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Games you'll finish in 2010
the only one i have finished so far is resident evil 5

but i plan on beating the following, after i buy or borrow them anyhow.

assasins creed II - borrowing
drake's fortune among thieves - buying maybe?
bioshock - borrowing
far cry 2 - buying
battlefield bad company II - buying
call of jaurez - buying
red dead redemption - buying?

beyond that i don't know. i know i wil get mag, but i am unsure if you can actually just beat an online only mp game

Your Own Personal Gaming Awards
thq had it back in the day. i believe ea owns the rights to it now. they(ea) had a "road rash next generation" planned extremely late in the ps2's life, and then cancelled it. this was about a year ago when i read that and got excited. perhaps they will someday develop one for the ps3 :D

your top 25
nice taste in games mac.
i really wish i had played future perfect. maybe someday...

mop: i unerstand what you mean. really with mine i just rate them on a fun factor. that way i keep graphics and other elements out of my mind that would cloud the comparison. road rash looks like butt, but it is the fun that always drags me back 8)

your top 25
thanks for the replies. i understand it is hard to narrow it down. i just saw 10 views and no replies, i was about to change the tag under my name to "topic killer" :lol: it took a good 40 mins or so to compile mine and put it in order. all that and i still forgot mario 64. if i was including pc games, sims would have to be somewhere high up too. anybody else a sims junkie?

i see a lot of the same core n64 games for all of us. that's cool.

your top 25
wow, don't everyone try to jump in at once. if it is too much of a chore just name your top 10 or 5, whatever.
just thought it would be interesting to see evryone's favs, and which systems dominated too.

anyhow i knew i would forget something, and i did, mario 64 should be about 22 with pilot wings slipping out to the nearly made it crowd.
that still leaves the system #'s the same for me as i swopped an n64 game for an n64 game.

welcome 8)

your top 25
ok, been meaning to do this for a while. i can't recall this being done on here before, but i am sure it has at some point. anyhow, if you would like to, try to name your top 25 games of all time. in order would be cool too, but i know that can be kind of hard. also include the platform where applicable too.

here are mine

1. fallout 3 - ps3
2. gta san andreas - ps2
3. zelda ocarina of time
4. perfect dark
5. goldeneye
6. monster hunter -psp
7. gun - ps2
8. mario kart 64
9. battlefield bad company - ps3
10. battlefield 1943 - ps3
11. uncharted drake's fortune
12. gta IV - ps3
13. hitman blood money - ps2
14. timesplitters 2 - ps2
15. diddy kong racing
16. assasins creed - ps3
17. road rash 64
18. gta vice city - ps2
19. hitman contratcs - ps2
20. metal gear solid 3
21. metal gear solid
22. oblivion - ps3
23. bully - ps2
24. pokemon yellow
25. pilot wings

some others that almost make it
tetris attack - snes
resident evil 4 - ps2
hitman 2 silent assasin - ps2
star wars shadows of the empire
wrestlemania 2000

the list shifts from time to time, but that about sums it up.
so as far as systems go:
64 has 7 in my top 25
ps2 has 8
ps3 has 7
psp has 1
psx has 1
gameboy has 1

Your Own Personal Gaming Awards
best game:
fallout 3

most played:
oblivion - 199 hours

most played runner up:
fallout 3 - 180 hours

best multiplayer game:
tie - battlefield bad company & battlefield 1943

best looking:
uncharted 2

runner up:
assasins creed 2

best music:
assasins creed 2

best split scrren co-op game:
resident evil 5

best horror game:
resident evil 5

shortest game:
mirrors edge

most played demo:
mirrors edge

most replayed n64 game of 2009:
road rash!

close second:
mario kart 64

biggest dissapointment:
NO NEXT GEN ROAD RASH PLANS YET!!!! :nope: :facepalm:

The L-button
i played a lot of the thq wrestling games, it made decent use of it. i think it was the block/counter button. think you also ducked under from front to back grapple with it and maybe ducked under clothesline attempts with it. been a long time to try and remember for sure. i always loved watching my poor older family try to hold the left prong and use the analog. how funny :lol: anybody else get that?