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Some serious questions
i am a gun nut by my own admition. i have 4 of my own, and my wife has one as well. so i can atleast answer that much.

can guns fire underwater?

to put it simply, yes most can to a certain degree. some can function completely submerged (glock for one). others would atleast fire once (assuming it was loaded and cocked first) before malfunctioning during the cycling process of chambering the next round due to complications caused by the water.
the bullet speed would be greatly hampered, and a hollwpoint round would mushroom prematurely.

as for actions,

single action - the gun must be cocked (chamebered) manualy before each shot is fired. pump shotguns are a good exable of this. or cowboy guns.

semi auto - the first round must be manually chambered, then the blowback of the bullet will automatically load the next round into the chamber, and also restores the hammer or stiker to the cocked position. the trigger must still be pulled each time by the user to release the hammer. most pistols are either semi auto or double action. (glock's, berretas, and 1911's are examples)

double action - this is what most revolvers are (other than cowboy style single actions) the trigger pull draws the hammer back and releases it with each pull.

full auto - this sums up your machine guns. simply put, you simply hold the trigger down and the gun keeps firing. you manually chamber the first round, then the blowback of each succesive round rechambers the next and re-cocks the gun for the next shot. it will continue to to fire automatically untill you let go of the trigger. this makes for a very high rate of fire.

this sums up the basic actions
sorry if i sounded confusing, i was on the phone while writing this :-/


revenge and goldeneye were two of my fav 64 games :D

Your top 5 N64 first-person shooters?
1. perfect dark - still my fav fps
2. goldeneye - classic fps, with superior single player
3. duke nukem - mindless fun
4. turok 2 - great weapons and a fun game
5. south park - not AWESOME, but was entertaining and fun

Best Bond...
my fav bond :brosnan then connery and craig

best bond girl? not real sure. i liked natayla pretty good

best music - i liked the casino royale theme by chris cornell

best villain - alec trevelyan

best movie - goldeneye by a huge margin

How tall are you?
just under 5'11"

size 14 shoe though, so i was meant to be taller :lol:

Anyone here wear glasses?
when i was 8, a doc prescribed me glasses. i hardly ever wore them. we moved back to my old home town, and a doctor friend of that guy gave me another pair, that i also hardly ever wore.

when i was about 14, the 2nd doc died. so we located a new doctor. he new neither doctor and at the end of the exam he asked me "do you ever wear your glasses" i said "no" and he says "that's good, you don't really need them"

and i haven't since. i have pretty good eyesight :D

crooked optomitrists! :lol:

Rate the N64 as a system
10 from me for sure

great games
excellent controller (even though they wear out!)
great looking system
cartridge format
years of teenage carefree gaming

oh how i love the N64 :D

StYoung's illegal casino!!!
i'll go with A

Playstation discussion
well, i only had a few ps1 games.

driver 2
metal gear solid
tony hawk
syphon filter

i like them all, but the first 4 there were all great psx games. syphon filter was ok, i never playing it much...

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
i was given paper mario thousand year door a couple of weeks ago.
i am not really psyched about it, but hey it was free gift

and my wife got me a new codebreaker for my ps2, and a copy of destroy all humans, which i am playing right now :D

Rare games you own
i don't know of anything i have that is too rare.

i have the gold ocarina of time.

wow, i think that's it. how sad......

About how many posts do you average a week?
i used to have maybe 20-30 a week i would guess. now it is only like 3 or 4 maybe. i try to get on here atleast every couple of days. i usually end up reading most of the posts, but only responding to a few...

Which is better
well neither honestly, but sure as heck not 2 dudes

StYoung's Bowl Pick Em' Madness!!!
no problem :D
congratulations on a solid second place finish

A New Breed Of Spartin
welcome :D

StYoung's Bowl Pick Em' Madness!!!
well, since we are past bowl season now, and nobody else has posted, i thought i would go ahead and tally everything up. i checked these three times, but could have screwed up so feel free to check for yourselves.


stinger9142 - 19-13
St young - 18-14
Ragedy - 16-16
Dagoss - 15-13 (with 4 games having no winner selected)
Rapueda - 14-18

what a crazy bowl season to wrap up a crazy football season in general.

Why do you still play your N64?
well, i do still play my N64, but i often go a couple months between pick ups.

i still have a lot of fun playing them. i would say that 50% of it is the great gameplay (which is timeless) and the other 50% is the memories that often accompany playing them.

i still have a dozen or so games for the 64, but i only play a handfull anymore.
mario kart, perfect dark, goldeneye, diddy kong racing, and road rash are the games i always go back to play again and again. i picked pilot wings back up last year so i could finish the game.

sometimes my played to death ps2 games get boring, and i need something different. my old 64 games fill that gap nicely :)