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Do you consider yourself to be a competitive gamer
i would currently classify myself as a casual gamer. i was very competitive with friends and probably would have entered tournaments if any were close to where i lived back in highschool. fps, racing games, fighting games, the works. i had about 7 or 8 friends with different game tastes and everybody wanted to be the best at what they like.

now-a-days i occasionaly race my bro-in-law, or play ncaa football against a co-worker. that is really about it though. i am just in it for fun now.

The most influential film of the last decade.
i meant shooting more than one movie in a series at one time, like lotr and pirates of the carribean 2 & 3. i was a bit unclear before.

The most influential film of the last decade.
i will say the lord of the rings trilogy as well. they were awesome and have gotten copied a lot since.

not just the story or style either. heck, the idea of filiming more than one movie in a series is being used since then.

Do you ever use game guides?
i just used them on a very select few games. zelda OoT, perfect dark, and vice city are the only ones i think bought. i figured i needed it for zelda for 100% completion. the same could be said for vice city. i just got pd to have it really, plus it came with a super cool poster.

i still have the pd guide and the vice city one. i loaned out the OoT guide and *gasp* never got it back!

I sold my N64...
wow, i don't think that i could ever do that. while i am currently playing my n64 daily, i often go months without turning it on. even still, i couldn't ever get rid of it. i hang on to about everything though...

Handheld gaming
i feel the same way, somewhat anyhow.

i have an original gameboy, gb pocket (broken), and a psp.
with the exception of pokemon, no gameboy game ever held my interest for more than a couple weeks or so.
the psp seemed to be breaking that trend. socom kept me busy for a couple of weeks, mgs portable ops + kept me busy for a month or so, and monster hunter completely ruled my life for about 6 months or so. i got my ps3 and it slowed me down. i haven't bought any new psp games, so as a result i have kind of stopped playing it for now. i still use it as an mp3 player though.

i have started to get other psp games before, but i always wonder if will be one i truely get my moneys worth out of.
pokemon and monster hunter were the only hand held games that broke the short lived trend.

10 years ago today...
yep i got the gold cartridge, yay!

the game totaly blew me away.

other thoughts: my mom got it for me for christmas. but i snuck and played it early. i was worried that my family would see my save file named "kc" when i started it up for the supposed "1st" time, so i name my link "file 1." needless to say i had navi calling me "file 1" for the rest of the game.

i need to play through it again :D

Do all New Jersey residents look like this?
you've got that right :lol:

Do all New Jersey residents look like this?
sure looks like it!

that was hilarious :lol: