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What games did you finish in 2006?
good topic!

for ps2
shadow of the colossus
hitman: blood money
need for speed: most wanted
gta: liberty city stories
gun (probably 15 times atleast, i love it!)
metal gear solid 3: snake eater (3 or 4 times)
ncaa football 2006 (completed 10 or so seasons in dynasty)
tony hawk underground (3 times)
smackdown vs raw (3 or 4 times)
smackdown versus raw 2006 (2 times)

for gameboy
donkey kong

think that's it

How long have you been playing videogames?
yeah, crazy how much it has taken off from then. i mean it was huge before, but man eveyrone is a gamer nowadays. the 64 was definately the system that got me totally hooked. i am glad i kept it B)

Nintendo 64 Forever Game of the Year 2006
if i had played it i am sure i would say twighlight princess, but i haven't got to yet.

i think wii sports is definately up there. i spent all afternoon going from one game to another and back. the games are easy to play, yet fun and addictive. it is truely a family game that anyone can learn to play without spending a lot of time learning.

i think my nomination will go to....
hitman blood money. i am over it now, but it had me wrapped up for a good 6 weeks. the enviroments were awesome, and the weapons were cool. i have always liked these games, but this one was by far the best of the series.

i have spent more time on older games this year, but it was my fav of this years releases.

hey there

yeah it came on in the middle of the night, and only lasted one season i think.
it had more of a martial arts style of action than the traditional crow did.

they story line sucked bad though. he had to keep doing good to get back to shelly, hence the name "stairway to heaven." his makeup suddenly appeared on him when he was attacked or threatened. albreight, the cop, tried to keep him out of trouble with the law.

the dumbest thing was that they brought funboy back. that really pissed me off. people would die, and be back the next week with no logical explanation.

you didn't miss much. being as i was a huge crow addict, i watched anyways.

How long have you been playing videogames?
right at 20 years for me. i started when i was about 4, and i am just about 24.

i got more into it in the mid 90's though.

hey there
yeah, it was a remake starring mark dacoscoss (sp?)
a copeira fighter who was also in the crow stairway to heaven series, and the movie only the strong.

i may check it out sometime then. i believe you are right about it not having a theatrical release.

Replay Nominations
i am for body harvest, or whatever really. i downloaded a rom for it earlier today, along with most of the classics.

might not get to play it long, but i am anxious to try it again. i remember it being huge.

What games are you playing?
gameboy: pokemon yellow, red, & donkey kong

ps2: gta san andreas (like always) & tony hawk's underground

about sums it up for now...

Best snow level/area in a N64 game
i liked all the 1080 levels pretty well...

i can't remember their specific names though.
surface level on goldeneye was pretty cool too.

mop: yeah that snowman level was cool, cept for when he blew you off that little walk way :lol:

Replay Nominations
/\ :lol:

sounds fun, can't wait :D

Duke Nukem: Zero Hour
i liked it. i didn't get to play it a whole lot though. my memories of it and the first one get clouded together. they were both good though. kind of a mindless shooter, but a blast none the less.

the multi-player could be fun too. i liked the jet pack.

hey there
thanks for the welcome, better late than never man

yeah, the crow and brandon lee rock.

i liked city of angels ok, but it was a MAJOR let down.
i didn't watch anything after the stairway to heaven tv series.
by thrid one do you mean the remake of the first, or salvation?

the original is easily my fav movie of all time. shame brandon died making it.

Pictures of You
st young:

that's cool man, good luck in the championship

Pictures of You
St Young:
" Tennessee beanie?


not quite sure what you mean by that. does it seem so odd that i am a UT fan that lives in tennessee?

looks like you are a florida fan? that's cool and there is no need to act like that.
i enjoy college football, and especially the ten/fla rivalry. i try to respect all teams and fans, and like to be treated the same. i hope you were just joking around.

go vols!!!

The FOOOOD Topic.
i ate: a bowl of rice, green beans, and mushrooms.

i drank: water - which is unusual for me

What consoles do you own?
right now:

original gameboy
gamecube (sometime the next week or two)

used to have:
snes - traded it and all my games to my bro for a gameboy pocket. stupid of me
gameboy pocket - now broken, making that deal seem even more stupid.
nes - bro took it when he moved.
intellivision - i think that is somewhere in my old garage.

Pictures of You
this is me and my wife of over 5 years, cindy

Posted Image

hey there
that could be it, but i am not positive. i don't remember the extra buttons in the middle, butthen again i only had it a week. the part that plugs into the system kind of looks different than i remember too.

that is probably it though. i havn't ever seen another wireless one, unless this one isn't the same as mine.

hey there
update, after searching the reviews...

ithe "shark" one is a shark pro pad.
i woudln't mind having another one of these either.
i liked the changeable color slot.

and two pronged one i want is the super pad 64

What game is in your N64?
pilot wings right now.

i finally beat that game last week. i was always so terrible at gliding, and
i finally got it down :)

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