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Old Noob
Hey everybody! Became a member a few days ago but wanted to wait for the intro post until the rest of the games I had to order hit my mailbox. I originally had the N64 when it first came out but somewhere in the early 2000's (and I still don't know why) I totally trashed my NES, N64, and Genesis systems along with all the games.... young and dumb I suppose. In 2006 I got back into gaming when the Wii came out and for years I've been saying I wanted to return to the N64. Well, after being gifted a Genesis that was about to be put on the curb and getting back into that console, I finally acquired a 64 about 2 weeks ago and have since been rounding up games and accessories. I've got enough to hold me over for a little while now, currently waiting for a first party controller to arrive because the system came with one 3rd party controller that I just don't dig. I'm looking to continue expanding the collection and glad I found this site. Thanks for having me! :n64: -Justin

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