by a "dwarf" in skimpy attire. Is this a romantic affair... or is something else going on?
I think they're on to us buddy... :ph43r:

Also, the submission date for the Ratzmas Pageant the end of 33 right?
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s'neek'eep @ Jun 19 2007
07:42 PM
kinda went outside the box a little...
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Marquis de

Entries close at the end of this turn, Turn 33

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Packlord Profile
What the actual fuck?
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MK ULTRA - Skaven style

Cultures are weird I guess.
He's not a master assassin!, He is a very naughty boy!
The Rave(-ing Mad) Cave a.k.a my lab
Praise be to Mutae:fsm:
Ratty Gnawtail
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Memo to self: Fill Vosh with presents...
The (mostly) Complete Works of Ratty
Green Seer Gnawtail portrait by ShuNian)

Warlock Matik on Ratty's ideas on time manipulation
Red Dwarf is not a good basis for temporal mechanics :7
I secretly suspect that Gribble is the master moulder and Ratty is its beast. :P
Evildorfs love you :3
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MK ULTRA - Skaven style

If Tirr were a communist he would say now the boar is becoming the symbol of a now irreligious holiday almost soley invested in the practise of consumerism, making it a literal Capitalist Pig. Good thing he's not though.
He's not a master assassin!, He is a very naughty boy!
The Rave(-ing Mad) Cave a.k.a my lab
Praise be to Mutae:fsm:
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Marquis de

Ashen, that was a glorious analysis. Huzzah for visual puns (and not committing heresy).
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MK ULTRA - Skaven style

He congratulates himself on his non-heresy everyday.
He's not a master assassin!, He is a very naughty boy!
The Rave(-ing Mad) Cave a.k.a my lab
Praise be to Mutae:fsm:
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Yay! My Rat Ogre! ^_^
Note: Many of you probably noticed that the tourney updates have not come yet. Unfortunately, Morky was overwhelmed with work/being forced to defend his basic rights/fight to make sure his taxes don't increase by 300% next year, and he's been too drained to make much headway in them. Both tournaments are on a to-do list for Turn 32, however.
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MK ULTRA - Skaven style

No worries, feel free to fight the power! (In a non heretical way of course...)
We can be patient.
He's not a master assassin!, He is a very naughty boy!
The Rave(-ing Mad) Cave a.k.a my lab
Praise be to Mutae:fsm:
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Franck Feldscher

Take it easy, RL stuff always comes first. :)

Edit: I also would like to thank the Packlords for making this Hunt so awesome. I think interesting things happened for everyone and the revised system worked very well. Thanks for the well thought out Hunt, all the work is much appreciated. :D
Edited by Tapirus, Sun 03 Dec 2017 00:09:04.
^_^ Posted Image

I second tap, the hunt was good and a great story to go with it! And real life can be a bitch so and I hope that it all comes togeatger for ya mork

so what botu the tournaments? i fear if they need to come this turn turn gets delayed?:P
long live shattered knights, long live the superiour guild
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Marquis de

Glod, Quickitt, and Mork: despite grumblings from the perspective of the character you guys ran a very enjoyable hunt. Well done!

@Falco: my guess is that they're going to release the updates some time in the near future during our MP hiatus.
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