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Best Looking?
i know it is a matter of taste, but what N64 games were the best looking to you?

for me
ocarina of time - looked amazing for it's time
jet force gemini - love the colors, and the graphics were great
banjo and kazooie - so colorfull and graphicaly amazing
perfect dark - looks so dated now, but great back in the day.
resident evil 2 - i know it is mostly pre-rendered, but still. the fmv was nice too.

those are probably my top 5
i never saw majora's mask and banjo tooie in person, but i am sure they exceed their prequels...

Mario Kart & DKR
welcome to the board, muddpup :D

Holliday Wishlist!
yes, a healthy baby girl and healthy wife are tops on my list!

thanks floorcat. i am supposed to be buying mario kart for $5 from a co worker here soon.
the zelda games look ummmm.... different. some weird train one, and the cartoony style one.
i could not stand the way wind walker looked. so i don't know if i will get either of them.

any good lengthy fun games you have to suggest?
it will give me something to go off of.

Multiplayer Madness!
safe to assume so, just came from typing "won" just before it i guess :lol:

i very rarely came in 2nd either. i never owned the game or got to practice.
i always liked the game, just not maybe quite as much as they did!

typically i was link, my wife was kirby, her twin pikachu, bro in laws mario and donkey kong,
"won" :lol: of us always had to sit out a round to make sure everybody got a chance to play!

Rest in Peace Leslie Nielsen....
that is sad. i remember my dad watching naked gun all the time when i was young...

Hitting the wall. (not literally :lol: )
i guess the getaway is the closest thing for me. it is not that is was unbelievably hard or anything, i just got frustrated then lost interest.
i think it was driving on the wrong side of the road (for me anyways) and across the huge city. i kept getting in to wrecks, and getting busted.
i had it about the same time as vice city, needless to say it kind of got put on the back burner. i never went back.

it had all kind of style and was cool looking, but i doubt i will ever finish it.

mario 64 could make a case with me. i have 118 stars. i have often thought about going after the last 2, but they are just so hard to get!

Holliday Wishlist!
with a baby on the way, i don't think i will get to have too much of a traditional christmas. i will take the gamestop gift card i know i am getting for sure, and go get some new ds games. i am thinking zelda, mario kart, mario party, DKR. i need to do some research!

Best N64 Game Music
in fact i downloaded the top gear rally soundtrack last night and put it on my psp. it will make great bed time music.

Super Nintendo Discussion
i have learned from that experience. about a year after that, i was going to sell him 10 n64 games for $100. i was about to move and needed the money. he instead offered to trade me 10 for a gun that was worth about $90. i agreed, and he also threw in as a bonus, a gerber knife. long story short the gerber knife was worth $180. so i felt better about getting ripped off before. he didn't know what it was worth.

i have since bought a few of the 10 back, as i really missed them. i will likely never sell or trade anything game related again.

Super Nintendo Discussion
i am sad to say i traded my snes, games, and super gameboy for a gameboy pocket.
i was desperate for a gb pocket to play pokemon on, and my brother took advantage of that.
what is worse, after 2 years, it didn't even work anymore.

wish i had hung on to it :(

i had:
super mario world
mario paint
mario all stars
double dragon
f zero
battle toads
tetris attack
and i think a mortal kombat also.
seems like some other stuff too, but i can't remember.

i also included with the super gameboy
mario and the 6 golden coins
and a teenage mutant ninja turtles game.

i was SO foolish

1080 Snowboarding
well, you beat me to it! i never pulled it off a single time. it seemed overly complicated to me, but i know other people could do it no problem.
i lack the skill i suppose! :lol:

i think a 720 was my best try!

Best N64 Game Music
yeah, i meant top gear rally, macN64.

body harvest did have some nice haunting music.

Multiplayer Madness!
ssb brawl became the tradition shortly there after!
i never, not once won a single won of our family battles!

OoT Dungeons
volvagia :lol: never thought of it like that!

Oot was all about discovery. it has great replay value, but nothing beats that first play through!
i felt the same about twilight princess, but did not get to finish it before i had to give it back to my co-worker.

Best N64 Game Music
that sbk tune is kid kind of catchy :D

i need to check out the conker poo song :lol:

anybody remember boogerman on snes? i know it is off topic, but hearing "poo song" makes me think of it for some reason. :lol:

Multiplayer Madness!
holy cow! how in the heck did i forget ssb!?

i was late on getting to it. it was a big tradition in my wife's family, and i didn't get to try it until 2001.
after that it became a sunday afternoon tradition.

Best N64 Game Music
i never got to hear silicon valley, snowboard kids, or rogue squadron.
i remember liking banjo's music, but none of it has stuck with me over the years.

yeah i would say as a whole, the n64 had some great music. :n64: :yeah:

Multiplayer Madness!
how could i forget turok. it deserves a mention on mine atleast.
turok 2 and the cerebral bore made a mark on many saturday nights!

Best N64 Game Music
here is today's 2nd question, as i skipped yesterday.

what were your favorite N64 video game soundtracks?

i will do my top 5, feel free to list however many you would like.

1. perfect dark
2. ocarina of time
3. goldeneye
4. extreme G - loved the techno
5. super mario 64

other notables - diddy kong racing, jet force gemini, top gear, rush 2, road rash (may have only been like 5 songs, but they fit the game!)

Multiplayer Madness!
today i ask you - what were your multiplayer games of choice?

i know for a lot of people multiplayer games were the bread and butter of the n64.
i do think the n64 really shined here, and i will say that NO OTHER SYSTEM has ever been remotely close to the multiplayer fun to me.

anyhow, on to my own fav's

Perfect Dark - had all that we loved about goldeneye and added simulants :D
Goldeneye - what a groundbreaking fps!
Mario Kart 64 - battling or racing, it was always a blast
thq wrestling games - (world tour/revenge/2000) nothing beat a battle royale!
star fox - i sucked at it, it was fun anyways!
road rash - i SO love this game!
diddy kong racing - while it never could top mario karts' multiplayer, it was still fun.

other notables that were fun, but weren't played like crazy - various mario party games, duke nukem games, forsaken, acclaim wrestling games, bomber man 64, jet force gemini,

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