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I'm here!
Welcome to Nintendo 64 Forever! Nice collection :yeah:

Photoshop This!
Love seeing this on here. They always crack me up when I see them on Facebook

New to the scene
Welcome to Nintendo 64 Forever :yeah:

Somehow I missed this topic in the past. I bought my first Pokemon game (Red) back when it first came out after a friend showed me Blue. Though this led to me foolishly trading my SNES and all my games for Gameboy Pocket (That later quit working), I have enjoyed Pokemon games ever since.

I went on to own Yellow, and caught all original 151 (last 4 or so by exploiting a glitch). I bought and enjoyed Pokemon Snap later. Down the road I picked up and beat Pearl, Black, and White. Eventually also acquired Emerald and Ranger. I still regularly pick up Snap and Black/White to play with my daughter :yeah: She is a fan of the show, and will play the games herself in the years to come :yeah:

Games You've Finished in 2016
My first game beaten this year is Fallout 4. I haven't gotten 100% or anything, but I finished the main story line and am approaching 180 hours I think :yeah:

Hello! From England UK
Welcome! Glad to have you :yeah:

What is your favourite Timesplitters game?
I was a fan of Timesplitters 1 & 2. I heard such good things about Future Perfect, but never got around to trying it. So i guess 2 is my favorite.

Nostalgia Meter Burst
Welcome to Nintendo 64 Forever :yeah:

Hurt and Heal: Consoles
Hurt: Gamecube
Heal: PS2

Nintendo Entertainment System - 22
Super Nintendo Entertainment System - 19
Nintendo 64 - 30
Game Boy Color - 23
PlayStation 2 - 14
GameCube - 28
Game Boy Advance - 20
Wii - 24
Wii U - 13

10th - Game Boy
11th - XBOX
12th - PC
13th - Playstation 1
14th - Sega Dreamcast
15th - PS4
16th - Xbox 360
17th - PlayStation 3
18th - SEGA Game Gear
19th - Virtual Boy
20th - XBOX One

February Game of the Month Vote Off
Turns out NFL Blitz 01 never got a PAL release and is ineligible.
So the other 5 nominated games are a lock in

February Game of the Month Nomination Topic
OK, about to do the drawing. Poll to follow shortly

Mario 64
My daughter loves the cannon in the courtyard. Thankfully their was a copy of Mario 64 on our Wii when it was given to us. My wife's brother had gotten all 120 stars on one of the saves on it. That is usually the one she plays on :yeah:

New member
Welcome aboard! Glad to have you :yeah:

Glad to join!
Welcome to Nintendo 64 Forever. Glad to have you :)

February Game of the Month Nomination Topic
Loving the early support for Excitebike here :yeah:

Houghtons collection
Very nice collection :yeah:

Top 1000 N64 Musics!
Awesome list :yeah: The 64 as a whole had some GREAT music. In fact I still listen to music from Perfect Dark, Extreme G, Top Gear Rally, and Ocarina of Time every now and then :)

which era do you prefer: 96-98 or 99-01?
I have a tough time deciding personally. Though Perfect Dark and a few other great games came out in the latter years, I guess I have to give the nod to the early years. Mario 64, Mario Kart, Ocarina of Time, Goldeneye, Diddy Kong Racing, 1080, and Banjo Kazooie are just too much to overcome :yeah:

Mario 64
What better game to mark the 5th anniversary of Game of the Month than the one that kicked started the 64 we all love? Mario 64 was my first experience with the Nintendo 64. I am sure that can be said for a lot of us here. It changed the way I saw gaming. Less than two months after playing it, I had my own N64 and a copy of Mario. The N64 helped define my high school years. Ultimately a game on the N64 (Perfect Dark) led me to meeting my wife of 14 years now. So aside from being an amazing game, I owe it a debt of gratitude for the road it helped me go down :lol:

I still go back and play it a few times a year. My daughter likes to watch me play, and she likes to run around the castle courtyard. The gameplay was revolutionary, the graphics were amazing at the time, and the music is timelessly great! Though I never got the last star needed to get 100% on the game (dang flying around for 8 red coins level :lol: ) I have repeatedly played through and beat the game a number of times.

I suspect that I will still be playing it from time to time in the years to come :)

February Game of the Month Nomination Topic
Time for nominations once again...

