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Fallout 3
alright a fallout topic! i got it on new years eve, and have since logged 90+ hours. i am level 18, and opened up most of the map. still only about half done with the quests though at that. i absolutely love it!

What games are you playing?
lets see, i just finished with the galaxy news radio quest (where you go get that dish)
before that i did blood ties. now my current quests are going to rivet city, and working on chapter 2 of the survival book!

this game is a true reflection of the kind of game i would want to make if i were a developer.
i want to quit my job and play it around the clock :w00t: :lol:
better not though...

Game of the Year 2008
as much as i love gta IV, fallout 3 all the way!

What games are you playing?
i am currently playing FALLOUT 3!!!

all i can say is WOW! this is the best game i have played in a while by a long shot, maybe ever. if anybody hasn't tried it yet, you are really missing out!