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Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
i found out last night that my wife got me battlefield bad company & fallout 3 for christmas. i haven't got to try them yet. i have fallout in front of me now, but battlefield is coming in the mail. i will let you all know what i think when i try them...

Welcome your newest 1000+ poster
i still have a bit to go, i was well on my way before my monster hunter sabatical :lol:

Which console do you prefer:
no doubt, the N64!

i did end up owning a psx late in it's life for metal gear and driver 1 & 2, but it just didn't compare to me. i think my cousin had a saturn. i never really wanted one.

Which last gen. console do you prefer?
ps2 for me. i never really cared for the xbox. the gamecube was fun when we had 3 or 4 people, but didn't really grab me on most single player games...

Which Playstation do you prefer?
i give the ps3 the slight edge. i loved my ps2, but uncharted, assasins creed, and gta were all so groundbreaking that i have to give the ps3 the nod.

i think fallout 3 will fit right in with that bunch...

Online Gaming
i forgot you mentioned gt5 alxbly. i was a huge gt3 and gt4 fan. i logged a couple hundred hours on both actually. i just can't seemed to get psyched up about the gt games anymore though. i used to do endurance races and everything, but now the thought of a 30 min race has me wanting to take a nap :lol:

i sent you a friend invite on psn btw...

First Person Shooters - Old vs. New?
i will give a nod to old school fps. i started on wolfenstein and doom originally. later i moved on to goldeneye and perfect dark. as far as i am concerned, they are still king of the castle of fps. i own several pure fps for ps2, and other than timesplitters they just don't match up. resistence fall of man is cool, but it just doesn't have the personality of the older fps (atleast to me anyway.)

anyhow, i have also seen myself switch from mainly liking fps, to 3rd person action adventure games. games like gun, metal gear, uncharted, resident evil, & gta draw my attention more than most of the current generation of fps.

graphics play a very large part of wether or not i get a game. "is the game fun?" holds the top spot though. something can look a little less than great, but still be a total blast. gameplay is king, graphics are second, replay is 3rd, and controls and music round it out for me.

Online Gaming
yeah, i didn't think fallout did, but wasn't sure. i will likely have metal gear in a few months too, do you have it alxbly?

cool floorcat :D
lbp will come after fallout, so february at the earliest maybe? i hope anyhow.
in the mean time, we have to do some gta!

Online Gaming
uncharted, and ncaa football 2009 - so nothing that we could play i guess <_<

i hope to have more soon though. fall out 3 & little big planet are next most likely

Online Gaming
last night i tried out online gaming for the first time. i played some gta multiplayer and had a total blast. we also tried the playstation home network. it was really neat, but much like chat rooms, full of 12 year old immature kids...

anyhow, anybody with a ps3 and gta; we must play sometime.

i have really been missing out

My Holiday Hopes and Wishes
don't take it personal wrath, i've been here a couple of years and i got overlooked too :lol:

merrry christmas to everyone anyhow :D

Today is a sad day...
i have the 64 set up in the bedroom, and the ps3 migrates back and forth from the bedroom to the living room. my ps2 is currently on loan, buti it resides in the bedroom typically. anyhow, i have always wanted to have a large tv stand that had room for all of my systems to be put on display (so to speak)

it is impractical though, as i only play the ps3 and n64 anymore...

welcome to n64 forever!

Starcraft 64
i loved starcraft. i loaned my original out to a friend. i never got it back, and got stuck with just brood wars, and no way to play it <_<

still sore about that one...

Your Xmas Wishlist
fallout 3 would be nice. i have also been wanting a 22. rifle, a new watch, and some warmer work clothes. knives and dvd's are an easy way to go to make me happy :D

Game of the Year 2008
gta IV gets my nod as of right now.

while i am sure it is great, i have only played the demo for metal gear. LBP looks great too, but i have only seen an hour or so of it, and haven't played much myself. those would likely be the biggest contenders in my eyes.