Here is how it works:

Each member gets to nominate 1 game that was not in the top 20 in sales. The topic will remain open for the first half of the month. At which point, I will write each of the nominations on a piece of paper, and draw 5 total out of a bowl.

Those 5 will then be put to a vote for the rest of the month to decide the official "Nintendo 64 Forever Game of the Month". You may nominate a game already chosen by another member if you wish too, but only one piece of paper per game nominated will be put in to the bowl. If someone has already nominated a game you wished to nominate, please consider going with your 2nd choice. Those nominated that are not drawn out as well as the 4 that lose the vote will be eligible for re-nomination next month if you so choose.

In case anybody is lost here, the idea is for you to play the winning game for a bit, and then
comment on your thoughts after playing. We used to discuss things like game play, graphics, sound, controls, replay value, as well as how the game has stood the test of time. This is a great chance to discover fun games you perhaps missed out on.

If you do not own the winning game; perhaps consider borrowing, buying, emulation, or perhaps even check for it on the virtual console.
Any questions? Just ask away...

Here are the list of ineligible games:

1. Super Mario 64
2. Mario Kart 64
3. GoldenEye 007
4. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
5. Super Smash Brothers
6. Diddy Kong Racing
7. Pokemon Stadium
8. Donkey Kong 64
9. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
10. Star Fox 64
11. Banjo-Tooie
12. Pokemon Snap
13. Perfect Dark
14. Mario Party 2
15. Banjo-Kazooie
16. Pokemon Stadium 2
17. Wave Race 64
18. Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire
19. Yoshi's Story
20. Mario Party

Also ineligible are former Game of the Month winners:

1. January 2011 - Glover
2. February 2011 - Shadow Man
3. March 2011 - Turok: Dinosaur Hunter
4. April 2011 - F-Zero X
5. May 2011 - Wetrix
6. June 2011 - Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2
7. July 2011 - 1080 Snowboarding
8. August 2011 - Star Wars Rogue Squadron
9. September 2011 - Conker's Bad Fur Day
10. October 2011 - Pokemon Puzzle League
11. November 2011 - Star Wars Episode 1 Racer
12. December 2011 - Rayman 2
13. January 2012 - Perfect Dark (top 20 open month)
14. February 2012 - Beetle Adventure Racing
15. March 2012 - Pilot Wings
16. April 2012 - Mischief Makers
17. May 2012 - Mario Tennis
18. June 2012 - Rocket: Robot on Wheels
19. July 2012 - Kirby 64
20. August 2012 - Road Rash
21. September 2012 - Body Harvest
22. October 2012 - Jet Force Gemini
23. November 2012 - Resident Evil 2
24. December 2012 - Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
25. January 2013 - Banjo - Kazooie (top 20 open month)
26. February 2013 - Paper Mario
27. March 2013 - Mario Golf
28. April 2013 - Blast Corps
29. May 2013 - Bomberman 64
30. June 2013 - Mario Party 3
31. July 2013 - Space Station: Silicon Valley
32. August 2013 - Top Gear Rally
33. September 2013 - Turok 2
34. October 2013 - Mortal Kombat Trilogy
35. November 2013 - Quest 64
36. December 2013 - Snowboard Kids 2
37. January 2014 - Ocarina of Time (Top 20 Open Month)
38. February 2014 - Worms Armageddon
39. March 2014 - Command and Conquer
40. April 2014 - Turok: Rage Wars
41. May 2014 - Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness
42. June 2014 - The World is not Enough
43. July 2014 - Destruction Derby
44. August 2014 - Doom 64
45. September 2014 - Hybrid Heaven
46. October 2014 - Vigilante 8
47. November 2014 - Castlevania
48. December 2014 - Mission Impossible
49. January 2015 - Goldeneye 007 (Top 20 Open Month)
50. February 2015 - Duke Nukem 64
51. March 2015 - Mortal Kombat 4
52. April 2015 - Superman 64
53. May 2015 - StarCraft 64
54. June 2015 - Mace: The Dark Age
55. July 2015 - Rainbow Six
56. August 2015 - World Driver Championship
57. September 2015 - Duke Nukem: Zero Hour
58. October 2015 - Star Wars Episode 1: Battle for Naboo
59. November 2015 - Mystical Ninja: Starring Goemon
60. December 2015 - Wipeout 64
61. January 2016 - Mario 64

Also, nominations must be available in both PAL and NA regions. Check the following link to be sure before nominating:
Region Information

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