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What games are you playing?
ncaa football 2007

The Nintendo 64 Forever Lost Club
we saw ron jeremy in vegas last month. we stayed after a magic show to meet the magician, and he came walking out. i didn't really want to go say hi or anything, but we did get some pics...

btw, this topic is hilarious!

Hurt 'n' Heal: N64 levels
HURT fungi forest
HEAL forest temple

Facility - 33
Cool Cool Mountain - 29
Forest Temple - 33
Carrington Villa - 31
Walrus Cove - 20
Congo Jungle - 26
Treasure Trove Cove -29
Wario Stadium - 30
Fungi Forest -21
Corneria - 29

What are some good multiplayer N64 racing games?
it may not be quite what your looking for, but road rash was one of my fav multiplayer racing games. it may be very easy to catch up when you wreck, but the oncoming traffic and opposing players make it a blast...

Best of each Sport games on the N64
Baseball: didn't play any that i remember
Basketball: nba handtime
Bowling: didn't play any
Football(American Football): qb club 98 & 99 (i hated madden back then)
Golf: didn't play any
Hockey: didn't play any
Soccer(Football): didn't play any

i don't think sports games are a rip off. i usually play well over 100 hours of each years madden, so i definately get my moneys worth. they update them enough to keep it feeling a little new to me. i don't trade in games at all, so the low return price doesn't bother me.

Timesplitters 4
i will make it next on my "need to buy" list!

Are video games a horrible vice?
i think they definately can be. heck, anything offering immediate fun for little or no work can be. if you keep it in check, i think it is totally healthy and harmless :D

Heya im new here
hey there, and welcome :D

Hi Ninendo 64 fans!
hello, and welcome! :D

poll how was your day?
it was ok, not great by any means. work wasn't too bad, but only weekends have the possibilty of being "great" days

thanks for asking! :D

Monster Hunter 3 no longer on PS3
*WARNING* this game series will ruin your life!

no really, i absolutely love monster hunter, but i will probably never let myself play one of them again. it is just too easy to get hooked.

i love the game totally, but seeing it on anything other than the psp just seems weird to me. it just fits it so well.

Timesplitters 4
i still have to get future perfect. i love 2, and still play it quite a bit!

What are your opinions on these N64 games Pt. 2
01 BattleTanx - very under-rated game. simple and fun! wish i had it. the 2nd one was way cooler though.

06 Extreme-G - simple racer. you could just hold the gas down on some levels and finish decent without steering at all. the music was AWESOME though. i have the soundtrack on my psp actually.

07 Extreme-G 2 - more of the same.

08 Fighters Destiny - decent fighter. the voiceovers absolutely SUCK, but i would still give it a 7/10. the rodeo event was good for a laugh. you had to fight a cow to keep from falling off a platform.

17 Mortal Kombat Trilogy - the top dog of classic mk fighting games. it had EVERYONE!

20 Rampage World Tour - i love rampage!

25 Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire - AWESOME, there is so much variety in gameplay. racing/shooting/flying - it has it all!

hello again
sorry to let you down applepieman! :lol:
you are getting close though...

Got any games you can't play?
i have blitz for the 64. i bought it used at eb. i got home and it was broken (chip)
and i couldn't find my receipt, so it is still sitting in my bedroom somewhere...

what is your Favorite?
turbo for me as well B)

The "Hello, I'm Back" Topic
oops, i suppose here would have been a better place for me to post my "i'm back" topic. if i had only seen it first ;)

hello again
Oct 9 2007, 06:13 PM
Who are you?

i am not totally sure what sort of answer you are looking for here. i am stinger9142, obviously. i have been a member here for about 9 months. i used to be on here quite a bit, which is why i made this topic. if you look, i was one of the people who welcomed you here in your introduction post back in july.

as for who i really am, i am a 24 year old guy who lives in knoxville, tennessee.

haha, @ dagoss!

hello to you, abendigo!

hello again
yeah, i was about to drive my wife crazy! haha :lol:
really though, it was taking entirely too much of my time.

it is fun though.

i am already some better, and went to work today even though i didn't really feel like it...

Controller discussion
i like it just fine.

i think the dual shock is my fav, but the 64 and gamecube controllers and close to it in my book...

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