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Nintendo Ultra 64 Logo
I think I found what we need:
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This is the Nintendo Annual Report 1995 with Ultra 64. The Photos there are high quality and so are the scans. With that we can come very close to the correct colors and also see all details of the actual print logo aswell as the actual plastic piece logo. This was always in front of our faces :D
But please note, that the picture here is also photoshopped. the size is different. I think the squshed it a bit for the picture.

Nintendo Ultra 64 Logo
just found this on my HD

Nintendo Ultra 64 Logo
here we go

Nintendo Ultra 64 Logo
Hehehehe KI Gold is cool but I prefer my KI2 Cab :)
Anyway, thanks to Vaettur I found the original forum post for that recreation:
Unfortunately there is no actual GFX there. Just watermarked stuff.
I contacted the guy but he was not online for like 7 month.
Lets see what can be done.
But in this forum you can see photos of his GFX and judjing from that, I think his GFX is also not correct but closer to the original.

64DD cartridge ports
I have the DD Capture Card but this needs the cartridge slot.
With a real DD no problem but with a Flashcard well...
Several years ago I read somewhere, that the cartridge slot and the expansionslot are the same bus.
Also if you look at a N64 Board, they are conected.
Maybe it would be possible to build a adaptor with two N64 slots. One for the Capture Unit and one for the Flashcard.
If that is even possible, I am sure there are software changes for the flashcard needed and also propably for the Mario Artist DDs.
Regarding the this adaptor, I have actually seen such a thing already. Every Development DD unit had such a thing in the package and it makes sense because for the Dev DD the IPL was on the Cartridge.

Nintendo Ultra 64 Logo
@danilochka, thanks for the input.
I used this EGM picture you postet for my investigations.
That picture made clear to me, that the logo on the plastic piece is different. The GFX is more simpler, less colors.
The original logo for that was a vector file, I am very sure.
And yes you are right, the repro GFX has huge color issues.
The guy who made this also know it has errors. He is also surprised that this files was spreading everywhere.
There are even mugs with this logo to buy. XD
Anyway, the guy who made said himself he is not very good at vector GFX but gave his best shot.
I think it is not bad for such an attempt. It is open source and it can be edited.

I was able to confirm the actual shape and the sizes of the logo objects more or less but the correct colors are unknown.
Without knowing more about the colors, it makes not much sense for a replacement.
I want one too but alsoi t would be nice to have more correct material in this regard in general.

New here
Yes, in Europe.

Nintendo Ultra 64 Logo
Out of fun I was searching the net for a good picture of the Ultra64 logo because one day I want to make a proper U64 front sticker for one of my N64s.
Well it turned out, that there are not many pictures of the old logo are available. Most stuff is scanned from old mags and in poor quality.

There is one recreation of that logo available on the net but it is wrong in terms of colors, spacing and allignment.
The problem is that this recreated logo is now used everywhere and everybody things it is the correct or real one.
I made a rough overview gfx to highlight the problems.
The main problem are the actual colors.
Also there are differences between the logo on the plastic piece for the N64 front and the logo used for the Cartridge.

I know only one person who used to have a real U64 with logo but it seems that he disappeared.
Is there another person who owns a real U64 or has proper pictures of the front of the U64?

The main goal is to correct the recreated logo as good as possible or even replace it with correct or even original material. If you have any infos or pictures regarding the Ultra 64 Logo which are not availabale on the net so far, please respond.


Here is also a picture showing my theories regarding the plastic piece on the U64.
Judging from the available pictures, I think that the Logo on the plastic has limited colors.
I think it uses only 3, purple, white and black.
Also the color gradient is different than on the logo for the cartridge.

New here

I am new here on the site.
I am a Ultra64/N64 fan from the first hour.
My first N64 was pre ordered and I got it the first day along with Mario 64, Star Wars and Pilotwings.
I had close contacts to the industry and owned many prototypes which I also released to the community over the years. (That's why I won't use my real name here)
There is a 100% chance that you played the roms :)

I joined the site because I have question regarding the Ultra64 and hope I can get answers. ;)