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The "Rate the Game" game - N64 VERSION!!
7.5 - under appreciated! it was fairly simple gameplay, but fun. the music was cool too. i still have the main theme in my head, even though it has been atleast 7 or maybe even 8 years since i played it. i loved the idea of different tanks with different strengths and weaknesses. i want a remake!

rate - top gear rally

Hello People!
hello, and welcome to the forum.

you sound like you will fit right in :)

What games are you playing?
right now, bully.

in about 2 weeks, zelda tp! just found out i will be getting it for my birthday. big thanks to mrs stinger.

i have always thought acclaim was ok, atleast on the 64.
i owned or atleast played and enjoyed many of their games.

while i never owned a turok, i always liked playing them. the same could be said for south park. i owned and liked qb club 99 and the wwf wrestling games. they were not nearly as good as the thq games, but fun still.

i know not everything was gold, but i am still glad they were around and going strong during the 64 days.

Best of the best Nintendo 64 game. Round two.

Best Nintendo 64 game that starts with a "K"
killer instinct gold

didn't like it a whole lot, but the most of those....

The "Rate the Game" game - N64 VERSION!!
10/10 - AWESOME!

rate - fighters destiny

Storage of N64 games
yep, mine came apart a little though, and i had to re-glue the wood together.

i forgot i actually took out the inside tray and have it next to the drawer with all of the games in it, and i have my 2 extra controllers inside the drawer now.

hey there, and welcome to the board. nice to see more people joining all the time.

The "Rate the Game" game - N64 VERSION!!
7.5/10 - a great n64 racer. cool tunes too!

rate - nba hang time. hehe....

The "Rate the Game" game - N64 VERSION!!
8/10 - great game. nothing like watching a wampa slap a storm trooper off a cliff!

rate: wrestlemania 2000

Wii discussion

it will be a long while before i can get one. thank God for zelda being for the gc too. that will hold me over.

picked up bully
haha! that is awesome, i will have to try that when i get back home tonight. must be a swirly or something similar. i don't know why that hasn't occured to me to try.

my fav things to do so far are putting the guards into lockers and putting kick me signs on random people.

giving wedgies to random people in town is great too. last night i wedgied a guy trying to hit on a woman downtown. she started laughing at him. that was great!

picked up bully
i picked it up on friday. came down to it or zelda tp, but i decided i will ask my wife for zelda for my birthday in a couple of weeks.

it surprises me how well this game works. it felt kind of ackward at first, but it is easy to get into. i am only about 25% so far, and the game just keeps getting better.

for those of you who have it, is there anything cool i should try and do?

Replay Nominations
i the rom for it, and could give it whirl that way. i have never played it before, and would like too.

Storage of N64 games
i keep them in the same video matic drawer as you, Rapueda.
i got it for christmas a few years back. mine is covered with stickers of all sorts. i keep another game on top, and another in the system.

i used to also have a wooden case i built that held 15, but i didn't bring it with me when i moved, as i traded about half my gaves to my bro.

my ps2 games just set on a shelf under the tv.

Rumble Pak discussion
just sometimes. i just found them a couple of weeks ago. i have been using them sparingly while playing through diddy kong racing.

Weird and Wonderful in Videogames
i haven't played i love katamari, but i liked katamari damacy

it was the first thing that popped in my head when i read "weird and wonderful videogames"

What was the first console you ever owned?
first i ever owned - super nintendo

first i remember - nes

first my faimly had - intellevision

first i bought myself - psx

Nintendo 64 Forever Member Info
MEMBER NAME: stinger9142
LOCATION: Knoxville, TN
AGE GROUP: 20-25 (about to turn 24)
FAVORITE CONSOLE: tie ps2 and n64
OTHER HOME CONSOLES: psx & gamecube
FAVORITE DRINK: dr pepper & full throttle
FAVORITE BAND: all time: alice n chains & tom petty, presently: fear factory
FAVORITE SPORT: college football
OTHER THINGS I LIKE: mixed martial arts (practicing and teaching), guns, & knives
SOMETHING I'M GONNA DO THIS YEAR: go to the beach again, i hope

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