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MP4 Endgame & Hell Pit Chronicle; Endgame Turn I
Topic Started: Sat 03 Feb 2018 02:21:42 (409 Views)
Moulder Monthly

Packlord Profile
Moulder Pitfighters Season IV: Endgame
The Battle for Hell Pit

High Inquisitor Screamingclaw stared out the window into the void, that space between spaces, that realm of utter destruction that he knew simply as the Kwantzil. That realm in which, once, long ago, he had battled against Raznarth and the sniveling Darkshar. A battle of shadow and night, that had nearly claimed the lives of both the High Inquisitor, at the time a fanatical devotee of the Horned Rat, and of Darkshar, at that time a lowly, if magically powerful, Master Moulder out of Dead Rat's Peak. All that had saved them from falling into the utter despair of the Kwantzil and losing themselves in its winds of destruction and hollow emptiness had been Raznarth. The titanic Skaven had grasped the pair of them with his arcanistry, and pulled them back to reality.

He had then taken their oaths of loyalty and bound their wills to his own, and thus Screamingclaw had become a High Inquisitor of Mutae, but he had never forgotten his roots.

He turned and stared down at the dead body of Darkshar, finally ending a feud that had lasted many decades too long. Grabbing his fellow HellCouncillor by the snout, he lifted and tossed his body through the window, to follow Raznarth. In the swirling void, jaws snapped, and Screamingclaw slammed the window shut and locked it. Sweat rolled through his fur; he recognized that sound, that feeling. The Thing that dwelt in the Kwantzil was waiting to break through.

A melodic female voice sounded from behind Screamingclaw. He turned slowly, and glared balefully at Sarah, the beautiful personifican of the Spirit of Hell Pit, a legacy of a long-dead Moulder named Brundle, and Raznarth's most staunch ally. "Now that he is gone, what will you do?" She asked. The rest of the HellCouncil waited on his words.

He looked out the window, now just glass, over Hell Pit. The city burned, and the air was filled with the sounds of beasts and peoples engaged in deadly battle. Rosko's Pub, that beacon of community in a horrifying world, was now half of its former size, defended only by its last remaining loyal patrons. The city shook as bombs detonated beneath the surface of the city, the socialist Freedom Fighters breaking through another Mutaen Stronghold.

His eyes hardened. "Hell Pit has fallen," he said simply. "Mutae has fallen." The HellCouncil behind him gasped. Screamingclaw turned about and stared at each of them. "Without Raznarth, Mutae will never be completed. Without his vision, the Protean Fluid held in the Pit of Mutae will not hold together. Mutae's will can not be completed."

Sarah smiled, but it did not reach her eyes. "Do you forget me and my power? I am Raznarth's equal in will and power. Mutae can, and will, live on. We have decided that. What remains to be seen is if you will remain here to witness her creation. You cannot resist me; I am Hell Pit; my sensors are spread through every part of the city. I control everything."

"No," Screamingclaw said with a faint smile. "You cannot touch me, or anything that I will untouchable, for like Raznarth, I am of the Kwantzil." His skin began to darken, until he had faded into a black silhouette, much as Raznarth often chose to appear. "You have no power over me."

Sarah's smile vanished. "Speak then, so we can end this farce. Now that Raznarth's hold over you is gone, do you will wish the revival of Mutae."

Screamingclaw smiled faintly, though in his silhouette-form, none could see it. "No," he hissed. The air beside him shimmered, and a small figure cloaked in grey, sitting on a throne of skulls - mostly Skaven - materialized there.

The other members of the HellCouncil stepped back. Malkior shouted out in astonishment. Kirilken and Skrit-Quoll drew weapons. Favrik chucked in the back. For the first time in generations, a look of surprise crossed Sarah's face.

"Well met, HellCouncil," the grey-cloaked figure spoke, his face hidden within his hoods. "You know me, I am sure, as Rab Alramadi. Forgive me the falsehoods, but this is not the name I have spent most of my millennia taking." He looked up, revealing two burning red eyes, deep in the hood. "Though perhaps had the HellCouncil sought knowledge instead of power, Mutae may have ended up something, and you would have recognized the name. If only you understood ancient Arabayan."

Sarah thought a moment, then clenched her fists. "Rab Alramadi," she whispered. "Of course."

"Yes," Rab said. "Directly translated..."

"Lord of Grey," Sarah said. "Greylord. Greylord Skrisnik."

