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Welcome to Moulder Pitfighters, the text-based arena of death/roleplaying game set in a spin-off of the former Warhammer World!

Play as a Master Moulder on the Shattered Isle of Hell Pit, creating hideously mutated fighting beasts to pit against other players' creations... or to use to pursue your own nefarious ends.

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The Sweet Science
Topic Started: Thu 12 Apr 2018 23:00:40 (88 Views)
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Marquis de

Testing the waters:

Which of you would be interested in a boxing inspired Hell Pit game between season IV and V?

Setting would be in the modern outskirts and edges of Hell Pit, far from the regulated rules of the fight pit. Players would have the opportunity to augment their champ with mouldering, magic and mechanical enhancements while duking it out in the ring for fame, and more importantly, fortune.

Unlike normal pit fights, you'd be limited to one champ at any given time; if they die its going to be a real challenge to get and train up your new slugger before the competition overtakes you.

Players may not use their pre-existing Season IV characters, though they may reference them in their fluff should they choose. Gameplay will have opportunities to be character driven, and those who pursue fluff will have a range of bonuses to choose from.

Edited by Sod, Fri 13 Apr 2018 01:45:57.

Sign me up!

Interesting side note: When I read this post earlier this morning, I thought you meant "boxing inspired" as in the act of putting stuff in boxes. I was confused.
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MK ULTRA - Skaven style

Fri 13 Apr 2018 07:06:29
When I read this post earlier this morning, I thought you meant "boxing inspired" as in the act of putting stuff in boxes. I was confused.
Damn, here I was hoping for some really intense cargo logistics action!

As for the actual boxing, I can give you a solid maybe. I have a number of things keeping me busy for the next while, but colour me interested.
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Renegade Skink

Count me in.
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