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Controller experts wanted
Hello guys:

This is Sue. This is the first time I post so, feel free to move this topic to wherever it's best.

I'm having a problem with my controller...
I'm playing Zelda OOT and I'm stuck at the water temple because I cannot aim.
The aim of the longshot jumps whether up or down of the objective, as if the objective were in the middle of a grid, and I cannot hit it.
żDo you have any experience on this?
I've tried changing the sensibility of the joystick but it obviously doesn't work. (I hoped it would! :unsure: )

I'd much appreciate some help.

Hello everyone!

This is the first time I take parte in a forum. :P
I just bought my N64 console that I missed so much. I never forgot the joy I had playing Zelda when I was a kid.
This is soooo much better than new consoles! :)

I hope you are all having fun.