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Annual Awards, seeking input
It would be wrong not to do them :) Was a blast last year!

Pictures of You
It was great looking through these and seeing what I had missed lately! :D

Nice camping trip d!

and you have a beautiful baby girl, buddy!

What games are you playing?
All I play these days is Hobbit Kingdoms of Middle Earth on my Galaxy

It is a highly addictive civilization building and war game. It takes up WAY to much of my time. I am a regent of a 65 member alliance in the world I play in and am currently 13th strongest on the world I play in. :D

A Typical Day in the Life
Better late than never :)

Awaken 6:30, shower and get ready for work

Leave for work 7:10, stop at the gas station for caffeine and breakfast.

arrive at work 8:00

take break 10:00-10:15 play games on my phone

take lunch 12:00-12:30

Take Break 2:00-2:30 play games on my phone

leave work 5:00

arrive home 5:50 shower and eat supper

after that i kick back with my wife and daughter. we watch netflix and play together.

10:00ish stroll my daughter to sleep

12:00-2:00 am go to bed

that's my daily schedule. wednesday and sunday i go to church. i work every other saturday. when i don't work on saturdays, I mostly sleep and play video games :lol: and watch football!

Annual Awards, seeking input
I fully support the idea, and would be glad to help :yeah:

Hello All
Hey, more familiar faces! I have missed you all to. Look at me, been on the forum three times in less than 24 hours :lol:

stik, I am glad to hear you found a good girl :D

Norcal, Luke, grizz.... Good to see you all .... er read you all :lol:

Hello All
Thank you all for the encouraging words and for filling me in on how you all have been. I am anxious yo get to know our newer members. :) I am very happy to see familiar names responding to this topic. Thank you all for understanding my absence. I have to get back to work now I guess :lol: boo!

Hello All
Hello Nintendo 64 Forever members. I have not been a very good Admin for you all in a few months now. I have been a member here for ages, and was a very active staff member over the last few years. I had some issues happen in my life recently that coincided with some forum burn out. Long story short, I had to step away for a bit. I hydroplaned into a semi truck a few months ago and totaled my wife's car. This left me with having to drive my work van around. It gets ten miles to the gallon and I live forty miles from work. So we had to move in with my wife's parents for a bit so I could be close enough to afford driving to work daily. They have a pc with serious issues. It made it hard to ever get on even if i had the motivation.

While waiting to acquire a new car, my dad loaned me one of his. I drove almost two thousand miles round trip to pick it up. Upon returning to town with the vehicle, some kids ran a red light and smashed the front end of it thirty minutes after I had gotten home. I got very discouraged. My time with my in laws became greatly extended. Our loaner car now has finally been fixed. we are at home again for a few days. Our bathroom flooded recently though and some repairs have to be made. We will have to move out again for a bit in a week or two.

My burnout I feel came from the fact that I typically spent hours a day on this forum. When I wasn't on here, I was trying to think of ways to boost activity. I finally ran myself dry with the survey. Tallying the results became quite the chore. Soon the place a escaped to from stress became something I wanted to escape from as well. It felt like a job. I seriously debated stepping down as an admin. I could never follow through with it though when I tried. It hurts a bit to see how the activity has slowed here. I honestly blame myself. We had ridden such a huge peak for many months, a fall was bound to happen. I have full confidence that the activity level will once again increase. The rest of the staff has done a wonderful job of handling things. I did sneak by from time to time, and saw them hard at work still.

I want to apologize to the members and also my fellow staff for largely abandoning Nintendo 64 Forever. I have made many great friends here, and no matter what I will always be bound to it. Like others before me who have poured so much time in here, I feel it is mine. That
not the case though. Its all of ours. With or without me, this place would keep going. There is still a strong love for the N64 in the world. There is such a great core of members here. We have been blessed with a long existence. Our forum is several years old. It still has many years ahead. :D

Though I may never again be as active as I had been, I will do my best to live up to my Admin title. I love this forum, and desire to serve it and its members :D

So how have you all been?

