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2016 New Years Resolutions
Vinyl: well said :lol: Since I am on my feet often all day, laziness sometimes takes over when I get home

Interesting Rare Documentary/ article about Perfect Dark
I remember really looking forward to the feature when the game was in development, and then being greatly disappointed when they pulled it.

2015 Awards - The John Hancock Award
Thanks you two! I need to make an updated version with Joel from The Last of Us on it too :)

Cracks me up about Snake and Pokémon :lol:

2016 New Years Resolutions
:lol: I am not big on the usual "new year, new me" kind of stuff, but I do kind of like to look ahead with hope and good intentions in mind. Kind of like visualizing what the ideal year would be for me ;)

2016 New Years Resolutions
As we stand on the brink of 2016, it has been an annual tradition around here to always talk about any resolutions we have for the coming year. I thought I would go ahead and get that started :)

First of, I want to wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year :yeah:

As for myself, I want to continue to do good at my job. I set a goal in last years topic of wanting to sell 150 cars for this year. Baring getting anything today, It looks like I will finish with 146. Close enough to make me feel good :yeah: So I will set a goal for 150 again next year. Outside of work - I hope we are able to buy the home we are living in now, or something else nice. I want to work on being the best dad and husband I can be. I want to be a better Christian. Lastly, I need to take better care of myself. Two years ago I weighed 215-220 lbs. With the stress of being broke all the time with my old job and transitioning to my current job, I somehow lost down to 185. I don't eat healthy though, and have constant digestive issues as a result. Shame on me, I need to do better ;)

So let's hear from the rest of you all :D

Nintendo 64 Forever Member Info
I always did a yearly update on here, and it is time :lol:

MEMBER NAME: stinger9142
LOCATION: Kodak, Tennessee
FAVORITE GAME: Battlefield Bad Company 2 (Multiplayer)/The Last of Us(Story)/Skyrim(Overall)
HOME CONSOLES: PS1, PS2, PS3 (2), PS4, Gamecube, Wii, N64
OTHER HANDHELD CONSOLES: Nintendo ds (2), psp (2), original gameboy (2), & PlayStation Vita
LAST GAME PLAYED: Fallout 4 (Console)
FAVORITE FOOD: My wife's Spaghetti Casserole
FAVORITE DRINK: Starbucks Refresher
FAVORITE BAND: 30 Seconds to Mars probably
FAVORITE MOVIE: The Crow/No Country for Old Men
FAVORITE SPORT: American Football
OTHER THINGS I LIKE: Reading, collecting guns/knives, Mixed Martial Arts, watching movies
SOMETHING I'M GONNA DO THIS YEAR: Sell a lot of Cars hopefully :lol:

Online gaming
I will post my PNS I.D. here again. Been a long time since I did.


Welcome to Nintendo 64 Forever, sublime :yeah: Awesome about putting together a retro gaming room :)

Welcome to Nintendo 64 Forever :yeah: Glad to have you :)

2015 Awards - Weirdest Member Name
Pimpin Mainer - It always makes me :lol: when I see it...

Is he a Mainer who is Pimpin'? or is he Pimpin' a Mainer? :eh:

2015 Awards - The John Hancock Award
Who else? Vinyl :yeah:

2015 Awards - The Green Thumb Award
I really have a hard time choosing between No64DD and Bluedog even as I sit here preparing to vote.....

I will go with No64DD :yeah:

2015 Awards - Pimp My N64
Should we rename this the Zoki award? He gets my vote as well :lol:

2015 Awards - Hoarder of the Year
OK, after a lot of consideration and looking....

My vote goes to Vinyl!

I will give a major nod to the 4 members who let me feature their galleries on facebook this year. Italia, Buddy1983, Bluedogrulez, & Rocky. All of these featured galleries had hundreds of views each on our page. Big thank you to them :yeah:

Vinyl's Gallery 3.0!
Vinyl: I would really like to feature your collection on our facebook page sometime. Would you mind if I did that?

What 10 Games Should I Get?
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Perfect Dark
Goldeneye 007
Mario Kart
Mario 64
Pilot Wings
Diddy Kong Racing
Banjo Kazooie
Road Rash
WrestleMania 2000

If I had to just own 10 for playability sake, it would be those above. I imagine IF I had ever played Majora's Mask, it would take WrestleMania 2000's place

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
Dec 23 2015, 12:19 PM
HAWT DAYUM, STINGER!!! :w00t: :yeah: :w00t:

Oh, and the "friend feed" thing is basically just the "What's New" section (at the far left of the home screen)... it should show the latest PS4-related activities for anyone on your PSN friend list. I've found myself browsing that far more than the facebook equivalent it was modeled after. :lol:

Cool. Thanks for the info. I am not sure what all I shared on my privacy settings, so if my stuff doesn't show up for you let me know!

I am set on gaming for a while. Fallout should keep me occupied for a good while working with the little free time I get. Down the road I plan to get The Witcher: Wild Hunt, The Last of Us Remast, AC Unity & Syndicate

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
To compliment my new PS4, I bought a pre-owned but never used PlayStation Vita. Bring on the remote play of Fallout 4 :yeah:

2015 Awards - The Member Appreciation Topic
Well said, danilochka!

There are honestly FAR too many great members here for me to mention or remember to include.

First I will give a nod to my ineligible co-staffers. You guys are a pleasure to work with. As with many of our members here overall, you guys are like brothers to me. Also a shout out to all retired staff and the great ones who have contributed in the past and since moved on.

Pimpin Mainer

That list is in no particular order, and I will likely add to it as folks come to mind!

January Game of the Month Vote Off
I see a front runner pulling away ;)

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