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Top 5 Games You Want Sequels To
i always just swam way out into the lake to evade the 5-0 ;) :lol:
yeah, i liked running into people with the go kart. also liked hitting jocks with footballs out on the football field. :lol:

Happy 2011
happy new year, everybody! :D

repairing, modding and custom painting a Nintendo64 TUTORIAL
looks amazing, zoki! thanks for the update. :D

Strange but true things that you've experienced?

i am a sucker for ghost/weird stories like that.

the way you described him sounds remarkably like a "man in black" if you are familiar with what that is.

if you add a hat and a sulfur smell, you have a mib there.

glad you revived the thread, maybe others can add to it now.

Top 5 Games You Want Sequels To
:lol: i forgot about the go kart! there was a scooter too right?
i think i remember bicycles too, as well as the skateboard you always have.

i don't remember the loading screens that well.

glad to hear you are enjoying it :D

Nintendo 64 Forever: At the Movies
inglourious basterds is great :D
it has a unique style, don't expect historical accuracy though.

i also thought district 9 was cool.

as far as movies i have seen lately and liked

the other guys: watched this late last weekend. i laughed a good bit.

the girl who played with fire & the girl with the dragon tattoo: both good foreign films with a kind of edgy style to them.

the book of eli: been a few months, but one of my fav's now

Top 5 Games You Want Sequels To
I dont remember road rash for the n64... i think this will be my next nominee for GoTM!

i was actually debating nominating that myself. i may just stick with shadow man again, since it missed the cut this time.

yes, gta games are quite long. bully is a lengthy enough game, but perhaps not quite as long as your typical gta.

just a note to everybody who likes jeff bridges - see crazy heart! i really liked it.

Top 5 Games You Want Sequels To
coorsy- shangyou put it real well. bully is made by rockstar and is a true gta style game. you just have slingshots and potato guns instead of pistols and shotguns :lol:

nothing was better than stuffing some nerd in a trash can or locker. making security guards trip on marbles and giving them swirl'eez was great too.

you can also give wedgies and grab girls' hind ends :lol:

it is great looking, and also has great atmosphere and music. most importantly it is fun!

oh, and if you enjoyed road rash on other systems you would probably really like the n64 version.
i liked it WAY better than the psx version.

Game of the Month nomination topic
wow, the lead grows!

glover was just a real interesting concept.
it looks more like something that would be played with a wii-mote ;) :lol:

i got it i believe the same year i got road rash & wrestlemania 2000 for christmas.
probably explains why it got neglected by me.

Best game of the Decade. The winner is...
odd, i think ocarina of time got best game of all time on their poll last year!

i am happy to see n64 games so high on people's lists.

i never got to play majora's mask though :(

welcome! :D

hope you enjoy your time here!

A "Top 5" Thread?
don't know what you would call it either...

i am a fan of a 4 or even a 3 day work week! :lol:

2 days is not enough time to unwind :blink:

Game of the Month nomination topic
i finally decided on rocket: robot on wheels.
i saw screens and read the reviews. looks like i missed out on a gem.

jet fore gemini was tempting, but i played it a decent bit back in the day.
i felt like i never really gave glover a fair chance.
i have only heard good things about space station silicon valley.
body harvest was a tough one to pass up too. i love the haunting music in the game.
very hard choice.

all great nominations, though it looks like glover has a healthy lead.

Top 5 Games You Want Sequels To
yes, i highly recommend bully as well!

now for my top 5 sequels wanted:

1: assasin's creed II, my ps3 screwing up kept me from ever trying it
2. uncharted: among thieves, another i missed out on for the same reason
3. pokemon black, can't wait :D
4. battlefield: vietnam, if i fixed my ps3 again, this might be what i go for first.
5. road rash! i loved the n64 version, though it is unlikely i will ever see a new version :(

A "Top 5" Thread?
cool beans! monday sure came fast. weekends are just far to short :(

the big lebowski is another of theirs i really need to see. so many movies, so little time :-/

sad he is not around much anymore. when i first joined it was mop, floorcat, alxbly, datadyne, ragedy, rapueda, stephen young, kerr avon, dagoss, and me. seems like i am forgetting somebody. we had a few others too, but that was the main core.

wish they were all still here, well most of em' :lol:

i hate it when people fade away. life is too busy sometimes though.... :(

Best Looking?
I also like the way Mario Tennis Looks as well. Everything looks nice and clean!

i have always felt that way about all the nintendo made 64 games. they just seem to have cleaner edges. most of their games had a "cartoony" look to as opposed to a "real" look, so that may have something to do with it too.

i remember when extreme g came out, a lot of reviewers talked about it looking like tron. is that true?
i really do need to see the old one some time :D

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