"Yes," Rab/Skrisnik repeated. "Mutae had potential once, long ago. I let her live when the world shattered, for she was an idea whose time had come, frankly. Something to unify the Skaven Race, my pets. For you see, I was there when Skavenkind first reared its newborn head, in the city of Kavzar long ago. I was born in the first generation, and my best friend was stranger I called Jerekk. He runs a pub now - the Scuttlepub, perhaps you've heard of it? - but he used to be something far greater.

"And with Mutae's body nearly ready for Moulding, he will again be something far greater."

Sarah looked between Screamingclaw and Skrisnik. "You cannot possibly think-"

"He still lives, and it is time he returned to Hell Pit - and it is time Screamingclaw took back his rightful place as High Inquisitor... of the Horned Rat."

Screamingclaw stepped to Skrisnik's throne. "Skaveni primi," he said.

"Skaveni infiniti," Skrisnik said.

"Et Skaveni non-sancti!" they both repeated, and vanished, even as the others lunged for them.

"Now what?" Malkior said after a moment, breaking the silence.

Sarah sighed, then frowned. "Screamingclaw has done the unthinkable. I am greatly weakened. I cannot see... the Pit of Mutae. The Lower Levels... my abilities have been weakened." She growled in a most unladylike fashion. "Skrisnik has been planning this a long time."

She whirled around and faced the HellCouncil. "Of your loyalties I remain sure. We must not let all we have worked towards fall. We cannot let those who have risen up against us stop us. The Homelander movements, the Socialists,
this threatened revived Cult of the Horned Rat. Mutae must be born."


In the depths of Hell Pit, a snotling stoon upon a stone pedestal. Figures gathered before him, clad in robes of darkest black. The Snotling clapped for silence, and was rewarded with obedience. "And so it begins," the snotling intoned. "By your sacrifices, we bring forth the Nightmare, from the Kwantzil into this reality. It is time for a new god to emerge, shrieking, into this world."

The thin veneer of teality tore.
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Moulder Monthly

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Hell Pit Chronicle
First Issue

Greetings, denizens of Hell Pit! We hope you will enjoy your first issue of the Hell Pit Chronicle, your new premier Mouldering newspaper, following the untimely disappearance of Favrik alongside the socialist bombing of the Moulder Monthly printing headquarters. This publication holds itself to the highest standards, and we hope it will eventually surpass the famed Monthly in esteem.

Hell Pit in Chaos
It has been two weeks since Raznarth's death. The circumstances are hazy, but it has become readily apparent that his assassination was engineered by the Cult of the Horned Rat, acting through their leader and chief agent, Rab Alramadi, who has revealed himself to be none other than the millennia-old Greylord Skrisnik, one of only two members of the original, first Council of Thirteen that survived until the shattering of the world. It seems that he also survived this shattering, unlike his fellow lonng-lived greylord, Azarskittar. Perhaps the world's most powerful daemonologist, Skrisnik commands power over daemons great and small, and bends them all to the service of his god, the Horned Rat of old.

Our sources indicate that he manipulated Moulders - their names have not been given, but the initials T, S, and L come up repeatedly - into creating a beast geared towards assassination, and then used this beast to slay the leader of Hell Pit and Prophet of Mutae. Despite the HellCouncil's best attempts to keep the news under wraps, Favrik felt it was his sacred duty as a pressrat to report the news, and word leaked out. Favrik disappeared shortly after that, of course, as Hell Pit exploded, literally and figuratively.

News of his death emboldened first the Skaven Supremacists, who have now rallied around the banner of Rab Alramadi and the treacherous High inquisitor Screamingclaw, who has re-established the Holy Inquisition of the Horned Rat with himself at the head. Rumour has it that Rab/Skrisnik acquired some of the body of Mutae, and plan to strengthen the weakened Horned Rat with it, so that he might retake Hell Pit!

Only hours after Skaven wearing false horns swarmed the streets, murdering and enslaving non-Skaven, shouting defiance at the "unnatural order" the Hellcouncil had imposed upon Hell Pit, bombings shook the city. At first, it was believed that the Cult of Tzaar had returned, but it quickly became apparent that this was not the case. In fact, taking advantage of the confusion, this was the work of the Freedom Fighters, led by the Skaven socialist Che Krizera, fighting for a Communist Freehold in Hell Pit, where all are equal. They have, alongside the Cult of the Horned Rat, declared their intention to overthrow the HellCouncil's forces and establish a new Hell Pit.

