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Top 5 Favorite Bands
Yes, of course. I love Free Fallin'

That is what I get for trying to make a quick list on the fly :lol:
I kept thinking "I am forgetting one"

James Bond 007
I am a Chris Cornel fan. I hate that Audioslave broke up <_<

Shadow Man
I am anxious to get going on it. It may be mid February before I can get my hands on it though <_<

James Bond 007
I love the Casino Royale intro. Good Music :D

Pretty sure I'm going insane...
You are thinking of WWF No Mercy. It features the revenge style, but also has to dudley boyz. They were never in WcW.
The Dudley Boyz were not in Wrestlemania 2000 either.

Gamecube Controller Collection
Nice collection. What an odd keyboard :rofl:

Let us know what you think if you try it :D

alxbly, I usually find myself making a confused face while playing this game. That about sums it up :lol:

awesome site
Welcome, I do hope you stick around. I did play quake WAY back when it first came out a few times. It was fun. Been long ago though.

Yeah, I view Glover as a challenging game, just not a "fun" challenging one. What a shame. It is cool you posted some videos.

N64 collection discussion
Sounds like you will be having some fun.

I always wanted to try Nightmare Creatures.

Fighting Games
In terms of true fighting games. I give a thumbs up to Fighter's Destiny. As long as you don't mind terrible voice overs :D

Value of Gold.
You are absolutely right, there is no turning back. Call me old fashioned, but I would take sovereignty over a 24 hour global market place and multi national co-operations. Unfortunately the people with big $$$ prefer it the other way. Greed is an ugly animal.

Top 5 Favorite Bands
Yeah, I got introduced to them by my wife when I was 18. I was hooked after that.

Last Dance with Mary Jane
Running Down a Dream
Face in the Crowd
Stop Dragging My Heart Around
Learning to Fly

Those are probably my Favorites.

E3 1997 Official N64 Controller
Glad to hear you got your money back :D

repairing, modding and custom painting a Nintendo64 TUTORIAL
Wow, amazing! :D

Value of Gold.
My full sentence there was "I believe the US is going to eventually go bankrupt."
I am not stating it like it is 100% fact or something, though I do firmly believe it will though unless drastic changes are made to our "borrow our way out of debt" strategy. Difference of opinion I suppose, believe what you want. I for one am against globalism feeling in undermines the supposed sovereignty of individual nations, including the united states. I despise the thought of other countries "owning" our debt, like China for instance. I also am opposed (as is the constitution of the united states) to privately owned banks producing and controlling our currency, which is exactly what the Federal Reserve is. Congress is supposed to do it.
I believe this is the reason we are in this boat to begin with.

Anyhow, political rant over :lol:

Like I said, difference of opinion.

Top 5 Games Based on Movies
1. Goldeneye
2. Shadows of the Empire (more off of the saga than a movie)
3. Lord of the Rings
5. Xmen Wolverine Origins

Top 5 Favorite Bands
1. Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
2. Alice in Chains
3. Breaking Benjamin
4. 10 Years
5. Godsmack

Value of Gold.
Buying Gold and Silver is a wise thing to do, at least if you are of the mindset that the economy may not recover. I tend to believe it will not. World economics fascinate me, and I have read a few books on the workings of the federal reserve. I believe the US is going to eventually go bankrupt. Our debt is too high, and our dollar is almost worthless. Some countries are starting to refuse our dollar as means of exchange. Gold and silver are two things that will always hold value regardless of what the dollar is worth. My dad has millions in assents, and got worried about a collapse. He wisely Invested in $80,000 in gold and $20,000 in silver. In times of economic collapse (great depression) gold and silver prices sky rocket. Our economic uncertainty is what has driven their prices so high to begin with. I have 8 ounces of silver put up. That is not much, but i am glad I at least have that.

If we do recover though, then expect the price to fall back down to the $900-$1000 area it was at before our "recession"

Last I knew of the price of gold per ounce was around $1400 I think. I will double check in a bit.

You only have 25$
I look forward to that day. I may try Craigslist when/if I ever have some extra cash :D

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