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SIGN-UP: Ratzmas Tournament
Topic Started: Sun 26 Nov 2017 08:18:59 (373 Views)

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Ho ho ho! Ratzmas is fast approaching, and with it comes this tournament!

Enter any beast, any beast at all! Beasts will be divided into multiple brackets depending on Brawn and Level. Win fabulous, Ratzmas-themed prizes whenever you lose, and get free healing after every round!

Sign-ups end at at the end of Turn 33 - next turn and the Tournament will be fought over the Winter Break!
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The Broken Blade

Sinclaw will enter Stampy.

You can always trust a dishonest man to be dishonest. Honestly, it's the honest ones you want to watch out for, 'cause you can never predict if they're going to do something incredibly stupid.
Warlord Arskittar
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Shifty will enter Peri Peri!
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Savannah will enter Troi
mutate: who will het thoroughly wrecked by all the big beasties, but free 1up means its still a thumbs up
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neesha enters copac viu
whats better for this tournament then well him:)

long live shattered knights, long live the superiour guild
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MK ULTRA - Skaven style

Kitkat shall compete!
He's not a master assassin!, He is a very naughty boy!
The Rave(-ing Mad) Cave a.k.a my lab
Praise be to Mutae:fsm:
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Marquis de

Sir Bacon enters Jormungandr.
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The infamous Shinjich makes his glorious return to the Pits!
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s'neek'eep @ Jun 19 2007
07:42 PM
kinda went outside the box a little...

Guldan enters Karl
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Franck Feldscher

Franck enters.. Krampuss
^_^ Posted Image

Victor enters Rudy
Victor von Hohenfeld
Losses: 7
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Execution of Ikkilit
Ratty Gnawtail
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Tekris enters the Ratzmas Renegade
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Warlock Matik on Ratty's ideas on time manipulation
Red Dwarf is not a good basis for temporal mechanics :7
I secretly suspect that Gribble is the master moulder and Ratty is its beast. :P
Evildorfs love you :3
Jorry Potsie
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Festive Chompy Stingjuice

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Kretchitt enters Desolas yesiknowitslateapologies

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Merry (much belated) Ratzmas!

While Ratzmas may have passed, we are reviving it in the middle of January because why not (and totally not because the Packlords are slow, definitely not). Posted below are the brackets for the upcoming Ratzmas Tournament. The beasts are actually almost all in the same BWN bracket, so we're throwing them all together into one giant, 16-person tournament.

The first round of this tournament will be fought tomorrow, January 17.

If you wanted to submit any special orders that you did not already include, do so before the tournament is fought tomorrow morning. If you don't have any, then don't send them for the sake of the inbox. :P If for some reason your sign-up was missed in the deluge of tournament submissions, PM Tournament ASAP!

Otherwise, you'll see results tomorrow. ^_^

Stampy (Sinclaw) vs. Troi (Savannah)
Copac Viu (Neesha) vs. Bess (Valaya Unbaraki)
Iggy the Fool (Selena) vs. The Christmas Terror (H. P. Morkraft)
Karl (Guldan) vs. “Saint Ratolas” (Lady Fossey)
Krampuss (Franck) vs. Jormungandr (Sir Bacon)
Kitkat (Tirr) vs. The Ratzmas Renegade (Tekris)
Desolas (Kretchitt) vs. Rudy (Victor)
Chompy Stingjuice (Gragg’Dvorak) vs. Shinjitch (Xiao-Lin)

NOTE: Those of you waiting on Mutations, they will be done this evening.
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