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Little Big Planet
yes it is plural :D

while i don't plan on getting it right away, i do plan on getting it maybe in a month or two. my wife and sis in-law both flip out everytime they see clips of the game. they love sack boy.

anyhow, it definately looks to be unique.

i think floorcat has it already maybe???

You guys are the greatest.
yeah, this place is great 8)

Nintendo 64 Forever: At the Movies
in theatre:
fire proof - liked it a lot

at home:
the strangers - it was alright
spiderman 3 - it was ok
never back down - liked it
indiana jones kcs - liked it

Last time you played 4-played multi?
unfortunately, its been 6 or 7 years. we played some 4 player smash brothers after i moved to tennesseee in 2001. since then i have only played 1 and 2 player. i only have 3 controllers now anyhow. :-/

that has just been too long

If you made a game...
i really wanted to go into video game making as a career out of highschool. it never happened though :-/
ehhhhhh....laziness.... :yawn:

anyhow i always wanted to make a double dragon style game, but 3d ofcourse. i wanted it to have a really cool fighting system with all kinds of fighting blended in. i wanted everything to me useable in fighting (cars, trashcans, lightposts, & whatever)

i also wanted it to have literally hundreds of useable weapons (clubs, knives, nunchakus, swords, tire irons, pool ball in a sock, bricks, bricks in socks, brass knuckles, crow bars, hammers, chains, bats, pool cues, tonfas, maces, belts, hockey sticks, sledge hammers, pepper spray, tasers, guitars, and you get the point!

i do like the idea of revamping goldeneye or perfect dark to look and run like a modern game.

What games are you playing?
been playing road rash 64, diddy kong racing (on the 64), and smackdown vs raw 2006 (ps2) as of late.

What are your most frequented websites?

that's about it...

What ever happened to hurt'n'heals?
perhaps we could put a whole new spin on them -

"heal & hurts" instead of "hurt n heals"???


i do kind of miss them though...

Your Favorite Overlooked N64 Games
road rash

i still play it frequently (the night before last most recently)
i still have a blast :D :n64:

Handheld gaming
well, of all those, i have only played the nomad and gamegear. so i guess the nomad wins that one.