In response to Skaven Supremacist attacks, now backed by the Cult of the Horned Rat, the Homelander Movements of all stripes - Greenskins, Elves, Dwarfs, Lizardmen, and others - have now joined together under one banner. Calling themselves the "Homelanders," they have temporarily put aside their differences to eliminate those who threaten the re-establishment of their Homelands - namely the Mutaens, Cultists of the Horned Rat, and Communists/Socialists - in order to achieve their goal of a Hell Pit divided by race, where each people can forge their own destiny.

And then, of course, to make matters worse, in the depths of Hell Pit, something terrible has happened. A monstrosity that lives in shadow and drives those who see it into madness, has taken hold. The Nightmare Menagerie appears to have made another, final stand, and have summoned what they call the "Essence" into our reality from a realm beyond even the Warp through which we float. It is this essence that dwells down there. Perhaps most horrifyingly, this thing has cut off our access to the Pit of Mutae!

Naturally, the HellCouncil has mobilized large numbers of beasts to defend the Mutaen Dream, and have called on those loyal to Mutae and devoted to her vision to step forward. In light of Screamingclaw's Treachery, a new High Inquisitor has been appointed - 'Ttakquick.

Hell Pit has since been in a state of constant war, as these five factions struggle for control of the city's five major levels. Even as these factions fight, other Moulders are busy carving out kingdoms for themselves, and seek their own goals.

Figrit Dead
Shortly before all of Hell Pit went to Hell (pun fully intended), the poster-human for making humans into Inquisitors was dealt a serious blow, displaying extreme incompetence in what seemed to have been a failed attempt to play Inquisitor. Accompanying the famed and highly-esteemed Inquisitor Figrit to a routine inspection of Sinclaw Darklurker's lab, Victor, Sinclaw, and Figirit uncovered a surviving Tzaarist cultist - named Sarkin - and in a dazzling display of incomptence, Victor managed to get Figrit badly wounded. The Inquisirat died on Sinclaw's operating table, the wounds too serious to heal. Sinclaw and Victor then proceeded to report to Inquisition Headquarters, and statements were submitted, attached below.

Victor's Testimony
Victor's Report

Victor has not been reached for comment, but given the appointment of the old but progressive 'Ttakquick as new High Inquisitor, he may remain associated with the Inquisition. However, his actions have certainly caused him to become shunned in Inquisitorial circles where he once was almost welcomed.

We mourn the loss of Figrit on this day.

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Moulder Monthly

Packlord Profile
MPIV Endgame Rules

Season IV's Endgame will take place over three rounds. They will be the length of normal turns, with one week of orders, and one week of updates.

However, the rules of play will be much looser. In fact, there aren't rules so much as guidelines. All you have to do, is send one PM each turn to Special Action, describing how you will use any and all of the resources currently found in your lab. No researches or contact-making will be permitted, but feel free to use contacts in unorthodox ways, send your beasts into battle to fight for a particular faction on a particular battlefield, hole up and pray that no one comes for you, or do something else entirely unexpected! If you wish to mutate, you may send one mutation order to Mutation, but you discourage it. Also, no buying/selling; Hell Pit has no real stable economy anymore. :P

Hell Pit is now in a state of chaos, with five major factions warring for control:

-The Mutaens: What is left of the HellCouncil is seeking to restore order, return Hell Pit to what it has been since the Shattering, and are seeking to finally make Mutae a reality.
-The Cult of the Horned Rat: Led by Greylord Skrisnik and Screamingclaw, they are seeking to use the body of Mutae to revive the Horned Rat instead, and return the rule of Hell Pit entirely to the Skaven.
-The Homelanders: Non-Skaven, united in trying to carve out their own racial kingdoms.
-The Communist Freehold of Hell Pit: Led by Che Krizera, the former "Freedom Fighters" are seeking to establish a Communist state.
-The Nightmare Menagerie: Having summoned a being of unimaginable horror - impressive in Hell Pit - in the depths of the city, they are seeking to transform Hell Pit into the Nightmare's reality.

As players, you are no longer Moulders competing for glory in tournaments. You are now fighting for survival, power,
dominance, and control in a Hell Pit torn apart by war
. The Endgame Rules will function in a manner similar to the last Hunt, except this time, you have all of the resources you currently have available to you.

