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Something people don't know about you!
haha! :lol:

well her brother as the huge pd fan. she played some, and he talked her into getting on the board. we have played perfect dark together though. i get the best of her a good bit. it kind of made me feel like i was being mean, so we mostly played on the same team after that :D

for the record, she can totally beat the crap out of me on smash brothers brawl and melee, and she is good at gta sa and bully. we battle it out on mortal kombat shaolin monks a few nights a week, and we are about even on that.
it is nice to have a gamer for a wife :D

EGM magazine has so many ads...
egm was my absolute favorite gaming magazine in the late 90's. the magazines were huge, and i really liked their rating system. then the mag shrunk to half the content, but kept all the ads. what a dissapointment <_<

i still probably would buy them over anything else.

hello :D

What's Your Favorite?
ocarina of time

mario is close though, and i have never played bfd

Something people don't know about you!
totally true. i met my wife of 6 years on a video game message board (for perfect dark)

i moved from oklahoma to tennessee (where she lived) when i graduated, and got married almost 1 year exactly from the time we first started talking :D

Something people don't know about you!
.......i met my wife on a video game message board :lol:

no really... :P

How do you spell E-Mail?

Dreamcast discussion
i haven't spent a lot of time playing the dc. it never grabbed my interest much at all. i played a few games on my friends system. crazy taxi was pretty fun to me. n64 games just seemed to be more fun to me in general. i totally lost interest when the ps2 was released.

What video game systems do you own?
ps3 - currently out of commision
ds lite
original gameboy

a little rant
my ncaa 07 file just got corrupted! i was 4 years into the dynasty, and just had my best in season recruiting class ever.

i had just played a game, and i was saving. it told me "memory card 1 removed during save, even though it wasn't. it said something else that i didn't even catch, and then it was gone. the file was just showing up as "????" and it wouldn't load.

that really blows :angry:

rant over i guess...
i started me a "college legend" file :D

Super Mario Bros
my fav mario games

mario 64
mario kart 64
mario 2
mario 3
super mario world

maio party games are pretty cool too...

Hi Ninendo 64 fans!
sorry, i was confused by a post titled "Hi Nintendo 64 fans!" in a welcome section, and everybody else welcoming you and talking to you like you were new.

didn't actually look at your post count, i just assumed...

Hello everyone!
welcome, ninja! :D

Rate the games in your collection
diddy kong racing - 10 - excellent racer/adventure game. good graphics
goldeneye - 10 - truely ground breaking. looked great at the time.
jet force gemini - 8.0 - fun to me, but seemed to be missing something.
ocarina of time - 10 - top notch game. great graphics and gameplay
mario kart 64 - 10 - one of the best multiplayer games ever. a total blast.
nba handtime - 7.0 - pretty fun game for both 1 and 2 players.
qb club 99 - 7.0 - i enjoyed it, and hated football at the time.
madden 99 - 6.0 - didn't really like it.
perfect dark - 10 - untouchable in the fps genre
pilot wings - 9.5 - totally fun, with plenty of variety in missions
pokemon snap - 7 - fun for a bit, but limited replay value
resident evil 2 - 10 - awesome game. nice to see it on the n64
road rash - 10 - what it lacks in graphics, it makes up for in fun!
shadows of the empire - 10 - a great and diverse game. good graphics
super mario 64 - 10 - defined 3D gaming!
top gear rally - 7.5 - fun game with good music. custom paint jobs rock!
wwf wrestlemania 2000 - 9.0 - best wrestling game on 64 to me.
wwf attitude - 7.5 - not thq quality, but fun still
1080 - 8.5 - pretty sweet game. i could never do a 1080

games i used to have:
banjo and kazooie - 9.5
bomberman 64 - 6.5
excite bike 64 - 7.5
extreme g - 6.5
fighters destiny - 6.5
glover - 6.5
mission impossible - 7.0
mortal kombat trilogy - 7.0
wcw nwo world tour - 7.0
wcw nwo revenge - 8.0
wwf warzone - 7.0

:o i can't believe anybody would give mario 64 a 5/10...

What decade do you think had the best music?
while i enjoy the 80's and present decade of music, i think the 90's wins it for me.

it had some lingering cool 80's stuff, like def leppard. alice n chains, KoRn, deftones. heck i even liked some early 90's country. travis tritt and tracy lawrence were a couple.

The "Hello, I'm Back" Topic
oh sure, laugh at tennessee. florida may have beaten us, but they have the same record that we do, so i can laugh a little too.

if you are in the mood to laugh some more, you will probably have a pretty good time watching us feebly trying to stop arkansas' running backs!

Best Nintendo 64 game released in 1996
wow, what a tough one.

i loved mario 64, and it was ground breaking

on the other hand mario kart gave me hours of multiplayer fun, shadows of the empire was a true adventure game with tons of variety, and pilot wings is close to being in there too...

in the end, i will say mario 64 by a narrow margin to some good competition!

What N64 character would you be for Halloween?
i was a zombie, so i guess i was a re2 zombie :D