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Dream house?
Well I don't believe it is ending next month, but I am a prepper of sorts. I have for years stock piled weapons, ammo, first aid supplies, survival essentials, silver, and food. I feel the need to prepare for civil unrest and big government take over. Call me crazy, but I feel those are imminent realities. So long story shot, if I was designing a house - it would serve that purpose as well. I prefer country living. I don't mind people, I just prefer privacy and small social circles. Large crowds make me nervous and paranoid.

Dream house?
Alright, spin off topic! Let's just say that I have made dozens of houses I would love to live in playing "The Sims".

I would want a large home in the woods, cabin style! Must have features are a theatre room, and true gaming room with all my consoles hooked up, a nice MMA studio, several hidden rooms, and an indoor pool.

Most importantly, the basement would connect to a bomb shelter of sorts. There would be a large room for all of my weapons. The place would look like it belonged in an army base ;)

Your dream job?
Nov 29 2012, 06:50 AM
so my chances are very slim.
But a guy can dream, right?
I hope you are able to land a job there one day, MK II!

Scooter, the first line cracked me up. I guess you could really call it self employed vehicle restoration ;)

Your dream job?
well, just all your platinum trophies kind of give it away. Well, here is hoping that indeed! I would love to see if that is true about retirement :lol:

Your dream job?
Given you are going to school for it, Cooper, you sound right in line for the career of your dreams! I wish you the best.

A venture into the unknown...
Simply amazing! The amount of talent on this forum baffles me.

Your dream job?
These are great stories guys! Thank you all so much for sharing. Apparently we all share a love of legos too ;)

Your dream job?
Floorcat, you seem very much the type that succeeds at whatever they do. I to share in your desire to "create". I have been wanting to make a gun cabinet for months now. Just so little time.

Jurassic Park Deluxe Edition
Nice set up! I was a massive fan back in the day. I used to watch the movie sometimes daily as a kid. I read the Lost World, and enjoyed it more than the movie of course.

Welcome to Nintendo 64 Forever! I was like "I have known this name for months, why is he making a welcome topic?" :lol:

Glad to officially "Welcome" you!

hello everyone
Welcome to Nintendo 64 Forever. Very glad to have you!

To all members, a small update.
Well said, my thoughts exactly!

To all members, a small update.
I did actually :lol: but I lurked for a bit before posting though....

Unfortunately there is little we can do to FORCE members to read them. We can make it appear in every forum, but seems over the top to me. Some people just do not care, and you can't change that.

Hurt and Heal - Star Wars Edition

Hurt Chewy
Heal Padme

Luke Skywalker - 23
Boba Fett - 17
Han Solo - 30
Chewbacca - 9
Obi-Wan Kenobi - 28
Darth Vader - 30
Darth Maul - 30
Queen/Senator Padme Amidala - 23
Yoda - 28

10th Anakin Skywalker
11th Princess Leia
12th General Grievous
13th Jango Fett
14th Jabba the Hutt
15th R2-D2
16th Commander Cody
17th Chancellor/Emperor Palpatine
18th Lando Calrissian
19th Mace Windu
20th Jar Jar Binks

To all members, a small update.
I don't have sympathy for those who this restricts really. These are the same people who for the record, largely never read the rules. Though we intended for the restriction to be automatic, They break rule #10 by posting a topic in Buy/Sale/Trade before their 10th post. They never read this though, as they are here for the quick sale.

The only REAL security blanket here is the feedback topic. Members should always research those they do business with, here or anywhere.

I don't think what we are asking is unfair in anyway.

custom banjo kazooie controller
You never cease to amaze me! Great work, Zoki!

Your dream job?
No, I have not had any. In fact almost all of my scrapping days were before taking any martial arts. Been in one street fight since. It was un-eventful and lasted all of 1 punch.

MMA was not nearly as huge when I was 17, I wanted to join the Lions Den in Lodi California after I graduated. Instead I met my wife and fell in love. Before turning 18 I had already promised her I would never competitively fight. See she kind of likes my face, and wants it to stay looking the way it does ;) So here we are 11 years later, training people for it instead. You know what they say, "those who can't do, teach"

My main guy should have his first fight sometime this coming year. I hope to put some links to his fights on here when he does.

He has faced some big time guys, but in un-official settings. He beat the pants off of them. One was a Gracie BJJ Blue Belt, the other was a national sparring grand champion.

Your dream job?
That is awesome, stik. I have enjoyed things about various jobs I have had, but I have never "loved" a one of them.

Rockstar is very common. I wanted to be a pro-wrestler for a while, as well as an MMA fighter.

To all members, a small update.
We have multiple disclaimers all trough the forum. And while you are right that there is nothing we can do to ensure someone a safe sale to a newbie or a veteran, we can at least eliminate the most likely candidate to be a cheat. If they can't bother to say "hi" and introduce themselves, I for one see no reason to trust them.

I will say "I'm sorry" to the honest people of the world for the inconvenience.

To all members, a small update.
Yes, it has been very troublesome.

Cabanon: yes all for that. The staff decided it as a rule before knowing the trouble involved. It seemed wrong to change the rule simply because we couldn't easily execute it. Anyhow, I believe it is fixed now. The motive behind the rule is that Buy,Sale Trade is a benifit of regular members, not un-proven people who just joined.

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