In these last three turns, then, you can try to do whatever you want. All you need to do is send a single PM to Special Action detailing your plans in as much detail as you'd like. In this PM, specify exactly:
-What the overall goal of your actions are.
-What beasts, minions, Charatters, and contacts you wish to use to achieve your goals, and how exactly you will use them, and where.
-What factions, if any, you are trying to aid or hurt. Note that you can choose to ignore the war and the factions, and build up your own kingdom by trying to conquer a level of Hell Pit with your beasts, or maybe do something entirely different, like create a Genestealer Cult or rebuild the Cult of Tzaar or summon a powerful daemon.

In your first PM, please also describe what your end-game goals are. :)

Please try to divide these PMs by Battlefield. There are five battlefields in this Endgame, roughly corresponding to different levels of Hell Pit. In each level, different groups have different levels of power, represented by an ordering the factions in terms of their influence there. By your actions, you can alter the power of each faction in the area. Depending on how you order your beasts to fight, the power of each faction (overall and in each areas) will fluctate, as will the power of individual players.

The five Battlefields (and descriptions of their current state of being, so you may interact with them) are:
-THE SURFACE: The surface world. Battles are raging around the Screaming Gate, held by the Homelanders who are helping their fellows escape to the wilds of the Isle outside Hell Pit, and Rosko's Pub, which has become a symbol of Mutaen power and resistance. Raznarth's Palace is under siege by Communists. The crater walls of the city remain remarkably untouched, but rumours of a Tzaarist revival gathering there are spreading. This is also where the Shattered Knights are.
*Power Ranking: Mutae, Homeland, Freehold, Cult, Nightmare

-THE UPPER LEVELS: Just below the surface. The Bleeding Tower, the center of Mutae's Inquisition, is here, but it is otherwise their only hold on power here. It is currently under siege by both Homelanders and Cultists. The greenskins and lizardmen have established Fungotopia and New Lustria, respectively, on this level, but are suffering heavy attacks from Communists and Cultists of the Horned Rat. This is also where WyrdTech Labs is.
*Power Ranking: Homeland, Freehold, Mutae, Cult, Nightmare

-THE MIDDLE LEVELS: In the center of Hell Pit, these levels are home to a wide variety of fighting pits. The Communists released many of the beasts and prisoners here, earning many followers, while also angering many of the wealthy Mutaens who used to dwell here. The Communist Freehold is now based in this level, and they tolerate the existence of members of the Nightmare Menagerie, so long as the Menagerie is focused on the other groups. The Mutaens hold onto power here by controlling as many of the old arenas as they can. This is also where Corpus Mutae is.
*Power Ranking: Freehold, Nightmare, Mutae, Cult, Homeland

Near the bottom of Hell Pit, these levels also contain the Engines of Hell Pit. Though the Enginseers have blocked off the Engines while civil war rages, the Nightmare Menagerie is slowly breaking down and breaking through their defenses, seeking to gain control of Hell Pit's steering. Half of this area is now ruled by the Essence (of Nightmare), which seems unstoppable. Mutaens have nearly vanished, but the other groups all are fighting together here, as fairweather allies, to contain the Nightmare and keep it from spreading. This is also where the Neuromancers are.
*Power Ranking: Nightmare, Cult, Homeland, Freehold, Mutae

-THE PIT OF MUTAE: At the very bottom of Hell Pit is the Pit of Mutae. Filled with a Protean Fluid that takes on many forms, it was to be the raw stuff that would form Mutae's body. The Cult of the Horned Rat has seized control of the areas surrounding the Pit, though Mutaen loyalists are fighting fiercely to reclaim it. The Nightmare Menagerie seeks also to claim the area, though the Freehold and Homelanders have little interest in it.
Power Ranking: Cult, Mutae, Nightmare, Homeland, Freehold

For this first round of orders, you don't have much to go on, but followng the first set of orders there will be more details - such as who is fighting for whom and where, and what every player is doing. To make this clearer, here is an example (simplified) order:
Endgame Goal: To crash Hell Pit into a planet.
Specific Order Goal: To break through into the Engine Rooms and keep the Nightmare Menagerie and everyone else out.
Helping Out: No one but myself.
Hurting: The Nightmare Menagerie.
Orders: First, I will seek to make treaties with the Freehold and Homelanders, lying about my intentions, and get them to stall the Menagerie. Meanwhile, Glod-Unbaraki's forces should help defend my own tunneling machine (filled with my beasts Fartnugget and the Bombasticorn) as I break through. I know Quickitt has been fighting on this level, so if he does anything with his beast the Thorned One, I will send Snuggles the Bunnywabbit out to "take care" of him, led by my Packmaster Elmo. My beasts not used in the assault - namely Squiggo and Porko Rosso - will attempt to weaken the Nightmare Menagerie using a series of hit and run attacks, led by my Packmaster Morko the Great.