November Game of the Month Vote Off
Here are your randomly chosen five games :)

November Game of the Month Nomination Topic
Hello everyone, Welcome to the Game of the Month nomination topic. Sorry for the delay. I have little to no pc usage at the moment. Posting from my phone is a nightmare.

Here is how it works:
Each member gets to nominate 1 game that was not in the top 20 in sales. The topic will remain open for 10 days (ending October 13th). At which point, I will write each of the nominations on a piece of paper, and draw 5 total out of a bowl.
Those 5 will then be put to a vote for 10 days (ending October 23rd) to decide the official "Nintendo 64 Forever Game of the Month". You may nominate a game already chosen by another member if you wish too, but only one piece of paper per game nominated will be put in to the bowl. If someone has already nominated a game you wished to nominate, please consider going with your 2nd choice. Those nominated that are not drawn out as well as the 4 that lose the vote will be eligible for re-nomination next month if you so choose.

In case anybody is lost here, the idea is for you to play the winning game for a bit, and then
comment on your thoughts after playing. We used to discuss things like game play, graphics, sound, controls, replay value, as well as how the game has stood the test of time. This is a great chance to discover fun games you perhaps missed out on.

If you do not own the winning game; perhaps consider borrowing, buying, renting (anybody still rent n64 games?), or find another way of playing (emulation) or perhaps even check for it on the virtual console.
Any questions? Just ask away...

Here are the list of ineligible games:

1. Super Mario 64
2. Mario Kart 64
3. GoldenEye 007
4. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
5. Super Smash Brothers
6. Diddy Kong Racing
7. Pokemon Stadium
8. Donkey Kong 64
9. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
10. Star Fox 64
11. Banjo-Tooie
12. Pokemon Snap
13. Perfect Dark
14. Mario Party 2
15. Banjo-Kazooie
16. Pokemon Stadium 2
17. Wave Race 64
18. Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire
19. Yoshi's Story
20. Mario Party

Also ineligible are former Game of the Month winners:

1. January 2011 - Glover
2. February 2011 - Shadow Man
3. March 2011 - Turok: Dinosaur Hunter
4. April 2011 - F-Zero X
5. May 2011 - Wetrix
6. June 2011 - Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2
7. July 2011 - 1080 Snowboarding
8. August 2011 - Star Wars Rogue Squadron
9. September 2011 - Conker's Bad Fur Day
10. October 2011 - Pokemon Puzzle League
11. November 2011 - Star Wars Episode 1 Racer
12. December 2011 - Rayman 2
13. January 2012 - Perfect Dark (top 20 open month)
14. February 2012 - Beetle Adventure Racing
15. March 2012 - Pilot Wings
16. April 2012 - Mischief Makers
17. May 2012 - Mario Tennis
18. June 2012 - Rocket: Robot on Wheels
19. July 2012 - Kirby 64
20. August 2012 - Road Rash
21. September 2012 - Body Harvest
22. October 2012 - Jet Force Gemini
23. November 2012 - Resident Evil 2
24. December 2012 - Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
25. January 2013 - Banjo - Kazooie (top 20 open month)
26. February 2013 - Paper Mario
27. March 2013 - Mario Golf
28. April 2013 - Blast Corps
29. May 2013 - Bomberman 64
30. June 2013 - Mario Party 3
31. July 2013 - Space Station: Silicon Valley
32. August 2013 - Top Gear Rally
33. September 2013 - Turok 2
34. October 2013 - Mortal Kombat Trilogy

Also, nominations must be available in both PAL and NA regions. Check the following link to be sure before nominating:
Region Information

Mortal Kombat Trilogy
It finally won. Lets discuss. It was my second N64 game. I love that it had all the previous character to that point, but was experiencing MK burnout by this point. Long story short my love for it became short lived...