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What games are you playing?
resident evil 5 right now. doing a co-op play through with my bro-in-law, who just got a ps3 last weekend for christmas.

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
bought resident evil 5 with some christmas money $$$ !!! :lol:
what a fun game 8)

What were your first N64 games?
mine was, big surprise, super mario 64. followed by mortal kombat trilogy. used to remember beyond that, but i forgot now.

What games are you playing?
just finished oblivion

mainly been playing ncaa football 2009, but occasionaly playing some fallout 3

How many n64 games do you own?
i originally had 30. i traded some off to my bro for a gun and a knife. now i have only the ones with a * beside them.

so i guess i have 18 with pokemon snap being lost somewhere here at my house.

banjo and kazooie
bomberman 64
diddy kong racing*
excite bike 64
extreme g
fighters destiny
goldeneye 007*
jet force gemini*
legend of zelda ocarina of time collectors edition*
mario kart 64*
mission impossible
mortal kombat trilogy
nba hangtime*
nfl qb club 99*
madden nfl 99*
perfect dark*
pilot wings *
pokeman snap* - but lost now
resident evil 2*
road rash 64*
star wars shodow of the empire*
super mario 64*
top gear rally*
wcw vs. nwo world tour
wcw/nwo revenge
wwf attitude
wwf war zone
wwf wrestlemania 2000*
1080 snowboarding*

Your Xmas Wishlist
me and the misses are both kind of broke, so not much in the way of gifts this year.

so far i have gotten a hp laptop (from my dad), a lamb skin bible(from my dad), and a $50 walmart card (from my boss).

i wireless router would be nice but it is not going to happen.

righ now i would settle for the book - no country for old men
i just finished "the road" by the same aurthor and loved it.