Once players have committed to certain courses, every player will have specific obstacles thrown in their way, and will be updated via a HUGE update thread (one per Battlefield), and potentially via PM for some actions. Note that you can move between areas freely, EXCEPT that anyone doing anything in the Pit of Mutae for the first time risks suffering damage from the Essence of Nightmare as they pass through.

This might be a bit complicated, so here's a TLDR:
-Submit one long roleplay-like order describing whatever action(s) (within reason) you wish for your beasts, charatters, and other resources to take.
-In this order, specify which of the five battlefields (listed above) you are doing actions in.
-Also specify if you are helping or hurting any of the five factions listed above.

Your imaginations are the only limits of your orders! When all orders have been submitted, we will parse through them and using a beast calculator-simplifier and modified Special Action rules, will figure out how everyone's plans interact and affect each other. if you have any questions, PM Morky or reply to this thread. ^_^

The first turn will go until next Sunday at midnight (give you all some extra time to figure out what you want to accomplish and make alliances).

As mentioned earlier, Season 5 will follow directly after IV in chronology. This means that whatever factions win or lose here will shape what next season's Hell Pit will look like, and any major player actions - founding a new faction, crashing Hell Pit into a planet, bombing the entire Hell Council - will have lasting effects.

In addition, in the next season, you will be allowed to take on two LEGACIES, meaning you will be able to choose to keep:
-A beast from this season for the next season to start off with.
-A few Inventory Items you earned at the end of this season you want to play with next season.
-Some Contacts you want to carry over.
-Some researches you want to carry over.

So, keep all that in mind as you play. ;)

PS: Ratzmas Pageant is still coming, it's just late and I want sleep. :P
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so when is ratzmas tournament coming or thats skipped aswell as many others that were upcoming?:(
long live shattered knights, long live the superiour guild
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Yay! My Rat Ogre! ^_^
Aye, all tournaments are cancelled... unless something changes IRL for the Packlords in the next few weeks. Apologies. :(

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Just letting you all know the update is coming. Aiming to get it out middle of the day Tuesday, then giving you all until end of the day on the folllowing Tuesday to react. It will be a biiiig wall of text. :P
Edited by Special Action, Tue 20 Feb 2018 05:28:33.
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You mean the following Tuesday yes? The 27th to get our orders in?
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s'neek'eep @ Jun 19 2007
07:42 PM
kinda went outside the box a little...
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We will still have 7 days to submit orders is what I read from the above :P
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Aye, sorry it's late and I've been reading Persian text all day. :S You'll have a full week. :P


I feel sort of sorry for loading you guys with so much work. All those different factions on different levels, PLUS whatever else all of us came up with. Must be hell to judge.

Massive thanks in advance for pulling it through!
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I would actually say this is relatively easy for them to work out this time eom, so long as they bullet point what people are doing. Mork is a novelist, so he's used to writing long stuff out. The difficult part comes in the form of finding the 9 hours to read everyone's orders and create bullet points for the story for distribution to pack Lords 2 and 3. I think the short story is best though, Savannahs wins, everyone else dies, well played, good game, hand shakes all round. I've seen the notes, this is truth, no lie.

.... OK, maybe a small lie.
Edited by Silvermane, Tue 20 Feb 2018 10:34:39.
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Marquis de

11/10 would read, "OK, maybe a small lie" again. :p
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Tue 20 Feb 2018 04:05:50
Just letting you all know the update is coming. Aiming to get it out middle of the day Tuesday, then giving you all until end of the day on the folllowing Tuesday to react. It will be a biiiig wall of text. :P
*checks time*


*is sad*
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Marquis de

"*checks time...is sad*" gets 3 out of 5 stars. It was a decent novel but lacked the initial chutzpah that "OK, maybe a small lie" had. Waiting for the third in the trilogy; hope the author is able to salvage it.
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Give me ten minutes. XD
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